Can a Vegetarian Venus stop the YO-YO? Yes, this girl Jonda can!


Since it is the halfway point through the Venus Transformation Contest VT15 we thought you could use a little motivation to keep you going.

Jonda did the diet Yo-Yo all her life.  Big time!

She placed first in our last transformation contest.

Jonda says she is NEVER GOING BACK to the diet Yo-Yo!  And she is proving that true still to this day.

Jonda says she is NEVER GOING BACK to the diet Yo-Yo! And she is proving that true still to this day.


Here is what she had to say in her own words:

I have fought weight all of my life…as a child, a teenager and an adult. My mom tells me that I was born 3 weeks late. I weighed 9lb 3oz. She says I stayed in there 3 extra weeks to eat. I remember asking my dad to take me to Weight Watchers in 6th grade and he did. I was 5’5” and weighed 154lbs. I came out of the program weighing 119lbs.

That lasted through high school and then in my freshman year of college I married and was pregnant with my first child 3 months later. I delivered at 200 and then starved myself back down to 125 before my college graduation. Slowly but surely the weight crept back up and I found myself pregnant with my second child and delivered at 225lbs.

My weight has fluctuated between 122lbs–180lbs several times over the last 20 years. Why? Because I never understood how my body works and frankly, there is a lot of bad information out there.

I will forever be an ambassador for this program.

Women face challenges that men don’t. We deserve to know what REALLY works and when we are wasting our time. This is not a difficult program. It is however a mindset. You have to be at that point in your life when you really want it.

That’s why I was able to put all of Roberta’s advice to work when I personally met her earlier this year. I was ready!!! We connected on FB over 2 years ago.

I read all the material, understood it and tried to incorporate deficit days and the eat-stop-eat (fasting) regimen. Didn’t get too far with the workouts but did drop a few pounds that found their way back to me. I had plenty of distractions in my life…things I put ahead of ME and my happiness. It finally occurred to me that I was in control of my happiness and I started “cleaning house”.

It’s true that when you surround yourself with a positive environment you can’t help but be positive yourself!

And well, the opposite is true too.

You decide who is in your life, where you work, where you live, what you put in your body…YOU, not a friend, spouse or anyone else. If there is something in your life you don’t like CHANGE it.

It won’t happen over night but figure out what you need to do and then do something each day that moves you toward what you want! And that’s exactly what I did.

My only regret is that I didn’t take the 1000 cal with 100g of protein daily regimen more seriously at the beginning of my transformation. I convinced myself that the extra 150-200 cal/day wasn’t that big of a deal and what could an extra 20g of protein matter? Well I found out that cutting the 150-200 calories and adding in an extra 20+g of protein keeps me full and I started cruising toward my ideal Venus Index weight.

The Program works if you do!



Venus girlfriends from all over the world to meet with Jonda in California.

Venus girlfriends from all over the world got together to chat with Jonda in California.


Several of my Venus fitness colleagues from all over the world met at the beautiful Naggiar Vineyard and Winery to chat with Jonda:


You can read Jonda’s full transformation story and view the rest of the video interview with us on “The Jonda Lowe Transformation Story” and listen to the audio podcast right here:


Your body is NOT the garbage can!

The Venus way is to treat our body with love.

The Venus way is to treat your body with love.


Your body is NOT the garbage can!

This is one of the things I had to learn on this journey.

I grew up with the influence of people who lived through the depression.

No waste.

Clean your plate.

But I had to learn that MY BODY IS NOT THE GARBAGE CAN!

On many levels.

Not just quality of food,

But the AMOUNT of food.

The Venus nutrition calculator will give you the RANGE you need to learn the correct amount of food for a sustained calorie deficit.

Then after you reach your goal, you can use the upper end of the range to learn how to maintain.

It’s still a learning process.

And I’ve learned to purchase smaller amounts of food so that I don’t waste, and yet I don’t EAT TOO MUCH.

Whether you want to face it or not, it’s too much food that makes us gain fat.

End of story.

I was at the peak of obesity eating 100% organic fanatic to the extreme, thinking I could “health” my way into losing the fat.

Sure, “clean” is best. And you will perform best with that.

On top of that though, the right amount is the key to controlling body fat level.

For years I got mad at my husband Randy because he would go all day outside working without eating. He said he wasn’t hungry and was happy to just eat a healthy dinner at night.

I thought it was hurting him.

He also always stops eating when he’s had enough and didn’t finish his plate, so I got mad then too.

But guess what?

He never gained the excess fat like I did.

Now I get it.

So, if he’s done and I end up scraping his plate into the garbage can I say “I’d better plan the right amount next time. I’m glad you didn’t eat this because YOUR BODY IS NOT THE GARBAGE CAN – scrape scrape scrape – THIS is the garbage can!”

So I’m better at planning.

Because I STILL don’t like to waste.

I plan it better now.

I can’t stand wasting precious food.

But because of Venus I’ll still be on track because I’m AWARE of amounts.

What about you?

What are the lessons you are learning?

Let’s hear it.

We love the good stories and lessons learned.

-Coach Roberta

The DEADLINE for VT14 is Monday August 3rd at midnight.


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The Venus 12 week contest is an En Route Train Stop in your life long Venus journey!

Have fun!

Coach Roberta

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Mountain climber, Amparo Used Venus to Sculpt Her Shape

Oh the patience and perseverance of this lovely Venus.  Amparo placed in our most recent VT13 contest and I had the pleasure of speaking with her recently about her transformation.  If you have ever gone weeks without seeing the scale move, I encourage you to listen in.  With quiet calm she remained determined and stayed the course each week without seeing the scale go down for ten weeks!!  Clearly changes were happening elsewhere.  Here are her before and after pictures:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.39.44 PM

“I’m 57 years old and have been active most of my adult life.  I have run marathons and half-marathons; my passion is hiking which I’ve done but not enough to obtain the definition I always wanted. I’ve tried gyms, but it’s not my cup of tea.  I’ve tried personal trainers, but it gets very expensive, and really also it boils down to the fact that I like to work out alone. I found Venus Index thru Facebook.  It caught my attention with the explanation of the symmetry of the body.   Even though I was skeptical of the pictures and the results,  I wanted to try it, because it made sense.  I’ve tried it several times, never really completing the full 12 weeks of training, but this last time I decided to enter the contest to be accountable and the curiosity of finding out how much I could change my body. The weight came off very slow, it actually took 11 weeks for the scale to move, but when it did, I was ecstatic! Elated! So my journey will continue; it doesn’t end with the contest.  It was the platform I needed to give me confidence. Thank you Venus!

Here’s another before and after:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 4.34.48 PMA big thank you to Coach Liss for joining us also.  We had a blast talking and Amparo gave some wonderful advice!


-Coach Jenny

Listen here:

Looking Good At 50 and Beyond – Lorie’s Story

During the phase of life when many women struggle with their weight and body image or just decide to let “nature take its course”, Lorie took a look in the mirror and decided that there was no reason she should settle for anything less than the best for herself. Inspired by all the changes she saw her own daughter make using the Venus program, Lorie decided to start working out with her so that she could learn for herself how to change her lifestyle and fitness for the better. What happened as a result? Lorie lost an amazing 24 pounds in just 12 weeks and she ended up placing in our recent VT11 contest. Here are her before and after pictures:


In her own words, this 50 year old mom and grandmother told us, “I babysit for my 2 year old grand baby while my daughter goes to work. In that 2 years I have enjoyed eating way too many snacks, cokes and just about whatever I wanted. I did not go too many places, so I just wore my sweats all day and the weight has just crept up on me. I really was feeling depressed, and it was harder to run and play with my grand baby. I decided to do something about It. I joined the Venus contest, and now 12 weeks and 24 pounds later I am seeing muscles I thought were gone forever.”

lorie_after 1During her transformation process, Lorie learned how to change her eating habits and the way she thinks about food and snacks. She also learned that she actually enjoys working out at the gym and seeing the changes in her body and feeling the improvements in her strength and overall fitness. Now Lorie has committed herself to the process of ongoing and lifelong change. Pleased with her results, but not willing to backslide or ever give up, Lorie told us that she plans to keep applying all that she has learned so far and to keep working on her habits, lifestyle choices and fitness level.

Lorie has figured out what so many people never realize – that having a fit, strong and beautiful body is a lifelong “project” worth pursuing for the many riches it brings. I so enjoyed spending time talking with this wise and engaging woman who has so much to offer and share and we are so proud she chose to share her journey with us!

– Coach Lita


Listen to our conversation with Lorie here:

Tiffany Found New Life When She Found Venus

Recently, I had the honor to spend some time talking with Tiffany who placed 3rd in our recent VT11 Venus Transformation Contest. Here are her amazing before and after photos:

Tiffany_BnA_Back Tiffany_BnA_FrontTiffany_BnA_Side

photo (1)

Although Tiffany made incredible progress in just 12 weeks, like many of our beautiful Venus success stories, her overall process spanned many months and continues to this day as she works on maintaining her new body and settling into a new lifestyle that includes activities she never thought possible.

Faced With Adversity, Tiffany Fought Back!

You see, Tiffany started her journey back in early 2014 when debilitating joint pain sent her to her doctor looking for answers. Tiffany was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and under instructions from her physician, she went looking for a program to help her shed some unwanted weight and improve her overall fitness. That is when she found Venus and never looked

Tiffany is not only a fighter – she’s a survivor. Facing crippling pain and a body that seemed to be crying for her to just give up, Tiffany refused to be defeated. Determined to improve her health, she made a plan of attack and fought her way through two 12 week rounds of the Venus protocol to get to her final results. Tiffany never made excuses and she never gave up!

Here is a picture of Tiffany’s complete “before and after” transformation. In just 6 short months of hard work, Tiffany went from being terrified of wearing a bikini to Bombshell Beautiful!

Stronger Than Ever Before…

Now over a year later, this busy working wife and mom of three active kids enjoys a lifestyle she never dreamed of leading before. Tiffany gave herself the gift of self love by fighting for her life and she got much more than an amazing physical transformation in return. She got her life back and she has a new found self confidence that can only be forged in the fires of change.

Tiffany_Lifestyle2_Collage (3)

Not only is Tiffany no longer afraid to wear a bikini in public, she bravely puts herself out there in other ways, too. An inspiration to all around her, Tiffany’s positive drive and determination has brought her family closer together and they now enjoy endurance training, weight lifting and hiking together. Tiffany even volunteered to coach for her daughter’s school basketball team! Clearly, she is perfect for the job because at the game of life, Tiffany is a winner.

-Coach Lita

Listen to our very special podcast interview with Tiffany here:


Elizabeth Found Her Perfect Fit With Venus

This picture says it all.

Elizabeth had struggled with her weight for so long that she wondered if it was even possible to be happy in her own skin.  Determined to be a positive role model for her daughter she had tried other diets and fitness programs, but didn’t find her perfect fit until she stumbled on a Venus ad.  Within weeks her clothes were looser and she was on her way.



“I am 38 years old and I never thought I could ever be slim. I have struggled with my weight all my life. One of my childhood memories is of a boy saying that I looked like I was pregnant. In the last 2 years my weight seemed to balloon up and I could no longer fit into 90% of my clothes. I was very discouraged but also not hopeful since I had tried SO many diets and fitness programs. Some of these helped somewhat, but they were so restrictive they did not fit into my lifestyle. Others were very structured but even though I put in so much effort, I did not see any significant results. I had my thyroid issues corrected, but my weight problem still did not change, as I expected it would. My 6 year old daughter made the comment that, “Mommy is a little bit chubby”. That really upset me, because I want to be a positive role model for her. I wanted to overcome this issue in my life so that hopefully she will not struggle with negative body image and weight issues. But I did not know how to lose the weight unless I starved myself. It was only a few weeks later that I came across a Venus Factor advertisement online. I felt like it was an answer to prayer! I immediately started to lose weight with Venus in April 2014. In less than a week my clothes started to feel looser. I found many tools for losing weight that I can use according my needs and my social calendar. This is what I love most about Venus: it is 100% flexible. I live in Asia, where the constant social events are all about food, and to not eat is culturally offensive. In the past I did not know how to navigate this. Now I participate in eating with everyone and I am still losing weight. The concept of budgeting my calories makes a lot of sense to me. I budget my money – why wouldn’t I count and budget my calories as well? When I started the VT12 Contest, I had a pair of size 12 grey jeans that were way too tight for me. I could not even do up the button. Now, just 12 weeks later, those jeans are too big for me and I need to replace them with a smaller size. I am so happy. For the first time in YEARS I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I am so, so thankful for the Venus program and what it has done for me.”


You can listen to Elizabeth’s story here:




So You are Obese; There is Nothing Wrong with You

You may think there is something wrong with you.  But no actually there is nothing wrong.

You may think there is something wrong with you. But no, actually there is nothing wrong.


We get many new women in the Venus community who quite often think there is something wrong with them because they eat when stressed, or just love food, and then became obese.

No, there is nothing wrong with you.

Of course we all love food.

At least 90% of human history was spent as the hunter-gatherer. It’s built into our genetic nature to eat when there is food. When a human senses danger or anxiety our body’s natural response is to trigger a “fight-or-flight” stress response. This increases hunger. Stress increases hunger, including the stress of lack of sleep.

In modern society we have an over abundance of food and we are less active in our daily lives. This is a bad situation all by itself, but then we add in the “fight-or-flight” stress induced in our brains during the stress of modern society and this is why we are obese. Our brain and body can’t tell the difference between modern anxiety and the threat we felt as early hunger-gatherer people in fear for our lives.

The stress and not understanding how to navigate the modern over abundance of food may be sabotaging your health. We all have to learn how to navigate the over abundance of food and reduce our stress as much as possible.

If you feel stress and hunger, the message your brain gets is “There is a problem.  I need food.  Or, there is not enough food!” Of course you likely have a house full of food, you are over weight, you are trying to diet, and the stress response in your brain can’t tell the difference. Your brain and body get the stress response and you want to eat. Of course you want to eat!

All of these things cause the stress response in our bodies:

  • When we are lonely it can increase our stress.
  • Our jobs cause stress, even jobs we love.
  • Resentment and anger cause stress.
  • Lack of sleep causes stress.
  • Bad relationships cause stress.
  • Excessive worry causes stress.
  • Childhood trauma causes stress.
  • Starting a new diet causes stress.
  • Starting a new workout causes stress.
  • Despair and hopelessness cause stress.

Our brains are not wired for modern times. If we were still a hunter-gather and had had the fresh moose meat available we wouldn’t say “I’m on a diet and so won’t eat the moose meat!” No, we would feast. We are wired to eat the food when it’s available, especially when stressed.

The problem is we are stressed AND there is too much food available. We are acting just as we are designed, but we have to be trained to stop because it’s a health problem.

We all have the capacity to over eat. We all love food. We can all eat more than we need.

Oh yeah, and add in the fact that many modern foods are engineered with salt, sugar, and fat to deliberately keep us coming back for more and more and more. That really does not help us does it? Some of us have to keep those engineered “bliss point” foods out of the house. There are many reasons why modern foods are sabotaging our health.

John and Brad talk about the difference between our modern society compared to the Victorian era in England. They talk about this comparison and our capacity to eat more than we need in an Uncensored Podcast “A Moment in time.”  If you are an immersion customer take a listen because it’s a fascinating topic.

Some of us might have some emotional eating issues and need professional help, if so we have Dr. Nicola Bird to give us a hand. But for the most part many of us simply need to train ourselves how to navigate a sedentary society with an over abundance of food.  We also need to learn to reduce our stress as much as we can.

We all seem to know how to diet. We all seem to know how to over eat. That is why we all yo-yo with our weight. We all have to learn how to eat the right amount or “normal” amount of food. It takes a bit of training and all of us are capable of learning how to do it.

The Venus community is where we share ideas on how to do just that. None of us have to be perfect to succeed at fat loss in our modern society. We share our trials, tribulations, eating disasters, triumphs, and victories. We cheer each other on all along the journey.

If you have not participated in our online community, come on in! It’s a warm, friendly, and special place.

We also share recipes, so here’s my version of the flour-less pancake. It’s not that I don’t eat flour, it’s just that some meals I may need to focus more on protein and less calories.


Mash the banana with a fork, whip in the egg, and cook the pancake on a grill. Mix the yogurt, vanilla bean, and Stevia or Truvia.  Top the pancake with the vanilla yogurt topping.  Use coconut yogurt if you can't eat yogurt.

Mash the banana with a fork, whip in the egg, and cook the pancake on a grill.
Mix the yogurt, vanilla bean, and Stevia or Truvia.
Top the pancake with the vanilla yogurt topping. Use coconut yogurt if you can’t eat dairy yogurt.


PS We don’t have “good” or “bad” food lists in our community.  We are all different and everyone finds what works best for them.  I happen to follow a mostly organic style of eating which matches our Flat Belly Forever style of eating.   That is the food that works best for me and my own health, and also helps me keep my trim shape.

Remember that most of us who became over weight simply need to train ourselves how to eat the right amount of food in a modern society.  There is nothing wrong; we are merely human.

-Coach Roberta

You can find me in the online community.

If you want a Venus Premier Coach <<– Sign up here

PS You don’t have to be in a contest to get coaching.

Beware of Fitness Goal Hijacking

Michele and Christina on the left took me under their wing at the Spartan workout. Next to them is Andi who was our instructor for the day.

Michele and Christina on the far right took me under their wing at the Spartan workout.
Next to them is Andi who was our instructor for the day.
It was a really fun day!

What are your reasons for weight loss?

What are your reasons for embarking on this journey in the first place?  What are your goals?  Keep them in the forefront of your mind as you move forward.

I remember when I was frustrated, overweight, and obese for so many years.  My goal at first was simply to get back to health, maybe wear a size 8 or so (the smallest I’d ever been as an adult), and just be able to enjoy life and physical activities with my family the way I’d used to.

Since I started working in law enforcement I also wanted to be a super fit chick and be able to do all of the physical duties well.  What happened instead, to my absolute horror and disappointment, is that my weight crept up until I’d finally reached the obese category.

I hadn’t yet learned what the Venus system taught me; that there was nothing wrong with my metabolism – I’m just a tiny person.  Tiny people don’t need so much food. When you are overweight it’s hard realize how small you really are, but your height should give you a clue.

In general, when you are short – you are tiny.  Just because you have a lot of muscle for your height doesn’t mean you get to eat more (if you want to stay trim). My muscle is off the charts high and I still only get to eat the same amount as the average 5’1″ female.  That’s because muscle does not burn as much energy as your internal organs.

Even when we exercise many of us don’t really get to eat that much more either.  Of course we burn some energy when we work, but not nearly as much as all the HRM’s report. Even at 12% body fat I don’t get to eat that much more, although I do have to consider it more now when deciding how much to eat each day. I base the amount on how I feel – not a calculator or what some fitness guru says.

If I’m gaining fat that is a huge clue, in fact the only clue, that yes I am eating too much food if my goal is to lose or stay the same.

The bottom line is that you can’t outwork or outrun too much food.

My goals changed along the way.  I had reached size 8 before joining Venus.  Why did I keep going?  My friend told me about Eat Stop Eat and I wanted to learn WHY what I was doing for fat loss finally worked.  Through Eat Stop Eat I found the Venus Factor.

With Venus I found the goals to achieve the ideal shape intriguing and frankly I LOVED the workouts.  So with these two programs I exceeded my wildest dream of ever being fit. I even finally impressed some pretty fit guys at the Sheriff’s department and yes I can now do my physical duties well!

It’s okay to change your goal, but it’s important to think about why and make sure you don’t let your fitness goals get hijacked.

Here’s how I let myself get goal hijacked

I have a couple of examples where I still tend to get goal hijacked if I’m not thoughtful about WHY I’m doing what I do:

1) I sometimes still try to get to a size 2 – it is a goal hijack

2) I sometimes still want to test my race strength – it is a goal hijack

Neither of these fit my long term purpose; to be healthy, functionally strong, have a good quality life into older age, and feel good about my shape.  Yet I find myself striving for both of those at times and I have to pause and think about it.  It’s not wrong to pursue either of those, it’s just that sometimes I might have other goals and these may conflict with those.

When my dear husband Randy can see that I’m pursuing hijack goal #1 he sometimes shakes his head.  That was the size when I was 10% body fat for my Venus Transformation Contest pictures for VT3 and VT4.  When I tell Randy “but I don’t fit into some of my favorite jeans anymore!”, he replies “Then you bought the wrong size pants!  Go buy the right size!”

So I take a deep breath and realize I let myself get goal hijacked once again by going down a strange female emotional path.  We are all human after all. The best I can do is be aware that this is what happens to me and then get back on the right track. I just let it go and remember why I started this journey in the first place.

John likes to remind me that I already proved what I needed to prove when I finished my contest pictures.  I’m done.  I don’t ever have to do it again.  I don’t have to keep proving it.  I can just live my life now.  I’m happy and healthy.  But I am merely human, I get sidetracked with these hijack moments, and I am a bit hardwired to keep improving and be my best.

So I’ll just keep reminding myself that I’m living my dream already, and Randy will keep nudging me when he sees me veering off track.

I almost let my goal get hijacked again with Spartan races

Recently I almost let myself get hijacked again with #2.  I had started training a client who wants to improve her strength and get a bit leaner for Spartan Races.  I’d never heard of Spartan races before and it kind of sounds like fun, so I went to a Spartan workout event to check it out.  It was a fairly intense 2 hour workout.

I met a woman close to my age with the daughter of a friend of hers, Michele and Christina.  I had never been to one of these events so they took me under their wing during the workout and we had a fun picture taken at the end of the day.

When I checked in at the event they had T-shirts for everyone.  I’m pretty small, only 5’1″ and with the small T-shirt fitting kind of loose and being middle aged I could tell no one really thought much of me at first.

But as the hundreds of people lined up in rows and I blended in with the crowd for the 2 hour workout people around me started noticing me purely by my strength. With no prior experience I could pretty much do anything the instructor threw at us.

At rest we were supposed to hold the plank position. For example when the Spartan instructor (Andi Hardy) said do 10 pushups, she also said if you can whip them out quickly and it’s too easy then keep doing them or get in the plank position and rest there. Then she said if pushups are too easy (me me, yes, pick me! haha) then do the dive bomber pushups.

So I started doing dive bomber pushups. Then when she called out burpees I did the dive bomber pushups with those – and yes that finally got me tired out by then end. I was able to do the duck walk across the gym, alligator crawl, and a bunch of other stuff.

It was all a FUN DAY, I got a really cool T-shirt, I made some new friends (Michele and I are staying in touch), and I re-established my long term goals, but I must admit it aggravated the arthritis in my hips for over a week afterwards. I am 53 years old after all, and my hip problems are hereditary.

Here’s a video of the dive bomber pushup:

For me the day was a real testament to the awesomeness of the Venus Factor workouts.  Venus is all I ever do besides a little HIIT running and low intensity cardio.   Venus workouts made me functionally strong.  This is why I recommend the 3 day a week workout as cross training for these types of endurance races.

The reason I can even do the dive bomber pushup is a direct result of the Venus Factor workout, so I called it a Venus Factor dive bomber pushup – but it is not actually part of any of our workouts.  From now I will almost always do the dive bomber pushup when the workout calls for pushups.  Why?  Because I can – and it still fits my long term goals.

Michele has done several races and said she can tell I’m strong enough right now to any of them, even the long races. So I got caught up in the idea.  I almost let myself get goal hijacked again.

What happened after I paused to ponder my fitness goals

The week after this event was a reminder to me why doing this type of workout too often goes against my current goals.  Even though I’m strong and was able do whatever was thrown at me there that day – I paid for it later.  I’ve been a bit sore all week, swollen from the soreness, bloated, and extremely hungry all week.  So hungry that I know I went over my maintenance intake several days.  I also had a bit of fatigue induced insomnia (this happens more in my middle age) which also helped to increase my hunger hormones.

As disciplined as I am with food it’s not enough to combat this type of hunger.  It’s not an “I’m bored” or “I just want to eat more” hunger.  It’s a deep hunger caused by fatigue.  It’s the type of hunger that if I try to fight too hard I won’t be able to sleep and the hunger will increase.  Some of this is caused by the fact that I’m still extremely lean for a female (as shown with a DXA scan).

So I ate a bit more food, choose healthy food, ate it slowly and with purpose, until I’d had enough that I could sleep peacefully. I was not happy that I ate more than maintenance, but I know I ate what my body needed at the time.  This does not help me stay lean if that’s what I want, so this type of training goes against my goals.

If I do a Spartan Race it will be for fun with a team, maybe once a year or so. I’m pretty much done with too many of the ultra intense workouts that push me to extreme, make me fatigued, and increase my hunger hormones through the roof.  On occasion it can be a good test of my strength.

I just need to know that I will have a week of extra hunger, bloating, and aggravated arthritis after an event.  It’s not something I want to do very often.

On the other hand I could change my workouts to include some Spartan workouts.  I could condition myself to do more animal moves, burpees, climbing ropes, mud crawling, and spear throwing and I wouldn’t get quite as sore from an event.

But that would increase my core and as you can see from the video my core is pretty thick for a female even now at 13-15% body fat.  It’s not always so attractive.  It’s part of what I don’t like about my shape, and it is partly why I tend to want to strive for getting leaner and back to a size 2.   Another drawback for me is that my arthritis would still be aggravated by those types of workouts.

So again there is nothing wrong with deciding to do any kind of intense race or workout if it fits your goals and your lifestyle.  Even though it would be a totally fun challenge for me, getting competitive just doesn’t fit my main goal for fitness at this point in my life.

I’ve already achieved my fitness and shape goals.  I just need to maintain, which alone takes effort and I’m a pretty busy girl these days.

What will you do to keep on track with your own goals and not allow them to get hijacked?  Remember your long term goals and why you chose them.

If you decide to change your goals think about WHY you are changing them and does it really match how you want to live your life?

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Why Right Now Is the Best Time to Lose Fat – Uncensored

Liss gained fat due to the effects of our modern North American culture and learned how to take corrective action through the Venus Factor system.  Not only has she lost the fat - but she has successfully kept it off with the Venus lifestyle.

Liss gained fat due to the effects of our modern North American culture and learned how to take corrective action through the Venus Factor system. Not only has she lost the fat – but she has successfully kept it off with the Venus lifestyle.


The experiment you don’t ever want to be in!

John and Brad are going to talk about an experiment you never want to be part of.  Yet it’s exactly what our modern North American society unknowingly engages in and is why our society is becoming obese.

I found this study interesting because I am an identical twin.  I’m really glad my twin sister and I were not a part of this experiment! Even so, I think I have experienced the same thing as the guys in the experiment simply by living in the environment of modern North America.  Like many of you, I gained a lot of fat due to not understanding the effects of our modern environment on our health.  The good news is that anyone who decides to can get their health back and the Venus Factor program is designed to help you do just that.

The study was done in Quebec in the late 1980’s. The subjects consisted of 24 sets of male twins with ages ranging from 18-27. They were sequestered in a university dorm for 120 days.  The experiment was to see what happens when you overeat by 1000 calories a day.   During this time they were not allowed to train -they were only allowed to walk for 30 minutes a day – supervised.  They only ate the food they were provided in a very controlled environment.

They were young men in very good shape.  Their average body fat went from 11.3% body fat up to 18% body fat by the end of the experiment.  The average waist size increased from 29.5” to 33”.

The average fat gained was 18 pounds, the fat weight gained ranged from 9.5 pounds to 30 pounds.  The twins in each pair had similar gains.  Everyone gained fat.

Why did some gain more than others?

Metabolism was the pretty much the same for all.

There was a fair relationship with testosterone preventing some fat gain – just a little.

Cardio training seems to help prevent future fat gain

Those that gained the least amount of fat were in the bestVO2 max cardio shape at the beginning of the experiment.  Remember they did not train during the experiment.

The cardio fitness has lasting effects; it seems to prevent or protect against weight gain.  Cardio doesn’t seem to affect actual fat loss much, but it seems to help prevent the gaining of fat and be a sort of buffer or shield against future fat gain.

Research shows it only takes 6-8 weeks of cardio training for both the up regulation of Vo2 max and the muscle enzymes responsible for increasing their oxidizing potential (or ability to burn fat), after which they begin to plateau.  A good experiment could be to have a block of cardio included in your exercise routine every so often, especially as part of primer before starting a fat loss program.

The bottom line – take corrective action and the sooner the better!

The dark side of the experiment is that everyone gained fat.  None of them ever got back to the level of leanness that they were at before the experiment.  They continued to gain weight over five years and ended up being close to what they were at the end of the study.

The bottom line is that no matter when in your life you allow yourself to overeat and gain fat, if you never do a compensatory under eat to correct it will never go away.  Corrective action must be taken, the sooner the better.

Don’t ever stop training.  Don’t let your waist size increase much. 

If you have corrective action to take – get serious about taking the corrective action as soon as possible.


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