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We aren’t currently running any contests but we will still want to hear your success stories and see your transformations.


However, we would love to profile you on our social media and here on our website. Feel free to email me at liss@resultsink.com


Remember consistency of meaningful effort will get you where you want to go. Stumble forward 🙂


Keep up the good work!

X- Coach Liss

About Liss Graham

Liss is the girl next door who juggles a job, a husband, and two young kids. She had a lifelong struggle with her weight from a young age, constantly yo-yo dieting. Even though she would lose weight, she was never able to get beyond average with any workout or diet she tried. The Venus Index is the only thing that took her beyond average, and she now maintains Venus. From her success, she is now piloting Venus Index gym classes and coaching other women to attain the bodies of their dreams.
You can check her out at: Liss Graham's Venus Index Transformation

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