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Liss gained fat due to the effects of our modern North American culture and learned how to take corrective action through the Venus Factor system.  Not only has she lost the fat - but she has successfully kept it off with the Venus lifestyle.

Liss gained fat due to the effects of our modern North American culture and learned how to take corrective action through the Venus Factor system. Not only has she lost the fat – but she has successfully kept it off with the Venus lifestyle.


The experiment you don’t ever want to be in!

John and Brad are going to talk about an experiment you never want to be part of.  Yet it’s exactly what our modern North American society unknowingly engages in and is why our society is becoming obese.

I found this study interesting because I am an identical twin.  I’m really glad my twin sister and I were not a part of this experiment! Even so, I think I have experienced the same thing as the guys in the experiment simply by living in the environment of modern North America.  Like many of you, I gained a lot of fat due to not understanding the effects of our modern environment on our health.  The good news is that anyone who decides to can get their health back and the Venus Factor program is designed to help you do just that.

The study was done in Quebec in the late 1980’s. The subjects consisted of 24 sets of male twins with ages ranging from 18-27. They were sequestered in a university dorm for 120 days.  The experiment was to see what happens when you overeat by 1000 calories a day.   During this time they were not allowed to train -they were only allowed to walk for 30 minutes a day – supervised.  They only ate the food they were provided in a very controlled environment.

They were young men in very good shape.  Their average body fat went from 11.3% body fat up to 18% body fat by the end of the experiment.  The average waist size increased from 29.5” to 33”.

The average fat gained was 18 pounds, the fat weight gained ranged from 9.5 pounds to 30 pounds.  The twins in each pair had similar gains.  Everyone gained fat.

Why did some gain more than others?

Metabolism was the pretty much the same for all.

There was a fair relationship with testosterone preventing some fat gain – just a little.

Cardio training seems to help prevent future fat gain

Those that gained the least amount of fat were in the bestVO2 max cardio shape at the beginning of the experiment.  Remember they did not train during the experiment.

The cardio fitness has lasting effects; it seems to prevent or protect against weight gain.  Cardio doesn’t seem to affect actual fat loss much, but it seems to help prevent the gaining of fat and be a sort of buffer or shield against future fat gain.

Research shows it only takes 6-8 weeks of cardio training for both the up regulation of Vo2 max and the muscle enzymes responsible for increasing their oxidizing potential (or ability to burn fat), after which they begin to plateau.  A good experiment could be to have a block of cardio included in your exercise routine every so often, especially as part of primer before starting a fat loss program.

The bottom line – take corrective action and the sooner the better!

The dark side of the experiment is that everyone gained fat.  None of them ever got back to the level of leanness that they were at before the experiment.  They continued to gain weight over five years and ended up being close to what they were at the end of the study.

The bottom line is that no matter when in your life you allow yourself to overeat and gain fat, if you never do a compensatory under eat to correct it will never go away.  Corrective action must be taken, the sooner the better.

Don’t ever stop training.  Don’t let your waist size increase much. 

If you have corrective action to take – get serious about taking the corrective action as soon as possible.


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