Elizabeth Found Her Perfect Fit With Venus

This picture says it all.

Elizabeth had struggled with her weight for so long that she wondered if it was even possible to be happy in her own skin.  Determined to be a positive role model for her daughter she had tried other diets and fitness programs, but didn’t find her perfect fit until she stumbled on a Venus ad.  Within weeks her clothes were looser and she was on her way.



“I am 38 years old and I never thought I could ever be slim. I have struggled with my weight all my life. One of my childhood memories is of a boy saying that I looked like I was pregnant. In the last 2 years my weight seemed to balloon up and I could no longer fit into 90% of my clothes. I was very discouraged but also not hopeful since I had tried SO many diets and fitness programs. Some of these helped somewhat, but they were so restrictive they did not fit into my lifestyle. Others were very structured but even though I put in so much effort, I did not see any significant results. I had my thyroid issues corrected, but my weight problem still did not change, as I expected it would. My 6 year old daughter made the comment that, “Mommy is a little bit chubby”. That really upset me, because I want to be a positive role model for her. I wanted to overcome this issue in my life so that hopefully she will not struggle with negative body image and weight issues. But I did not know how to lose the weight unless I starved myself. It was only a few weeks later that I came across a Venus Factor advertisement online. I felt like it was an answer to prayer! I immediately started to lose weight with Venus in April 2014. In less than a week my clothes started to feel looser. I found many tools for losing weight that I can use according my needs and my social calendar. This is what I love most about Venus: it is 100% flexible. I live in Asia, where the constant social events are all about food, and to not eat is culturally offensive. In the past I did not know how to navigate this. Now I participate in eating with everyone and I am still losing weight. The concept of budgeting my calories makes a lot of sense to me. I budget my money – why wouldn’t I count and budget my calories as well? When I started the VT12 Contest, I had a pair of size 12 grey jeans that were way too tight for me. I could not even do up the button. Now, just 12 weeks later, those jeans are too big for me and I need to replace them with a smaller size. I am so happy. For the first time in YEARS I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I am so, so thankful for the Venus program and what it has done for me.”


You can listen to Elizabeth’s story here:




There is Energy in the Venus Synergy!

There will be some serious Venus Synergy going down in Miami!

There will be some serious Venus Synergy going down in Miami!


There is about to be some serious Venus Synergy going down in Miami soon.

How would you like to meet our amazing premiere Venus coaches along with other Venus ladies in person?


Coach Liss

Liss Graham – Venus Cover Girl and still maintaining Venus 2 years later.

Liss Graham – Venus Cover Girl and still maintaining Venus 2 years later.


Meet Coach Liss in our online community and there are many ways to connect with her:


Coach Lita


Carla knows how to be bigger than any excuses!

Lita knows how to be bigger than any excuses!


Meet Coach Lita in the online community and see her amazing sense of humor:


Coach Jenny


Jenny made an amazing transformation and years later continues to live the "Venus Golden Lifestyle".

Jenny made an amazing transformation and years later continues to live the “Venus Golden Lifestyle”.


Meet Coach Jenny in the online community and learn more about her amazing story:


Details for the Miami Meetup April 17-20 2015

Hotel options at different price points; the coaches are staying across from Lummus Park:

Z Ocean

Beacon South Beach

Marriott Winter Haven

===> KEEP UPDATED on this meet up in the FORUM <===



Want coaching?

You can request any one of these coaches in the Venus Factor Coaching Program.  You don’t have to participate in a contest to participate in our coaching program.  You can sign up at any time during the year.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. I’m a coach and I use a coach myself because it is fun and it helps me keep my head in the game.  Again, there is more ENERGY with SYNERGY.  It happens even when you don’t plan it, just by doing your day-to-day routine, and especially with a coach.

I’ve got some synergy energy going here with Coach Miles and my friends in the gym out here in California cheering me on in person.  Everything that was good about this average day in the gym was the synergy of the team of people there that day.  This type of energy doesn’t happen alone. I am very thankful for my friends:



See, there is power in friendships, and energy in SYNERGY, I hope you can join in on the fun in Miami!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

See you on the inside too!

-Coach Roberta

Protect Your Psychic Space From Information Overload

Here’s the next episode of the UNCENSORED Podcasts Season 2.

Today’s topic:  Protecting your psychic space from information overload

Are you suffering from paralysis analysis?

Are you suffering from paralysis analysis?

Learn how to protect yourself from getting distracted from your goals

Do you think others are concerned about your health -or- do they just want to be right?

  • Before the internet everyone relied on magazines or libraries.
  • Now there is a 24 x 7 endless stream of never ending opinion and anecdotes.
  • Everyone will have an opinion.  Even if you are successful you must be doing something wrong.
  • The secret is;  there is no secret
  • Before the internet and knowing that Leptin even existed in the body people figured out how to get fit.
  • For the people who have already gotten in shape; you know what you did, you know what worked, keep listening to your own body.
  • The old fashioned simplistic approach that has always worked will be attacked

Today Brad and John will talk about how to protect yourself from information overload and paralysis analysis.


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