Denise Rocked VT14 and Her Goal Jeans!!

Denise had such great success with Venus that it was no surprise to see her place in the last contest.   She lost an amazing 33 pounds and 7.5 inches from her waist!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.19.41 PM

Can you believe she did this in 12 weeks??


What Worked for Her

She attributes that success to three simple things:

1. Delaying her first meal of the day

2. Saving her favorite foods for her maintenance days

3. Taking part in the Venus community

She used the contest to drive her, made working out a priority and now it is part of her routine.  She has such a huge heart and made time to encourage others while going through her own changes.  Here she is in her goal jeans MUCH sooner than she planned.



Rocking the goal jeans!!

Listen in on our interview here:

Michele Carved Five Inches off her Waist with Venus

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.18.43 AM

You would never know it by looking at her, but Michele is a mother of three and grandmother of two.  At the age of 58, she came to Venus wanting to tone up her legs, but was blown away by the changes she was able to make to her entire shape.  It is unusual that someone comes to us with the nutrition component nailed down, but Michele’s mother had instilled in her the ability to intuitively portion control so it was the workouts that made the difference for her.

We talk a lot at Venus about stumbling forward because that is how life will always be.  There are going to be ups and downs and parties and hardships and it is our goal for you to walk away with not only an improved physique, but also with a few tools to roll with the punches.  You are stronger than you think.  Michele broke her toe during the first week of the contest and endured a major health scare, but she stumbled forward to success.  Her pictures are the undeniable proof!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.28.50 PM michele

You can listen to her interview here:

Mountain climber, Amparo Used Venus to Sculpt Her Shape

Oh the patience and perseverance of this lovely Venus.  Amparo placed in our most recent VT13 contest and I had the pleasure of speaking with her recently about her transformation.  If you have ever gone weeks without seeing the scale move, I encourage you to listen in.  With quiet calm she remained determined and stayed the course each week without seeing the scale go down for ten weeks!!  Clearly changes were happening elsewhere.  Here are her before and after pictures:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.39.44 PM

“I’m 57 years old and have been active most of my adult life.  I have run marathons and half-marathons; my passion is hiking which I’ve done but not enough to obtain the definition I always wanted. I’ve tried gyms, but it’s not my cup of tea.  I’ve tried personal trainers, but it gets very expensive, and really also it boils down to the fact that I like to work out alone. I found Venus Index thru Facebook.  It caught my attention with the explanation of the symmetry of the body.   Even though I was skeptical of the pictures and the results,  I wanted to try it, because it made sense.  I’ve tried it several times, never really completing the full 12 weeks of training, but this last time I decided to enter the contest to be accountable and the curiosity of finding out how much I could change my body. The weight came off very slow, it actually took 11 weeks for the scale to move, but when it did, I was ecstatic! Elated! So my journey will continue; it doesn’t end with the contest.  It was the platform I needed to give me confidence. Thank you Venus!

Here’s another before and after:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 4.34.48 PMA big thank you to Coach Liss for joining us also.  We had a blast talking and Amparo gave some wonderful advice!


-Coach Jenny

Listen here:

Elizabeth Found Her Perfect Fit With Venus

This picture says it all.

Elizabeth had struggled with her weight for so long that she wondered if it was even possible to be happy in her own skin.  Determined to be a positive role model for her daughter she had tried other diets and fitness programs, but didn’t find her perfect fit until she stumbled on a Venus ad.  Within weeks her clothes were looser and she was on her way.



“I am 38 years old and I never thought I could ever be slim. I have struggled with my weight all my life. One of my childhood memories is of a boy saying that I looked like I was pregnant. In the last 2 years my weight seemed to balloon up and I could no longer fit into 90% of my clothes. I was very discouraged but also not hopeful since I had tried SO many diets and fitness programs. Some of these helped somewhat, but they were so restrictive they did not fit into my lifestyle. Others were very structured but even though I put in so much effort, I did not see any significant results. I had my thyroid issues corrected, but my weight problem still did not change, as I expected it would. My 6 year old daughter made the comment that, “Mommy is a little bit chubby”. That really upset me, because I want to be a positive role model for her. I wanted to overcome this issue in my life so that hopefully she will not struggle with negative body image and weight issues. But I did not know how to lose the weight unless I starved myself. It was only a few weeks later that I came across a Venus Factor advertisement online. I felt like it was an answer to prayer! I immediately started to lose weight with Venus in April 2014. In less than a week my clothes started to feel looser. I found many tools for losing weight that I can use according my needs and my social calendar. This is what I love most about Venus: it is 100% flexible. I live in Asia, where the constant social events are all about food, and to not eat is culturally offensive. In the past I did not know how to navigate this. Now I participate in eating with everyone and I am still losing weight. The concept of budgeting my calories makes a lot of sense to me. I budget my money – why wouldn’t I count and budget my calories as well? When I started the VT12 Contest, I had a pair of size 12 grey jeans that were way too tight for me. I could not even do up the button. Now, just 12 weeks later, those jeans are too big for me and I need to replace them with a smaller size. I am so happy. For the first time in YEARS I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I am so, so thankful for the Venus program and what it has done for me.”


You can listen to Elizabeth’s story here:




Sharon, A Venus for Life

sharon b&a front small

Sharon placed in our recent VT12 contest

She did a fantastic job, and these before and afters only capture a portion of her total transformation. Sharon completed one round of 12 weeks with the Venus Factor system before the contest started.

sharon b&a side small

This is what Sharon had to say about her experience:

I stumbled across this program on FB and watched a portion of the video, then deleted it. A couple of weeks later, I came across it again. I know things happen for a reason, so I decided to watch the entire video and haven’t looked back since! My experience with Venus has been amazing! I’ve had a few setbacks and have had quite a bit on my plate. I’m opening a new business in two months, started a class that is very demanding of my time, have a full time job, a part time job and then I had to fit in a diet and exercise regime. I wasn’t  always able to maintain self control as I love my sweets but that’s the beauty of this plan. You can have what you want as long as it’s budgeted in!  However, if I fell off the wagon, I’d just get back on! The exercises were my favorite of all! I used to use workout videos and they got VERY boring. These workouts were always different, very challenging and had instructional videos to watch if I didn’t know how to do it. I NEVER missed a workout, ever! I may have had to do them on different days than I had planned and even sometimes back to back days but NEVER missed a workout! The best part was I could watch my soaps on TV AS I worked out. (I am quite the multi-tasker! Lol. Gotta use my time wisely, I’m busy!) Since I’ve started, I’ve actually inspired others, most importantly, my 18 year old daughter and that is soooo exciting for me! ME, an almost 49 year old, in menopause and a mom of an adult…an inspiration to others? Wow!!!! I weigh less now than when I was 29 and I’m positive I have more muscle now than I did then! This is definitely a program I will use the rest of my life. It’s the only thing I’ve used that made sense and that I’ve seen results with that I know I can actually do long term. Although I am pleased with my results, I feel as though I could have done so much better had I not been so stressed with so much on my plate and a little more self control. However, I do know in my heart, I will continue to get better after the contest. I’ve only just begun! Thank you Venus!


sharon b&a back small

Sharon’s Results

Sharon lost 4.25 inches from her waist in only 12 weeks!

Sharon lost 4.25 inches from her waist in only 12 weeks!

Sharon looks so confident and happy!

 Sharon was a joy to interview and she has some wonderful advice to pass on to the next round of Venus contest participants.  Listen to Sharon’s interview here.

How Arionna Gave Up on Dieting for Good

I have come to love the Venus Index system because for the first time I have learned that this is a journey that is not just about losing pounds.

I have come to love the Venus Index system because for the first time I have learned that this is a journey that is not just about losing pounds.


Arionna learned how to eat for life!

VT12 will be wrapping up soon, but we still have a few interviews from VT11 to share. Today’s interview is with Arionna who is living overseas with her children while her husband is working his third deployment. She had great results: 13 pounds lost and 3 inches gone from her waist, but what struck me most in our interview was how well she is MAINTAINING. She found Venus after realizing her current program was too complicated and rigid. She needed something that fit her lifestyle and Venus did just that. She had done it all from running to crossfit and just couldn’t lose the ten pounds she had gained from eating a Paleo diet.

She followed the calorie recommendations from the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist and enjoyed seeing those calories come up as she got closer and closer to her goal. As it is for most women, Arionna said the hardest part was adjusting to lower calories. What worked for her was saving the majority of her calories for later in the day. She skipped breakfast, had a 200 calorie snack in the afternoon, and saved the rest for a satisfying dinner. She’s maintaining happily now and even said, “It’s easy!”

A picture from her travels during the contest.

A picture from her travels during the contest.


In her words:

“I have come to love the Venus Index system because for the first time I have learned that this is a journey that is not just about losing pounds. It’s not even really about losing inches (which is a great side benefit, don’t get me wrong!) but this is about a mindset. Anyone who can successfully do this can do absolutely anything because it’s all about setting priorities and gaining some mental clarity and self control. I seemed to have epiphany after epiphany doing this system. Some days were really really hard and some days were super easy and some days were just days with nothing special about them. I started this contest right during my husband’s third deployment while my kids and I were living in a foreign country and my sister and her husband came to visit and we also traveled to seven different countries while I did this. I feel like I could have blown this out of the water if all of this hadn’t been going on but the thing is, it’s about real life. And these are the things that happen in real life. People don’t exercise and diet in a vacuum. I had to learn to do it during real life, during stress, heartache, confusion, happiness, celebration, and vacation and it’s definitely do-able. I will definitely continue with this system for the rest of my life.”

She looks strong, confident and proud of her hard work!

She looks strong, confident and proud of her hard work!


You can listen to Arionna’s story here: