About Lita Mar

Lita Mar is a Venus Coach and content contributor as well as a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Past obsessions have included track and field, swimming, weight lifting, mountain biking and endurance training. A busy career woman who travels extensively for work, Lita is a strong believer in finding creative ways to maintain a healthy work life balance and stay in peak shape no matter what life throws at her. She lives in Idaho where she enjoys trail running, rock climbing and resistance training with her favorite workout buddy who is also her husband. Lita’s mission is to motivate, support and inspire others through education, example and creative interaction.

Karen’s VT13 Weight Loss Victory

Karen was our 2nd Place Winner in the VT13 Contest earlier this year.

Beauty photography

Her hard work and discipline speak for themselves, but Karen is like that – a determined career woman, wife and mom who doesn’t make excuses while she gets RESULTS.

Karen isn’t afraid to assess her actions and progress with objective appraising eyes and when something isn’t working, she adjusts her course, moves forward and leaves her judgments in the rear view mirror. This is the secret to her success!

Take a look at Karen’s beautiful results and listen to our podcast where you can learn all of her secrets and hear how she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.



Beauty photography

This fearless champion fights for what she wants…

Beauty photography

Karen rocking her new Venus look.


Karen lost 15lbs. of scale weight while gaining gorgeous lean mass!













Karen, we are so proud of you and so proud to call you a Venus role model and a wonderful friend.

-Coach Lita







Listen to our interview with Karen here:


Looking Good At 50 and Beyond – Lorie’s Story

During the phase of life when many women struggle with their weight and body image or just decide to let “nature take its course”, Lorie took a look in the mirror and decided that there was no reason she should settle for anything less than the best for herself. Inspired by all the changes she saw her own daughter make using the Venus program, Lorie decided to start working out with her so that she could learn for herself how to change her lifestyle and fitness for the better. What happened as a result? Lorie lost an amazing 24 pounds in just 12 weeks and she ended up placing in our recent VT11 contest. Here are her before and after pictures:


In her own words, this 50 year old mom and grandmother told us, “I babysit for my 2 year old grand baby while my daughter goes to work. In that 2 years I have enjoyed eating way too many snacks, cokes and just about whatever I wanted. I did not go too many places, so I just wore my sweats all day and the weight has just crept up on me. I really was feeling depressed, and it was harder to run and play with my grand baby. I decided to do something about It. I joined the Venus contest, and now 12 weeks and 24 pounds later I am seeing muscles I thought were gone forever.”

lorie_after 1During her transformation process, Lorie learned how to change her eating habits and the way she thinks about food and snacks. She also learned that she actually enjoys working out at the gym and seeing the changes in her body and feeling the improvements in her strength and overall fitness. Now Lorie has committed herself to the process of ongoing and lifelong change. Pleased with her results, but not willing to backslide or ever give up, Lorie told us that she plans to keep applying all that she has learned so far and to keep working on her habits, lifestyle choices and fitness level.

Lorie has figured out what so many people never realize – that having a fit, strong and beautiful body is a lifelong “project” worth pursuing for the many riches it brings. I so enjoyed spending time talking with this wise and engaging woman who has so much to offer and share and we are so proud she chose to share her journey with us!

– Coach Lita


Listen to our conversation with Lorie here:

Tiffany Found New Life When She Found Venus

Recently, I had the honor to spend some time talking with Tiffany who placed 3rd in our recent VT11 Venus Transformation Contest. Here are her amazing before and after photos:

Tiffany_BnA_Back Tiffany_BnA_FrontTiffany_BnA_Side

photo (1)

Although Tiffany made incredible progress in just 12 weeks, like many of our beautiful Venus success stories, her overall process spanned many months and continues to this day as she works on maintaining her new body and settling into a new lifestyle that includes activities she never thought possible.

Faced With Adversity, Tiffany Fought Back!

You see, Tiffany started her journey back in early 2014 when debilitating joint pain sent her to her doctor looking for answers. Tiffany was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and under instructions from her physician, she went looking for a program to help her shed some unwanted weight and improve her overall fitness. That is when she found Venus and never looked back.photo

Tiffany is not only a fighter – she’s a survivor. Facing crippling pain and a body that seemed to be crying for her to just give up, Tiffany refused to be defeated. Determined to improve her health, she made a plan of attack and fought her way through two 12 week rounds of the Venus protocol to get to her final results. Tiffany never made excuses and she never gave up!

Here is a picture of Tiffany’s complete “before and after” transformation. In just 6 short months of hard work, Tiffany went from being terrified of wearing a bikini to Bombshell Beautiful!

Stronger Than Ever Before…

Now over a year later, this busy working wife and mom of three active kids enjoys a lifestyle she never dreamed of leading before. Tiffany gave herself the gift of self love by fighting for her life and she got much more than an amazing physical transformation in return. She got her life back and she has a new found self confidence that can only be forged in the fires of change.

Tiffany_Lifestyle2_Collage (3)

Not only is Tiffany no longer afraid to wear a bikini in public, she bravely puts herself out there in other ways, too. An inspiration to all around her, Tiffany’s positive drive and determination has brought her family closer together and they now enjoy endurance training, weight lifting and hiking together. Tiffany even volunteered to coach for her daughter’s school basketball team! Clearly, she is perfect for the job because at the game of life, Tiffany is a winner.

-Coach Lita

Listen to our very special podcast interview with Tiffany here: