Donette Lost Over 100 lbs with Patience and Consistency

Donette Heaviest before and after

Donette at one of her heaviest weights before Venus and after, unbelievable!

Donette placed in our recent VT15 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. Her transformation stretches out further than this 12 week period though, she has lost over 100 lbs!

Donette Start of Venus 2014 to Winning VT15
Donette before starting Venus in 2014 and after this 12 week contest, unbelievable!

Here is what Donette had to say in her own words:


No matter how many times you are told something, do we really hear it? How many times have I heard “the scale is just a number?” ” Don’t let the scale get you down” “the number on the scale does not define who you are” Yes I have those sayings up on my computers both at work and at home, on my mirror and my refrigerator. But I never really listened and opened up my mind till now. Let’s rewind 14 years ago when I moved here from Arizona a depressed 270lb single mother of an almost 3 year old. I had once had a membership to Bally’s before I married my first husband, but I was way too embarrassed to go back to that meat market setting, so I joined Curves for women. I did well with Curves, between their diet program and workout machines I dropped 70lbs. For several years I would bounce between 200-230. I couldn’t get below 200 then I would go back up. I tried Medifast, HCG, diet pills, 3 different Curves diet plans, everything would work for a little bit, but then I would put some back on. For my second wedding I was able to get down to 175, then after the wedding I was right back up. March of 2014 I was on Facebook and saw an ad that has changed my life. Do I normally look at ads? Nope, and I have no idea why I that day I chose to watch the full add for Venus Index but it was the best decision I ever made (along with the best $47.00 I have EVER spent!) March to November I did well, I followed the protocol, all my days weren’t perfect but life is a learning process. I wasn’t really interested in the weight lifting. I hated it when I had to in school, me Bally’s experience was horrible so there was no way I was joining a “real” gym. My son and I would do a workout or two per week and that was about it. I was able to drop down to the low 170’s and would go back up to 180. I introduced my sister to Venus in November, she was going to Gold’s and I decided to start going with her @ 5am. We would work the machines 2 days a week and were doing the main Venus program the other 3. dropped down another 10lbs into the 165-170’s. Starting in January this year Gold’s was doing a contest coinciding with Venus, I thought perfect I can do both at the same time! Did well the first 6 weeks then fell apart. I was higher at the end than when I started, and I didn’t even finish VT13. So VT14 came around, again I’m going to do this, made it 8 weeks and crashed and burned. At that point I felt my body was wanting to stay right where it was at and I was done. My only goal at that point was to just finish the contest, which I did. I started this contest balls to the wall staying at my 1000 calorie deficit with maintenance days, working out 2 times a day, then 4 weeks or so in Labor Day hit. I was running my Chihuahua in an AKC Agility trial and at the end of my run: I came down hard on my right leg, jamming my knee and messed up a ligament. Holy Crap! I don’t have time for this, I’m trying to get Fiona to AKC Nationals next year, I’m driving across country with 3 dogs that I have registered in the TDAA Nationals in October. I’m kicking butt and staying on track and all of the sudden it all comes to a screeching halt. Or so I though at first . Turns out this injury that kept me from doing and lower body work besides walking for 4 weeks ws the best thing that could have happened to me. Liss put me in touch with my mind. Yeah I know it sounds kinda weird, but she sent me homework to work on my mind, to change the way I think of myself and to improve my self-confidence. Instead of throwing in the towel, I put up the scale. Instead of giving up on me (like I have done so many times before), I gave to myself. I gave myself the freedom to quit worrying about the wrinkles, the stretch marks, hips, belly and bat wings. Instead I have found the good in them. I realized I need to love myself. Once I started to love myself, so many good things started to happen. Barriers and walls that I had built on my mind started coming down. My self-confidence is rising and I’ve been able to do some of the things I though I could never do. The best thing is that none of them had a thing to do with a scale or what “number” I’m at. Vacation was a blast; my girls ran great with me and even earned placements at the National event. I was able to make great choices travelling for 10 days and maintained the entire time. Even though I had fun with Liss’s band workouts she sent to me to use at the hotel, I realized I LOVE my weight lifting and missed it! After we came back from vacation, I hit another 20+ year goal of climbing the Manitou Incline. I was afraid to try, 1 mile up over 2,000 steps and I can not remember the elevation change. It took us 2 hours, but we did it and I can’t wait to do it again! I also bought my very first “little black dress”. Besides my wedding dress, my husband had never seen me in a dress before. My son rides a dirt bike and my husband and I have ATV’s that we like to ride when we get a chance. All of my ATV pants are what the call OTB or over the boot pants. I would have to buy those because I could not get my calves and pants both into my boots. The beginning of the year I bought a pair of regular pants, the calves fit, but I could not get them zipped. WOOHOO they finally fit, now I’m ready to ride! Yes I’ve had my stumbles along the way and will continue to have more in my journey. Now I have gained the knowledge and I have the tools to move on and get past those struggles to a greater place in my mind. I have the loving support of my husband and son, and a wonderful Venus family. What’s next? No longer are the thoughts of I can’t, because I know I can do anything I put my new healthier mind to. Balloon ride, Whitewater rafting, zipline again this summer, hiking a 14ner in my new boots I earned just this week, they are on my short list. Who knows you just might see me running one of my girls on TV someday 🙂

Donette Heaviest before and after black dress

Donette at one of her heaviest weights before finding Venus and after, WOW!

"All of my ATV pants are what the call OTB or over the boot pants. I would have to buy those because I could not get my calves and pants both into my boots. The beginning of the year I bought a pair of regular pants, the calves fit, but I could not get them zipped. WOOHOO they finally fit, now I'm ready to ride!"

“All of my ATV pants are what the call OTB or over the boot pants. I would have to buy those because I could not get my calves and pants both into my boots. The beginning of the year I bought a pair of regular pants, the calves fit, but I could not get them zipped. WOOHOO they finally fit, now I’m ready to ride!”


Donette’s Metrics

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 165 lb 69 in 31 in 42 in 40 in
After 151 lb 69 in 28.5 in 42 in 38 in
Deltas -14 lb 0 in -2.5 in 0 in -2 in
Donette before and after side 12 weeks

Donette before and after side 12 weeks


Donette before and after - she can run her dogs and hike any mountain!

Donette before and after – she can run her dogs and hike any mountain!

Donette is a beautiful Venus! Nothing can stop her now!

Listen to Donette’s interview with Liss below, or download it for later:

Laura Placed in VT14 and Did not Even Want to Take Pictures

Laura placed in our recent VT14 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. In 12 short weeks, she transformed losing 10 pounds of fat and 1.5″ from her waist!

Venus Laura Front Before and After

Laura before Venus and 12 short weeks after! WOW!



Here is what Laura had to say in her own words

I’m a wife and a full time home mother of two little ones. I started to join the Venus work out class not to long ago because I was trying to find the work out class that I like in all the aspects. In a short time started to love it! Later our Venus instructor told me about to join the challenge and I thought it was not for me and I said to many excuses to myself but I decided to join. I made it trough and I gain so much more than I though. I might not did my full goals but I gain more confidence in my self and more self-steem. I’m so glad that I did it and I definitely will go for more.

Venus Laura back Before and After

Laura made a transformation in 12 short weeks, but she did almost not take the final pics to submit. She did not think she had changed that much! Listen to her podcast at the bottom for more details and her exciting news!


Venus Laura Clothes Front Before and After

Laura’s Metrics

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 149 lb 65 in 30 in 40.5 in 40 in
After 139 lb 65 in 28.5 in 40 in 40 in
Change -10 lb 0 in -1.5 in -0.5 in 0 in

Venus Laura side Before and After

Listen to Laura’s podcast interview with Coach Liss below or download to listen later.

How to Practice Social Eating

Julie’s Stunning VT8 Transformation

Julie placed WAY back in VT8 and is still active in the Venus community as a veteran Venus member.

Venus ladies in Vegas

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her in person at a Venus meetup held in Las Vegas last year. Julie was full of questions and had a genuine interest in each of our stories.  We found we had a shared love of multitasking when I admitted to reading while I blow dry my hair. Turns out we also share a very serious podcast addiction.  I hold Venus primarily accountable!

One of greatest things about Venus and our community is that we are so thrilled with our own results and being lifted up by others that we feel compelled to pay that forward.  We do that by telling our struggles and by sharing what worked for us.  Julie shared the following post with me and a few other Venus friends in that same spirit.  It was so good I knew I had to share with you all too because it was so profound and helpful. She credits a podcast called Mastering Fat Loss for putting the following ideas together about navigating social eating. Julie, take it away….



Social eating season is upon us



Dreading the holiday temptations? While I don’t think we should push our luck by hanging around the doughnut table, there are situations we can’t avoid or shouldn’t avoid since most people have families, work, and are hopefully not social hermits. What we can do is see these situations as “PRACTICE”.  Here’s a helpful tip I picked up from a couple of different podcasts this week.

The first is that you look at temptation situations/stress/lack of sleep/overworked, etc. as you would look at gym practice if you were on a basketball team. Imagine you are the star player in a game you love.  (Basketball, soccer, bowling, whatever)  You joined this team to help them succeed, but you really suck, which is pretty upsetting.  When it comes times to practice you are still pretty bummed, so you decide to skip practice. Then the next game rolls around and you suck again, because you didn’t practice.  How will you ever get better without practice? It’s so obvious in this situation.  The better choice would have been to pick yourself up after the sucky game and jump right in when the opportunity to practice presents itself.

Over time your game will improve because you PRACTICED. Holidays, social settings, all the situations that tend to derail us should not be dreaded, but seen as an opportunity to PRACTICE! (I think this is an amazing way to reframe these situations and change our attitude about feeling deprived or deserving of something that doesn’t take us to our goals.)

The mindset from a another podcast compared “positive thinking” to the concept of “power thinking”; choosing to frame a situation in a way that is both useful and empowering to you.  Blend the two and take it one step better by incorporating the idea above about PRACTICE with Power Thinking.

It would go something like this:

“I’m in control of my choices and I know it will be easier to make good choices when life isn’t easy, if I PRACTICE it.  And in order to get better, I need PRACTICE. In order to have the opportunity to PRACTICE, I need stressful situations in my life. I need situations to arise where everything doesn’t go according to plan. If those things don’t happen, if life doesn’t rattle me sometimes, I don’t have the opportunity to PRACTICE. I’ve proven to myself that I can make bad choices, and now I’m grateful for these opportunities to prove something different to myself, to change my body and in moments where life isn’t going according to plan, I am going to PRACTICE gratitude for everything that is going well in my life .  I am going to embrace the opportunity to PRACTICE making good food choices because making bad food choices only makes a less than ideal situation even worse.

PRACTICE makes it easier. Skipping PRACTICE makes it more of a challenge.

I am far more powerful than the temptations I face because I PRACTICE making good choices when the opportunity arises.”


Wow. What great insight, Julie! Thank you for sharing.

Venus Taught Julie Health after a Lifetime of Struggle


Julie placed in our recent VT14 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. Her transformation stretches out further than this 12 week period though, she has lost over 70 lbs using Venus in the past 15 months!

Julie before Venus and after, unbelievable!

Julie at one of her heaviest weights before Venus and after, unbelievable!














Here is what Julie had to say in her own words

My name is Julie; I’m a 35 year old wife and mother of 2. My whole life has always been about food, size, weight and all those terrible things that get stuck in your head when that is all you hear all the time. I remember my mother always on some kind of diet or trying the new diet pills. I started to be concerned my weight starting around 12 years old. I remember my sister telling me to “suck it in” when others were around or to cover up my big booty. I ended up with eating disorders and low self-esteem by the age of 15. By 16 I was a full time binge and purger and when I could control it all I would turn anorexic until I had to eat or someone said something, then it was back to binging and purging. It is still a constant reminder in the back of my head how easily all this could end up right back there where it all began and hurt the worst. I struggled with this even after I had my first child. Not long after my second child I needed a hysterectomy and most of my hormones were taken. I gained so much more weight and I could not control it. For the past 7 years I have just tripled in size. I looked in the mirror and I did not even know who I was anymore. I decided to do something about it. I have been a member of the local YMCA for years and have never utilized it before, only the kids have. So my friend and I started out with a HITT class and step aerobics and even some kick boxing 4 days a week and was trying for 5 days a week when I noticed my scrubs pants were getting even more tighter, I then decided to weigh myself…I had gained 15 more pounds, 223 lbs. was hard to carry around. I just cried and cried, I was doing so much, my body was so sore and now my self-esteem was totally gone once again. I just wanted to eat and eat, but I didn’t. I spoke with another lady about my struggle and she suggested lifting more weight and keeping my heart rate down to burn the fat. She suggested Venus! I noticed our YMCA offered a class so I tried it. I noticed the class was at a crazy time, so I worked it out with my boss to be able to go to these classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The first week was very different in how my body felt after a good lifting workout rather than a cardio workout. I was just a sweaty, out of breath and sore as I was with a cardio class but the difference was I was not starving after class. I wanted to know more about Venus, so I got measured and weighed and I was entered in to a nutrition guide and received my calorie count and protein goals and my VI. This is where things started to change. In a weeks’ time from this I was losing and I could feel it. I was feeling amazing. After a couple of months one of the contests ended and one of the ladies in my class placed! It was so exciting to see her transformation. I decided to enter the next one. I entered that next contest to see what it was all about. I wanted the nutrition side as well as the exercise. So I took my first photos and cried and cried and entered the Venus contest. I could not believe I let myself get that heavy. I did 12 weeks of exactly what it said for me to do. Even when I was nearing the end of the contest I felt like had so much more energy I was able to start doing more active things with the family like going to the park or play basketball with my son. The contest came and went and I did not place…I still continued with my journey though. I worked out and ate my deficit calories when I should and my maintenance when I should and kept on with my habits of not over eating. The next contest came and went and I had plateaued for most of those 12 weeks. Again one of my co-workout buddies placed in the contest. I re-evaluated my nutrition and calories and why was I stuck? So I decided to try the contest again. I was stuck in a plateau for a while now so I was really trying to get even getting a pound off that would have given me hope. Then I thought, “I need to fast, this will be what my body needs for sure.” Sure enough I broke through the plateau and managed to start losing again. I did a few things different this time around. I worked out hard and if I did extra it was Venus exercises always. I also made sure I hit my protein goal and had a very fiber rich diet. My goal of course was to lose weight but to gain muscle definition. I did not want to be skinny where my bones stuck out and you can see my ribs, but to be strong and defined in my muscle contour. I want to look like I work out as hard as I do. I wanted people to ask me what I did to change. (They do!) I have learned so much from the last year of learning to life a healthy lifestyle and learning to love myself once again. I could not do anything more for my family than to be here in the present with them and able to participate in life with them. I have given myself a new future, a healthy future. A future I am excited to move forward in. I know that if I go back to my old lifestyle, I will be right back to that girl that is struggling with an eating disorder. This was not easy or everyone would be doing it. It is easier than being big and prettier than an eating disorder. Venus has given me the tools to succeed and has also given me a whole community of Venus ladies to swap stories with, get advice on nutrition or even advice on a modified move. I am so blessed to have found exactly what I needed for me, my body and my journey. This will always be the life style I choose to live. I hope my children grow and learn from all of this and never have to struggle with obesity. Thank you Venus, you saved my life.

Julie at one of her heaviest weights before finding Venus and after, WOW!

Julie at one of her heaviest weights before finding Venus and after, WOW!
















Julie’s Metrics

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 170 lb 63.3 in 31.8 in 43.5 in 43 in
After 157 lb 63.3 in 29.2 in 40.3 in 41 in
Deltas -13 lb -0 in -2.5 in -3.2 in -2 in


Julie is a beautiful Venus!

Julie is a beautiful Venus!


Listen to Julie’s interview with Liss below, or download it for later:

Vanessa Quit Endless Running to get her Venus Body

Vanessa before and after Venus

Vanessa placed in our recent VT14 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in.

Vanessa bikini after

Here is what Vanessa had to say in her own words

Like many women, I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was the chubby girl growing up and at the age of 16 decided just not eating would be the only way to lose the excess fat. I was trim and fit during early 20s when I was in the military, but after six months onboard ship; I packed on 20 pounds. I got married, and then had a child and I continued to fight with my weight dropping to a size 6, then back up to a size 12. At the age of 38, I finally had enough and went on a program and managed to lose 35 pounds and dropped from a size 14 to a size 2. I was able to keep that off for close to 7 years. But, again like most…”life happened”; we sold our home, we moved to a new state, I got a new job; we built a house (and lived in a hotel for a few months, which I strongly recommend against). During this time, I also decided I wanted to run a half marathon, so I started training for that. A lot of the materials talk about carb loading/glucose stores for long runs. That combined with a few overuse injuries and my job changed to work-from-home full time…added up to putting on weight again. So, what was my experience with Venus? I busted through two different weight plateaus that two years and several diets and exercise programs could not accomplish. But, not in two years; no I was able to finally lose the weight following the Venus Factor System in 12 weeks when I couldn’t do it with every other diet and exercise program on the market in 24 months. I call that a true success! I lost 8.2 lbs during this 12 week contest period but even greater, I lost 13 inches off my body. I had moved up to a size 6 but I am finally in my 2s again!! Do I still have work to do? Of course; I haven’t yet achieved my goal weight or goal waist size, but I know with hard work and dedication (never giving up or quitting); I will reach that goal once more and now I have the tools to truly stay there!!


Vaness at her heaviest to now using Venus

Vanessa at her heaviest to now using Venus


Vanessa after back

Vanessa loves the online Venus community

You can find Vanessa active in the Venus community and read her blog!

Vanessa Blog

Vanessa’s Metrics

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 130 lb 62 in 25.8 in 38.5 in 38 in
After 122 lb 62 in 24.7 in 38 in 36 in
Deltas -8 lb 0 in -1 in -0.5 in -2 in


Vanessa before and after Venus side




Listen to Vanessa’s interview with Liss below, or download it for later:

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Nutrition the Venus Way – Podcast

Liss Nutrition and Dumas Venus ladies

In this podcast which was recorded live in front of an audience for a seminar in Dumas, Texas, at the Moore County YMCA- Coach Liss answers:

  • What is the fitness hierarchy?
  • Why is rest and stress important to consider?
  • What are the 3 ways of eating?
  • Why, when, and how should we eat in a deficit.
  • Why is eating to maintenance level important?
  • Why we should consider error in our nutrition.
  • Why is protein important?
  • How a weekly and daily eating pattern might look.
  • Does meal timing matter?
  • What supplements should I consider?
  • Why should I consider gut health?
  • What is the Anything Goes Diet?
  • How might I consider actions instead of only goals

Goal to Actions Graphic

Along with many practical tips and actual examples of what Liss’ nutrition looks like on a daily basis.


Listen to the free Venus Factor Podcast below:

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Tracie finally found something that worked to drop the baby weight

Tracy before and after

Tracie placed in our recent VT13 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. She was late entering into the contest, so she did not even get a full 12 week run at it, and still she showed stunning results.

Tracy after

Here is what Tracie had to say in her own words

My decision to join Venus was fueled by looking at some pictures of myself & realizing that it was time to get rid of the baby weight. I tried a calorie counter & following various “drop weight fast” diets. It taught me a lot about how I had been eating. I did pretty good on my own & dropped about 20 lbs in 6 months (not exercising.) Then I plateaued & couldn’t get anywhere. I tried cardio & it only helped me to be hungry. I had heard of Venus & seen some of the results in person and online but I wasn’t ready to commit quite yet. The months dragged on with no real progress & I finally thought “What do I have to lose?” I joined with my best friend and the results were spectacular! In 8 weeks I’ve dropped 15 lbs & lost inches like crazy! My body is toned in ways that I hadn’t been since early high school. I’ve been shocked at the amount of people who have noticed & ask me what I’m doing – I’ve told so many people! People I’ve never really spoken to have approached me to comment on how great I look. Venus has given me more confidence in how I look & in how I deal with my children, spouse, & people in general. I want everyone to have the opportunity to transform themselves with the Venus program & I tell anyone who will listen about my Venus transformation. It truly is life changing. You don’t have to be perfect just trying my very best has provided amazing results! As a mother of 3 I love that I can do everything at home. I never dreamed I could have this great of a physique after having 3 kids. Thanks Venus!

Tracie with her best friend Erin

Tracie with her best friend Erin

Tracie loves the online Venus community

You can find Tracie active in the Venus community and read her blog!

Tracie Venus Community

tracie before and after with same friend


Tracie’s Metrics Results

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 153 lb 70 in 30 in 42.5 in 39 in
After 140 lb 70 in 28 in 42 in 37 in
Deltas -13 lb 0 in -2 in -0.5 in -2 in

tracie before and after with baby


Tracie’s Written Interview (scroll down for podcast)

How did you find the Venus Factor?

I watched Coach Liss’ amazing transformation a few years ago. I wasn’t ready to start at that time because I was still having babies. Then when I finally was ready, I tried to just “eat healthier” but that wasn’t the answer for me. My best friend Erin is Liss’ sister-in-law & we decided to give Venus a try together. Having that accountability really pushed both of us to continue on!

What things had you tried in the past?

I found a diet on Pinterest that was a 10 day shred plan. I stayed on it for 14 days & it taught me a lot about how to make better eating choices. I also learned the importance of protein during that time! I was on & off that shred diet for around 6 months. I did dance workout DVD’s also & I lost about 20 pounds. But, I still wasn’t happy with my overall body shape.

What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

I think the fasting for 14-16 hours overnight helped me most. Thinking about my appetite as an on off switch made so much sense! Plus when I had 1100 calories to eat in an 8 hour period, I rarely felt hungry. Plus I love that no food was off limits. I LOVE pasta & the 11th & 12th week were the best because I finally could eat most of my calories as pasta!

Which workout(s) did you use during the contest?

All I did during the contest was the Venus workouts 3 times week. The only other thing I did was take walks with my kids.

What did you enjoy about those workouts?

They only took me an hour or an hour & a half to do. I was willing to commit that amount of time 3 days a week. Also, I always feel incredible after I’ve lifted! I might not enjoy doing the workout but I always look forward to the high afterwards!

Did you use a particular style of eating?

I get stuck on a particular food for lunch & I eat it for weeks at a time. I’m currently eating mushroom pizza made on a sandwich thin almost everyday for lunch. I don’t know if I have a “style” but, what helped me most was planning what I was going to eat for the day before I ever took a bite of food. That way I know what I can eat & when to eat it, so I’m not starving at 7 pm with no calories left.

What was your nutrition strategy?

Don’t go over my calorie limit & always hit my protein goal! I know I stay fuller longer & feel better if I eat all my protein. I also weigh everything I put in my mouth.

Did you use any supplements?

I take a multivitamin, fish oil, & a probiotic. The original shred diet introduced me to doing those daily.

Did you use the online community and if so, how was your experience with it?

I would get on & search if I had a question. There were posts answering every question that I ever had! I got more active after I completed my 12 weeks & I wish that I would’ve been active sooner because the women are all so amazing & encouraging!

What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

I think it was not eating until I felt full. I cook big portions & my family enjoys eating my food. So I’d eat with them until I was full. Second helpings were not uncommon for me. I enjoyed the taste of food so I’d eat a lot very quickly & be miserable afterwards. Now that I weigh my portions I try to savor each bite!

What kept you motivated?

My best friend Erin was the best help. We’d ask each other about workouts & made sure the other one finished all 3 workouts each week. My husband was also very encouraging. He always told me that I was hot no matter what. But, the more I progressed the more he told me daily how awesome I was looking. Also, I started under growing my clothes so he told me that when I reached my goal I could buy new clothes. That really motivated me!!!

How did you feel about your final pictures?

My mom took my final pictures the day before they were due. So it was a bit rushed but I think they turned out so well! I still do a double take at my pictures because I remember how I looked before & I always think “that’s not me!”

Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

I always want to be a Venus woman! I believe that they are beautiful inside & out. They’re so encouraging & supportive of each other & they’re hot!!!

What advice do you have for other women going through the contest or considering the contest?

I hope everyone enters the contest! It helped push me on days when I just didn’t feel as motivated. Even if you don’t do the contest, take before & after photos. Photo results are very dramatic! They truly show how far you progress.

Tracie_Collage small

Listen to Tracie’s interview with Liss and Jenny below:

Kirsty Set a Goal and Won VT13

Kirsty WON our recent VT13 Venus Transformation Contest!

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. Kirsty brilliantly navigated through a full time career, social events, and going to graduate school during her stunning transformation.



Kirsty before and after using Venus Index for only 12 weeks!


Here is what Kirsty had to say in her own words

This was me on 19th January 2015 – And this was on 14th April 2015. 85 days later.

I had been unhappy with my weight for a very long time. I always wanted to be thinner, but I could never get there.
My dieting habit started in high school. I would decide one day that I was sick of being chubby. I would start dieting immediately, and would plan to keep going for as long as it took to become thin.
I would cut out fatty food and do heaps of extra exercise. It would work for a few weeks and I’d be happy for a while. When the weight loss started to slow down, I would start doing EVEN MORE exercise and eating EVEN LESS food with the expectation of getting even better results.
Anyone who has tried to lose weight this way knows that eventually, you hit the dreaded weight loss plateau where everything comes to a screaming halt. As you try and force through it, you become as strict as you can be and have constant negative thoughts, trying to figure out what you did wrong to stall your progress. Your mood gets progressively worse, and eventually your willpower gives out.
My goal was to be thinner, and every time I stopped losing weight, I had failed. I was tired, grumpy and felt like a failure so I would give up on the diet. Then I put on the weight again, and sometimes more than I started with. A few months later I would decide to “do something about it” and the cycle would start all over again.
Did you see the mistakes I made?

My goal was not SMART. Being “thinner” is not Specific, and it’s never Achievable either. No matter how thin you are, you can always be “thinner”. It is a moving goal post that you can never actually reach.
My determination to stick to it for as long as it took could be seen as admirable, but when you set a goal that will require tremendous will power, it should be Timed so that you have an end in sight. This can force you to work hard and not procrastinate, so that you achieve your goal by the deadline; but it’s also important so that you have permission to relax once you reach the end without feeling like you gave up.

This time around, I was SMART about it.
I started by clarifying in my mind the reason for wanting to lose weight. It was to have more energy and avoid health problems. The focus of my goal was switched from being “thinner” to being “a healthy weight” which directly supports my dream of living a long and active life.

– I signed up with Venus and got advice about what my ideal weight and measurements should be. From their calculations I set my goals to reach 55 kgs, and a waist measurement of 65 cms. These goals were both Specific, and Measurable.
– Now, I actually wasn’t completely convinced that it was Achievable. Through all my prior dieting, I had never, even at 16 years old, gotten below 60 kg. I thought it was impossible for me to reach 55. I had convinced myself over time that I was genetically programmed to be bigger than my friends. But I listened to the stories and advice of others in the group and decided that it was time for me to really challenge and push myself. This would be my Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2015.
– Reaching my target of 55 kilos would place me right in the middle of the healthy BMI range and this was a relevant step toward my long term goal of taking care of my health. This is in sharp contrast to my previous goal of “losing as much weight as possible”.
– Venus holds regular body transformation competitions. I signed up to the next one they ran and that gave me the Timeframe to work with. I had three months to transform my body.
I used the trick I mentioned earlier, and set my computer password to 55Kilograms so I was reminded of the goal every day when I logged on. When the contest ended after three months, I weighed in at exactly 55.1kg. which was almost 8kg lower than the lightest I have been in my adult life.
Since the deadline had come, I was happy to round off and say that I had made it. I rewarded myself by shopping for clothes that I would never have been confident enough to wear before.
By achieving this difficult goal, I now have the confidence to know that if the weight does creep back on a bit, it won’t really matter for long because it is completely within my power to do it again.

Kirsty side 2 before and after Venus Index smaller

Kirsty’s Metrics Results

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
Before 148 lb 63 in 32 in 43.5 in 38 in
After 137 lb 63 in 29 in 41.3 in 37 in
Change -11 lb 0 in -3 in -2.2 in -1 in
Kirsty is a stunning Venus

Kirsty is a stunning Venus

Kirsty’s Written Interview (scroll down for podcast)

How did you find the Venus Factor? – Life changing! My results surpassed all my expectations and while I wouldn’t say it was easy, it was definitely a comfortable level of effort. The idea of having “eat up” days so frequently (and not calling them cheating) was strange to me at first as I’d always been a bit “all or nothing” about dieting. Having permission to eat up, with well researched justification, was very liberating.

What things had you tried in the past? – I’ve been unhappy with my weight for as long as I can remember and at least once a year I would go on a diet. When I was younger it was an all or nothing approach – eat as little as I could and focus on vegetables, and do as much exercise as I had time for. Anyone who has tried to lose weight that way knows that sooner or later your willpower gives out, and you can never stick to that plan for long enough. In more recent years I’ve tried various types of diets – low fat, low carb, zero sugar, paleo, juice fasting… I had the most success (loss of 10 kilos) with completely eliminating sugar from my diet about 2 years ago but found it a very antisocial way to eat so even though I wanted to keep going I stopped that after 4 months and gradually put back all the weight I’d lost.


What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you? – The virtual nutritionist was great by taking all the guess work out of how much to eat. I’m an accountant and have a mind for numbers so calorie counting is a good method for me but each time I’ve tried before I never really knew what numbers I should be aiming for.


Which workout(s) did you use during the contest?  What did you enjoy about those workouts? – I did the basic 12 week Venus workout through the contest period. I really liked that I could just do them at home with dumbbells and didn’t need any fancy equipment. I also played netball once a week and made sure I clocked up at least 10,000 steps a day on my fitbit.

Did you use a particular style of eating?  What was your nutrition strategy? – I learned pretty quickly that the best way to make sure I wasn’t hungry on 1000 calories a day was to eat low-carb and high protein with a good amount of fibre. I swapped my cereal for eggs at breakfast and sandwiches made way for salads at lunch. I’ve worked out a good little chicken & veggie salad for lunch that is about 220 calories, with 20g protein and 10g fibre. I make up a big batch at the start of the week and take a portion to work with me every day. I’m lucky that I’m happy eating the same thing every day because I find having standard meals takes some of the stress out of monitoring your calories. A few weeks into the contest I started skipping breakfast and worked my way up to a 15 hour daily fast. That was probably the change that made the most difference for me and I am still comfortable doing it now. In the mornings I have a coffee with almond milk when I get to work, and quite often a second one about an hour later. Then I start listening to my body and I have a snack when I start to actually feel hungry, which is normally around 14-16 hours after the previous night’s dinner.

Did you use any supplements? – Not really. In the first few weeks I had some protein powder and fibre powder but once I started getting used to I learned what foods to eat to get all my nutrients from diet alone so I didn’t need them anymore. Before I started Venus I would take iron and vitamin C supplements every day because I had been diagnosed as anemic at one point and for years I had trouble maintaining a healthy iron level. After a few weeks of better eating in Venus I also found that I could stop taking those supplements without any negative effects. My last blood test was pretty good so it seems like I’ve finally found the correct way to eat.

Did you use the online community and if so, how was your experience with it? – Yes, after reading the Venus ebook I was really excited about the program and went into the community reading almost every post to try and learn more. In the first few weeks I spent most evenings after dinner reading blog posts and making a few posts of my own on the forum. I found getting involved with the community was a really good way to stay on track when I got the munchies at 9pm. It gave me something to do so I didn’t eat out of boredom.

What was the hardest obstacle to conquer? – I found the biggest challenge to be the social side of eating, and having to say no over and over to people that want to feed me. Most social events with my family and friends revolve around a meal, and invariably it’s something like pizza and ribs with lots of alcohol and cake for dessert. I started turning up to parties with a precooked plate of chicken breast and veggies, and if we were going out to a restaurant I’d ask lots of questions and look up all the options in before deciding what to order. I was ridiculed a bit for it. It got easier after I explained to everyone that I was in a contest and was determined to stick to my diet so I could win some money. Now that the contest is over and I’ve moved into maintenance mode, I give myself one day a week where I don’t bother tracking calories, and I try to listen to my body and just stop eating when I’m satisfied. I still try to make the healthy choices but don’t obsess about portion sizes or get upset if they forgot to leave the dressing off my salad. I’ve found that since starting Venus and really focusing on my food choices, my taste buds have changed to prefer the healthy options anyway. I never used to like seafood much but now I far prefer fish and crab instead of pasta and burgers. I’m also appreciating a much wider variety of vegetables


What kept you motivated? – Entering the contest made me accountable for sticking to the weight loss program. In all my previous diets, it was easy to give up because no one else was really affected. By signing up to the contest and telling people about it, I had made a commitment. If I gave up, I would have had to explain to a lot of people that I’d failed, and I really hate having to admit failure at anything. When we were about 3 weeks into the contest, my local newspaper actually announced that they were going to run a weight loss contest as well. I thought that was perfect since I was already putting the work in for Venus so my brother and I signed up to that one together. It was pretty popular, I think they had 500 spaces and they filled them within 2 days. My brother and I started going to the gym together once a week. We’re both pretty competitive people, so neither of us wanted to be the first one to admit that we were tired; that made sure that we both stayed there and kept working for longer than we would if we were on our own. He ended up winning the men’s division of the local comp, and I came 3rd in the ladies.

How did you feel about your final pictures? – I had a lot of fun taking them. I was still losing weight and hadn’t bought many new clothes yet since I wasn’t sure what size I would end up with so I started the day by raiding my friend’s wardrobe to find something flattering.

Is this a lifestyle you will continue? – Yes. I haven’t achieved my ideal Venus waist measurement yet but I’m at the low end of the healthy weight scale and people are telling me I look too skinny so I’m giving up on the last 4 cms and moving into maintenance now. I’m currently giving myself two eat up days per week (one midweek to the maintenance level determined by the calculator, and one on a weekend where I don’t bother logging food and just try to listen to my body). I’m a bit scared to stop logging all my food in case the weight piles back on so I’m just gradually increasing my deficit days every few weeks and waiting to see what level I can eat at without the scale changing.

What advice do you have for other women going through the contest or considering the contest? – Do it. You don’t lose anything by signing up and it makes you accountable for sticking to your weight loss plan. By having a deadline it’s far easier to keep working hard for the three months to achieve your goals, because you know it’s not going to be hard work forever. Three months is long enough to develop some really good habits and make big changes to your body, but not so long that it seems impossible.


Kirsty Venus Index Collage


Listen to and/or download the podcast contest interview with Kirsty, Coach Jenny, and Coach Liss below:

Venus Meets up in Miami

This past weekend, Venus members from around the world met up in fabulous South Beach in Miami, Florida, on the beach. We enjoy each other so much in the community that we knew we would have a blast in real life! We put a heads up in the forum about 2 months ago, and I could hardly wait until it was time to go!

Dinner at Meat Market on Lincoln in Miami






Enjoying a night out on the town; dinner at Meat Market on Lincoln

Hanging out at Miami Beach






From left: Coach Lita, Coach Liss, Coach Jenny, and Naomi enjoying Miami Beach



As crazy as it sounds, we make some pretty tight bonds in the Venus forum.  We are from all over the world and completely different walks of life, but driving change puts us on a similar path.   We all struggle and we all have to find our own way, but our tight knit community makes a difference.  The forum is our life line and there is always someone there with a lending hand or a sympathetic ear. The people that help us find our way become part of our story and meeting in person only makes those bonds stronger.  Not everyone could make it of course, but we shared pictures and stories that included them and we hope to see them down the road.

Pre Dinner Drinks Miami










Coach Jenny, Coach Liss, Coach Lita, and Kerry enjoying time together


Dinner on Ocean Drive in Miami

Enjoying dinner at A Fish called Avalon on Ocean Drive



Personal Support

Many of us email, call, and text one another- making bonds deeper than just diet and fitness. We can lean on each other for family, relationship, work, and emotional issues. We KNOW each other, so getting together in person is easy.  We just click like we have always been “real life” friends.

 Venus Coaches after dinner on the town in Miami









Coach Jenny, Coach Lita, and Coach Liss


On the boat in Miami

Enjoying the boat ride and chatting before Paddleboarding

Other side of the boat in Miami

Brad Howard, Kerry with her husband, and Jackie 


Pilon Paddleboarding Demo

Brad Pilon gave us a demo before Paddleboarding


Venus Group Paddleboaring

Coach Jenny and Liss Paddleboarding

Group Paddleboarding

We loved paddleboarding!



Making Memories

Our time together was special.  What I enjoyed the most was getting to see everyone’s facial expressions, having eye contact, and hearing vocal tone and laughter. The hugs were pretty great too!

South Beach Workout

Training at the outdoor gym in South Beach


Boys Table Lunch after workout in Miami 

Michal, Vaclav, John Barban, Jim, Martin, and Luke

 Lunch after workout in Miami

Enjoying lunch after the workout


The Life

We shared some great conversations and enjoyed fabulous food and drinks. We fit in a few workouts and spent time relaxing by the ocean.  Some days we all went our own ways in smaller groups, but we always met up for dinner.  It was a whirlwind, but so worth it to get to have a little time IN PERSON with friends and co-workers.  Next year cannot come fast enough!

Speaking of next year, we are looking at April or August 2016. We are also looking at hosting the meet up in Barbados or California. Which would you prefer? 

Jenia finally has the confidence to be in pictures on vacation after finding Venus

Jenia before and after front small

Jenia placed in our recent VT12 contest

She had an amazing transformation in only 12 short weeks.

Jenia used to take a picture of her foot instead of being in family photos

Jenia used to take a picture of her foot instead of being in family photos

jenia before and after white small

Now Jenia rocks pictures with confidence

  Here is what Jenia had to say about her experience with the Venus Factor program:

How did you find the Venus Factor?  I randomly clicked on a facebook ad.  I had no idea I would change my life that day.  It was almost 1 year ago February 13th, the day before Valentines day last year.  I’m just an infant in Venus years.

What things had you tried in the past?  I haven’t really tried any of the popular diets.  I read the Atkins thing back in the 90’s because everyone was losing with it, but it wasn’t for me.    I’d just exercise like crazy – naturally all cardio.  And I’d just try to watch what I was eating without any guidelines.  I’d usually do really good with calories and was probably eating too little for too many days in a row without any eat up days.  Then I would binge like a week and then try it all over again.  I might succeed with 10 pounds here and there, but never anything permanent.

What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?  All of it.  I can’t imagine any of the parts being better than the others.  The undulating protocol is brilliant; the workouts are fantastic and I can’t live without the community any more.  Now that I have access the podcasts are just as important and I wish I had them to learn this from the beginning.

Which workout(s) did you use during the contest?  What did you enjoy about those workouts?  During the contest I was wrapping up Final Phase and then went to Phase 3 as my main workouts in the evenings.  I also used Specializations and circuits for my morning routines.  I did chest and butt specializations twice a week and legs once a week.   I absolutely love learning the weight lifting and pushing harder.  I love the shape that has emerged that was never allowed to come out with all that cardio I did for years.

Did you use a particular style of eating?  What was your nutrition strategy?  I simply followed the undulating protocol with the thought to eat protein first.  I printed out the protocol calendar and wrote my calorie totals in on each day.    I’m one who never gave up alcohol nor did I completely give up treats like ice cream and I didn’t really change what I eat.  I just measured and ate less of everything.   I just account for it and keep going.  I do always skip breakfast and lunch is usually my big meal.  If I know I have a big dinner planned I have a light lunch and save the calories for dinner.  It’s all just accounting – the job that comes naturally to me.  I’m still working on getting better at the nutrition planning and having better variety in my food.

Did you use any supplements?   No.

Did you use the online community and if so, how was your experience with it?  You know I think the community is the most valuable asset to the Venus program.  Being involved in this group has made all the difference, it’s a huge part of my success.  I could not have done it without Roberta and Liss, all the rest of coaches, and the entire Venus sisterhood.   We are never alone now that we belong to Venus.

What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?  I’m still working on my hardest obstacle which is changing myself on the inside.  In my head I’m still a fat woman in a thin fit body.  I’m still working on confidence and the inner Venus.  The podcasts are helping so much with this.  I didn’t think I needed the inner work, but it really must go hand in hand or you just always feel like a phony and an imposter in the new body you made.  You don’t just suddenly have confidence just because you look different.   I have most definitely learned a lot in the last few months working on this inner struggle.  I had so many decades of putting myself down, and jokes on my own behalf it’s really a hard habit to break.  But it’s coming around.

What kept you motivated?  The results.  When you see yourself shrinking before your eyes it keeps you motivated to keep going even through the plateaus and stalls.   When you know that the process is still working and the results will come if you just keep going.  Being able to communicate with the Venus ladies during struggles is also very important, it’s nice to hear that that others experience these same kinds of difficulties.

How did you feel about your final pictures?  I wish I would have had them done professionally.  I will forever have this ideal of me now….I was good enough to place in a fitness contest.  I did it and I can keep it that way!

Is this a lifestyle you will continue?    Absolutely.  I’m not stopping now!

What advice do you have for other women going through the contest or considering the contest?  I would tell the ladies on the fence to go for it, there is really nothing to lose but fat.  It’s not like a do or die thing, it’s just bettering yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m not in the least bit competitive but I thought this would give me the extra push to keep going and reach the Venus ideal for me.  It worked for me even though I didn’t really want to win top prize or anything.  I just wanted to get there.  But I have to say the Immersion prize was the carrot I chased throughout the duration.  Now that I did place I am super proud of it and don’t want to be the one who placed and then let it all go.  I have something to be proud of and something to always aim for.  I don’t want to let the Venus community down by letting my old self come back around.  Being a contestant makes me feel responsible to myself to keep up my health and fitness.   If there are ladies out there who think they will do Venus for a while and are afraid they will let it go, perhaps they should try the contest because it makes you feel responsible to the plan and the community.

Jenia before and after bikini

Jenia transformed inside and out

Jenia loves the online Venus community

Jenia Blog

You can find Jenia active in the Venus community and read her blog!

My Experience with the Venus Factor System – Jenia

I wasn’t planning on changing my life when I clicked the Venus advertisement.  Approaching 50 years old, I thought I was destined to live in the overweight body I was used to, nothing would help at this age.  I had given up scales decades ago.  I always told myself to gauge weight loss by how my clothes fit.   Yeah, well as long as you keep buying larger sizes your clothes will always fit so why bother with scales, right?

My original goal was to lose the same 20 pounds I have always lost over the years.  Somehow that 20 pounds now put me at a higher goal than it used to.  I chalked it up to age and just started the program with those 20 pounds as my goal.  I began with the idea to totally ignore the Venus ideal body measurements, I figured they were for younger ladies.

Having the calorie deficit/maintenance undulating protocol really makes dieting easy for me.  When you can eat whatever you want but just account for it, you really can’t go wrong.   I think the really brilliant part of the program are the maintenance days.  This is the kind of thing that is always missing in other diet programs.  Feeling deprived each and every day is no fun in life.   Looking forward to maintenance days is such a bonus to the program.  It not only helps us mentally but internally as well.  Simply brilliant!

So, like I said before, at first I thought the Venus matrix was unrealistic.  I thought the system gave you this unforgiving number just to keep you working the program.  However, the closer I got to my Venus numbers the more I realized that those numbers are real and they ARE attainable.   They will actually give me the shape that was always just out of reach.  Going at weight loss alone and blind I would have stopped with the first 20 pounds and would still be an ordinary, average, somewhat overweight woman.

I began the Venus Phase 3 exercise program about the same time that the contest started.  The introduction to this program mentioned that this routine is not for everybody.  It’s based on more exercise days per week and more dedication.   I thought to myself, well when I reach my Venus matrix I won’t be every body.  I will be my Venus body, so this is the right one for me at this point in my journey.

Working with weights has become my new passion.  I absolutely love how it makes me feel and the difference in my shape is more than I ever thought possible.  Being cardio queen for decades on bicycles and ellipticals, both indoor and outdoor, did not do anything to help me lose weight.  Being Venus for less than a year has made all the difference – allowing me to achieve 45 pounds of fat loss and over 30.75 inches are gone from my circumference.

I say “being Venus” because that’s what I think this is all about.  The best asset about this entire program is the most awesome community and support team.  We are all Venus no matter where we are in our transformation, and it’s so nice to be able to get and give support to so many wonderful ladies.  We are all on common ground and we are all supportive of one and other.  So many times women tend to be super competitive with each other, you won’d find that here.

They say you are what you eat, right?  Well I think the Venus ladies are what we DON’T eat.     It’s a way of life, a mentality that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  It’s really a life changing program, if you allow it to be.  It’s something I totally fell into at the click of a mouse, and I am so happy I did.  I am the fittest I have ever been in my life, even better now than my teenage years.   I’m loving the new Venus me.  My new standard is not ordinary, it’s extraordinary; I am Venus forevermore.

Thank you all so much for creating such a wonderful and workable program!

Jenia’s Metrics Results

Jenia lost 1.5 inches from her waist and 8 lbs in only 12 weeks using the Venus program!

Jenia lost 1.5 inches from her waist and 8 lbs in only 12 weeks using the Venus program!


Jenia made a stunning transformation and just glows!

Jenia made a stunning transformation and just glows!

You can listen to Jenia’s story here: