How Keturah Overcame Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism to Lose over 100 Pounds

Keturah Before and After Side

Keturah has been using Venus systems for over 5 years!  Her transformation stretches out further than a 12 week period though, she has lost over ONE HUNDRED pounds!


Keturah Through Weight Loss to Maintenance


Keturah through the weight loss over the years

(Left) Keturah at her heaviest before finding Venus in 2011

(Middle) Keturah in the middle of her transformation at about 190 lbs in November of 2011

(Right) in the middle of her transformation at about 180 lbs in February of 2012

Here is what Keturah had to say in her own words:


Maintenance: Choosing life.
Maintenance is something you don’t hear much about. The fitness world is full of shiny before and after photos with big shiny smiles to match. What no one seems to talk about is the daily practice of life. 
There are some things that set apart maintenance from deficit. Let’s focus on what comprises this brave new world. 

I recently reread some of my old blog posts. It was such a wise voice, and it was speaking to me now. (The value of listening to ourselves is great!) First, let me level with you: I am no different than anyone else. Fear creeps in. Old thought patterns start repeating. Fear of rebound weight gain. Fear of not being able to do it. Fear of looking too thin. Fear of people being negative. Fear of not maintaining it for life. Fear of disordered eating. Fear of putting my value in my looks, and not in who I AM INSIDE.

I think the last argument “Fear of putting my value in my looks, and not in who I AM INSIDE” is especially real. It’s a fear that many women deal with in our current culture. I’ve come to realize that while weight, size, shape, and body shape are not my source of identity, being overweight and unhappy with my body can be a road block to feeling good about myself. My insecurity about my body, the shame and guilt I have felt in being overweight: it was real. Learning that I could change that was empowering. But also learning that my body doesn’t define me is a mindset that has taken longer to sink in and takes daily practice.
Value where you are at NOW. Comparison is the thief of joy. We all know that popular quote. Sometimes the comparison isn’t with other people, it’s with ourselves. We can lose a lot of joy comparing ourselves to the past or even to perhaps unrealistic goals and standards. Maybe right now it tough and you don’t particularly feel joy. That’s okay. I am learning to ask myself questions. Why am I feeling this way? I keep asking why. Doing this helps me get to the root of lingering insecurities or issues. I also find out that what scares me is usually not as huge as I’ve made it in my head.

We think this journey of self introspection disappears when we enter maintenance mode. It doesn’t. If anything, it began a new season of asking questions, dealing with some old triggers, and learning to trust ourselves in new ways during new seasons and situations. Which is why we also need to work on habits. 

Fear can hold us hostage and make us freak out! But the truth is, it’s about choices, not fears. I choose to be healthy. I choose to eat supportive foods that will help my Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. I choose to lift weights so I’m strong, lean, slender, and pain-free. I choose to walk to have head space, time to think, reflect, and enjoy the outdoors. I choose to stretch to be flexible, limber, and feel good. I choose to be at peace with my body and take steps that will enable me to continue being Venus for life.

Maintenance is not automatic. It is about daily choices, habits and goals. This isn’t glamorous. Habits are choices we make and continue making everyday. I can choose to say “no” to fear and listen to the truth. I can choose not to let my circumstances and past, worries about the future, and other things define me, but to take a step forward and embrace the present, choose joy, and keep stepping forward up the mountain.

I liken maintenance to keeping the house neat, or perhaps tending the garden after the plants have started growing. If you let the little things go–laundry and dishes pile up, floors need swept, garbage overflowing, weeds growing wild–pretty soon the place is a disaster needing a complete cleaning and overhaul. Some daily tidying and daily weeding would have kept those things from happening. Some days we let things go. It’s about attending to the dishes before the pile gets too big. Or put it this way: it’s paying of the credit card bill at the end of the month instead of letting it stack up for a couple of years until it becomes a mountain of debt!
The habits you begin and consistently choose and practice will be habits that keep you going, even if they change in form. My daily habits are movement (for me that’s resistance training, flexibility, and walking); including protein and either fruit or vegetables at most meals; good rest; hobbies I love (makeup, knitting, and reading are just a few!) and relaxing with my husband on the weekends. I am learning to balance my meals and intake. If we go out on a brewery tour I will enjoy a burger and beer. The next meal or day, I have my coffee  but enjoy water, fruit, salad, and some light protein for the rest of the meals. There is no punishment, no reproach. No starvation, no forcing of food. I just listen to myself. 
Maintenance is the season I have really learned to enjoy living life and how to be flexible. Shortly after reaching my Venus metrics a couple years ago, I was still in “get competition lean” mode. It took a couple months for me to realize I wasn’t really getting anywhere with all my hard work and was frustrated. Mostly, it was mental. I decided to do something crazy. I stopped trying so dang hard to reach smaller metrics, body goals, and all the other stuff I deemed necessary to joy. Instead, I let go. I began listening to my body, doing what felt both right and good, and relaxing about the rest. It was, and still is, the very best thing for me. I learned another lesson in trusting myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting competition lean. But it’s a season, and for many it isn’t a season that can be stretched out for indefinite periods of time. Sometimes we have to count the cost. The cost at the time wasn’t best for me. 
There is also adaptive components to maintenance. I am learning to change up my routine or my workout when I feel unmotivated about workouts. There are also life changes that require workouts changes. My husband and I recently relocated 2300 miles, from mountain life to ocean life. While I had spent the last couple years lifting heavy weights at the gym, I was suddenly faced with a new challenge. There was no gym and our new home didn’t have space for heavy weights. At first, I was frustrated. What was I going to do now? I quickly realized my new life change meant a change in my training. This wasn’t an easy change at first. The first few weeks of no gym I had a lot of anxiety! Heavy weightlifting had become a security blanket and it was time to put it away for a while. Without access to the barbell rack, I’ve had a chance to work on some old gymnastic training, flexibility, and explore other workouts–areas I neglected for years, and that I really missed doing. 
Final thoughts. 
Honestly, maintenance is about learning to live from out truest, healthiest selves. The main focus of fat loss phase is so you can make changes in your body and, most importantly and what gets left out by a lot of people, live life with new lifelong habits, and keeping Venus tools for when you do let the house go and need to whip it back into shape. You learn to listen to yourself, learn what works best for you, what is sustainable, what is joyful. You learn balance. 
Maintenance is choosing to be Venus for LIFE.


Keturah Before and After Front

Ketty’s Metrics Using Venus

(Note Keturah had lost about 100 lbs before even finding Venus in 2011 on her own! WOW!)

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
June 2011 217 lb 71 in ~35.5 in ~46 in ~50 in
April 2016 175 lb 71 in 27.5 in 43 in 42 in
Deltas -42 lb 0 in -8 in -3 in -8 in




Keturah Happily Ever After Maintaining

Keturah Happily Ever After Maintaining at her Wedding in Summer 2015


Watch Keturah’s interview with Liss below:

Listen to Keturah’s interview with Liss below, or download it for later:

Maintenance with Venus Veteran Carly

Carly Venus Before and After

Carly has been using Venus systems for over 3 years.  She did a phenomenal job with her initial transformation and her continued results display the hard work she puts in. Her transformation stretches out further than a 12 week period though, she has lost FORTY pounds using Venus!

Carly Venus Before and After Side

Carly before starting Venus in 2013 and after VT14, unbelievable!

Here is what Carly had to say in her own words:

Before children, I never worked out. I never counted calories. I didn’t have to work hard to keep my figure. I was young then too and now I’m older. All my factors have changed so I need to change my habits in order to keep the figure I desire. I am thirty two years old. I have two children. My son is six years old and my daughter is three years old. I found Venus in June 2013, two months after I had my daughter. I had a lot of weight to lose. I was ready to hit the gym to lose my baby weight.  Liss Graham was teaching Venus at my local gym so I decided to join her class. By April 2014, I hit my weight loss goal. I had dropped FORTY-FIVE pounds! I was in my measurement goals with the nutrition calculator. But once I hit that goal, I already had another goal in mind. TONING!! I kept using Venus from April 2014 to May 2015 but I felt like I was just in the motion and not really learning or thinking about how to better myself. I felt like I was in limbo. For me, it has been hard to build muscle. I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt stronger every time I lifted and I was getting sore but I couldn’t grow. I wasn’t pushing myself to the level I could have gone. Even though, I was very successful with weight loss, I felt like I didn’t know how to maintain my weight and I didn’t know how to tone the muscles. For me it was like, “Well, I lost all this weight but now what?” I felt uneducated on how to maintain my weight and build muscle at the same time. To reach this goal and to get motivated again, I decided to join a contest. I felt like I truly started TONING when VT14 started. When I joined the VT14 my mission was to tone up every muscle from head to toe. I added more days of lifting. I went to the gym six days of the week instead of the recommended three. I watched my intake more. I researched more by listening to podcasts and reading fitness articles. I started following fitness guru’s on Instagram and facebook. I dedicated more time to reading and understanding the VENUS program. Sometimes I even worked out twice a day. I took advice from other Venus expertise. Liss Graham came for visits at my gym and I learned from her every time. She’s an AMAZING coach by the way! I took professional pictures every 6 weeks to help push me along. I had some vacations during the contest and I didn’t want it to derail me. I used myfitnesspal and held myself accountable for every meal. I was dedicated to making progress. Twelve weeks later, I felt like I had the body of my dreams. I know what to do now to keep my transformation. I can see my growth with photos. I know how to keep toning my body without being lost in the process. Venus has educated me on how to be healthy and fit for life. Venus has helped me reach my weight loss goal and my toning goal. Venus has given me the body that I craved. Before children, I weighted one hundred and seventeen pounds. I weigh less now and have way more muscle. I look way better after kids then I ever did before kids. I have been very successful with Venus and have hit many goals. I didn’t know anything about fitness before Venus. I think everyone should watch the how to videos and learn how to eat right and learn what a simple carb is versus a complex carb. I literally didn’t know anything! The biggest change for me is making trips to the grocery store. I know not to just look at the pretty labels on the boxes that are misleading to shoppers. I know how to read ingredients and what to look for in them. I read the nutrition label, which I used to ignore. Venus has changed my life and for the better. I eat clean now. I have the confidence and education it takes to make Venus a lifestyle and not a fad. I’ve done it for three years and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life. It is too good of a program to ever stop doing.

Carly Venus Before and After Back

Carly’s Metrics

Weight Height Waist Shoulders Hips
June 2013 150 lb 63 in 33.5 in 41.5 in 42.5 in
February 2016 113 lb 63 in 26.8 in 36.0 in 36 in
Deltas -37 lb 0 in -6.7 in -5.5 in -6.5 in


Carly and Venus Friends

Carly (right) with Venus veteran and friend Julie (left)

Carly is a beautiful Venus! Nothing can stop her now!


Carly Venus Class June 2015

Carly, Coach Liss, and Venus friends at the Moore County YMCA

Carly Venus Class July 2015

Listen to Carly’s interview with Liss below, or download it for later:

Jenia finally has the confidence to be in pictures on vacation after finding Venus

Jenia before and after front small

Jenia placed in our recent VT12 contest

She had an amazing transformation in only 12 short weeks.

Jenia used to take a picture of her foot instead of being in family photos

Jenia used to take a picture of her foot instead of being in family photos

jenia before and after white small

Now Jenia rocks pictures with confidence

  Here is what Jenia had to say about her experience with the Venus Factor program:

How did you find the Venus Factor?  I randomly clicked on a facebook ad.  I had no idea I would change my life that day.  It was almost 1 year ago February 13th, the day before Valentines day last year.  I’m just an infant in Venus years.

What things had you tried in the past?  I haven’t really tried any of the popular diets.  I read the Atkins thing back in the 90’s because everyone was losing with it, but it wasn’t for me.    I’d just exercise like crazy – naturally all cardio.  And I’d just try to watch what I was eating without any guidelines.  I’d usually do really good with calories and was probably eating too little for too many days in a row without any eat up days.  Then I would binge like a week and then try it all over again.  I might succeed with 10 pounds here and there, but never anything permanent.

What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?  All of it.  I can’t imagine any of the parts being better than the others.  The undulating protocol is brilliant; the workouts are fantastic and I can’t live without the community any more.  Now that I have access the podcasts are just as important and I wish I had them to learn this from the beginning.

Which workout(s) did you use during the contest?  What did you enjoy about those workouts?  During the contest I was wrapping up Final Phase and then went to Phase 3 as my main workouts in the evenings.  I also used Specializations and circuits for my morning routines.  I did chest and butt specializations twice a week and legs once a week.   I absolutely love learning the weight lifting and pushing harder.  I love the shape that has emerged that was never allowed to come out with all that cardio I did for years.

Did you use a particular style of eating?  What was your nutrition strategy?  I simply followed the undulating protocol with the thought to eat protein first.  I printed out the protocol calendar and wrote my calorie totals in on each day.    I’m one who never gave up alcohol nor did I completely give up treats like ice cream and I didn’t really change what I eat.  I just measured and ate less of everything.   I just account for it and keep going.  I do always skip breakfast and lunch is usually my big meal.  If I know I have a big dinner planned I have a light lunch and save the calories for dinner.  It’s all just accounting – the job that comes naturally to me.  I’m still working on getting better at the nutrition planning and having better variety in my food.

Did you use any supplements?   No.

Did you use the online community and if so, how was your experience with it?  You know I think the community is the most valuable asset to the Venus program.  Being involved in this group has made all the difference, it’s a huge part of my success.  I could not have done it without Roberta and Liss, all the rest of coaches, and the entire Venus sisterhood.   We are never alone now that we belong to Venus.

What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?  I’m still working on my hardest obstacle which is changing myself on the inside.  In my head I’m still a fat woman in a thin fit body.  I’m still working on confidence and the inner Venus.  The podcasts are helping so much with this.  I didn’t think I needed the inner work, but it really must go hand in hand or you just always feel like a phony and an imposter in the new body you made.  You don’t just suddenly have confidence just because you look different.   I have most definitely learned a lot in the last few months working on this inner struggle.  I had so many decades of putting myself down, and jokes on my own behalf it’s really a hard habit to break.  But it’s coming around.

What kept you motivated?  The results.  When you see yourself shrinking before your eyes it keeps you motivated to keep going even through the plateaus and stalls.   When you know that the process is still working and the results will come if you just keep going.  Being able to communicate with the Venus ladies during struggles is also very important, it’s nice to hear that that others experience these same kinds of difficulties.

How did you feel about your final pictures?  I wish I would have had them done professionally.  I will forever have this ideal of me now….I was good enough to place in a fitness contest.  I did it and I can keep it that way!

Is this a lifestyle you will continue?    Absolutely.  I’m not stopping now!

What advice do you have for other women going through the contest or considering the contest?  I would tell the ladies on the fence to go for it, there is really nothing to lose but fat.  It’s not like a do or die thing, it’s just bettering yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m not in the least bit competitive but I thought this would give me the extra push to keep going and reach the Venus ideal for me.  It worked for me even though I didn’t really want to win top prize or anything.  I just wanted to get there.  But I have to say the Immersion prize was the carrot I chased throughout the duration.  Now that I did place I am super proud of it and don’t want to be the one who placed and then let it all go.  I have something to be proud of and something to always aim for.  I don’t want to let the Venus community down by letting my old self come back around.  Being a contestant makes me feel responsible to myself to keep up my health and fitness.   If there are ladies out there who think they will do Venus for a while and are afraid they will let it go, perhaps they should try the contest because it makes you feel responsible to the plan and the community.

Jenia before and after bikini

Jenia transformed inside and out

Jenia loves the online Venus community

Jenia Blog

You can find Jenia active in the Venus community and read her blog!

My Experience with the Venus Factor System – Jenia

I wasn’t planning on changing my life when I clicked the Venus advertisement.  Approaching 50 years old, I thought I was destined to live in the overweight body I was used to, nothing would help at this age.  I had given up scales decades ago.  I always told myself to gauge weight loss by how my clothes fit.   Yeah, well as long as you keep buying larger sizes your clothes will always fit so why bother with scales, right?

My original goal was to lose the same 20 pounds I have always lost over the years.  Somehow that 20 pounds now put me at a higher goal than it used to.  I chalked it up to age and just started the program with those 20 pounds as my goal.  I began with the idea to totally ignore the Venus ideal body measurements, I figured they were for younger ladies.

Having the calorie deficit/maintenance undulating protocol really makes dieting easy for me.  When you can eat whatever you want but just account for it, you really can’t go wrong.   I think the really brilliant part of the program are the maintenance days.  This is the kind of thing that is always missing in other diet programs.  Feeling deprived each and every day is no fun in life.   Looking forward to maintenance days is such a bonus to the program.  It not only helps us mentally but internally as well.  Simply brilliant!

So, like I said before, at first I thought the Venus matrix was unrealistic.  I thought the system gave you this unforgiving number just to keep you working the program.  However, the closer I got to my Venus numbers the more I realized that those numbers are real and they ARE attainable.   They will actually give me the shape that was always just out of reach.  Going at weight loss alone and blind I would have stopped with the first 20 pounds and would still be an ordinary, average, somewhat overweight woman.

I began the Venus Phase 3 exercise program about the same time that the contest started.  The introduction to this program mentioned that this routine is not for everybody.  It’s based on more exercise days per week and more dedication.   I thought to myself, well when I reach my Venus matrix I won’t be every body.  I will be my Venus body, so this is the right one for me at this point in my journey.

Working with weights has become my new passion.  I absolutely love how it makes me feel and the difference in my shape is more than I ever thought possible.  Being cardio queen for decades on bicycles and ellipticals, both indoor and outdoor, did not do anything to help me lose weight.  Being Venus for less than a year has made all the difference – allowing me to achieve 45 pounds of fat loss and over 30.75 inches are gone from my circumference.

I say “being Venus” because that’s what I think this is all about.  The best asset about this entire program is the most awesome community and support team.  We are all Venus no matter where we are in our transformation, and it’s so nice to be able to get and give support to so many wonderful ladies.  We are all on common ground and we are all supportive of one and other.  So many times women tend to be super competitive with each other, you won’d find that here.

They say you are what you eat, right?  Well I think the Venus ladies are what we DON’T eat.     It’s a way of life, a mentality that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  It’s really a life changing program, if you allow it to be.  It’s something I totally fell into at the click of a mouse, and I am so happy I did.  I am the fittest I have ever been in my life, even better now than my teenage years.   I’m loving the new Venus me.  My new standard is not ordinary, it’s extraordinary; I am Venus forevermore.

Thank you all so much for creating such a wonderful and workable program!

Jenia’s Metrics Results

Jenia lost 1.5 inches from her waist and 8 lbs in only 12 weeks using the Venus program!

Jenia lost 1.5 inches from her waist and 8 lbs in only 12 weeks using the Venus program!


Jenia made a stunning transformation and just glows!

Jenia made a stunning transformation and just glows!

You can listen to Jenia’s story here:

What does exercise actually do for us? Uncensored Podcast

What benefits do we get from exercise?

What benefits do we get from exercise?


What is cardio training?

What is resistance training?

What training is oxygen dependent?

What type of training causes muscle growth?

What is cross training?

What is low intensity training?

What is high intensity?

What is interval training?

What happens at the muscular level?

What makes the muscles stronger?

What about the angle of the muscle fibers?

Can you get stronger yet not bigger?

What makes the muscle get bigger?

What about capillary density?

What about the shape of the muscle?

What about the tendons, bones, and ligaments?

What is sustainable exercise?

What about stress and repair regarding adaptation?

What is over training?

What about muscle memory?

How does cardio effect health markers?

How does this effect insulin sensitivity?

How does this effect fat loss and energy usage?

Do you have to know how this all works to get benefit?

What about cumulative effects and stress?

What about consistency and transient benefits?


Listen to what John and Brad have to say about this topic:


IMMERSION Clients May Login and Download Podcast Here

(If you are using Venus Index Mobile, go to the left menu -> My products -> right menu -> Uncensored Season 3 -> enjoy, you can assign star to add it into Favorites for easier access next time, if you don’t have access to Uncensored Podcasts you can purchase Immersion Package inside the App Shop)

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Is there room for lifting when you are training for a half marathon?

Liss and Jenny

Liss and Jenny


This past weekend, I met up in Memphis with Coach Jenny to run the St. Jude Half Marathon. The run was really an excuse to go see her, meet her family, and vacation. And by vacation, I mean eat at all the great places in Memphis!

Jenny and Liss at the Arcade Restaurant

Happy, happy, happy! Jenny and Liss at the Arcade Restaurant

It turned out to be a little experiment to see what would happen if I did the bare minimum training for  the race while continuing my Venus workouts. I did not want to:

  • run more than I had to
  • experience the hunger that comes with all that cardio
  • give up any of my normal 5 days a week of lifting


The plan

So my plan was to:

  1. Lift Monday-Friday
  2. Do one long run on the weekend
  3. Take a rest day each week
  4. Maintain metrics

I try to run most weekends whether I have a race or not. It keeps up my lung capacity and  helps my asthma.  It has its purpose but I  don’t love running; I love lifting.  The change I experience from lifting is more tangible.  I can see it, feel it.


I wrote up my own running plan to taper up a mile every few weeks before the race, topping out at 12 miles. Unfortunately, I got sick and wasn’t able to run for the 3 weeks before the race. I saved what energy I did have for  lifting.  It took priority.

Liss running in Memphis

Liss running in Memphis

The results

I did a pretty good job of maintaining my metrics.  I stayed within a half inch. I tried to make sure to save extra calories for the day of the run and the day after to help with hunger.  I kept up with my weekday lifting schedule, although some days  there just was not much gas in the tank.

I didn’t have a personal best time for the race but it was not my slowest half either! I finished the half marathon in 2:05 which was a pleasant surprise. John has always said that a strong muscle is a fast muscle. Lifting does pay off for running!

The best part of the race was the course.  It was amazing! We ran by the Mississippi River, down Beale Street, and through the St. Jude campus where millions of children have been and will continue to be cared for.   I will never forget it.

In the corral before the race started

In the corral before the race started

The memories

Though Jenny and I have hung out many times together as we have become close friends, our families had never met. Our kids and husbands became fast friends.  We hit all the sites and spent our down time learning how to finger knit along with the kids. We even went to an NBA game.  Everyone had a blast!

Liss and her husband at the Grizzlies game

Liss and her husband at the Grizzlies game

It was an amazing trip!  I am so thankful for the friends I have found through Venus and I look forward to more trips in the future.

Liss and Jenny at the Wolf River

Liss and Jenny at the Wolf River


X- Liss



Another Venus and Adonis Power Couple; Lourdes and James

Today we are honored to listen to Lourdes Cota who placed thrid in the Eighth Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Lourdes got the fitness level she always wanted at age 47.

Lourdes got the fitness level she always wanted at age 47.


Lourdes before and after the contest.

Lourdes before and after the contest.


Changing your body composition at age 47 is no trivial task, especially for a female.

Changing your body composition at age 47 is no trivial task, especially for a female.


Lourdes health issues motivated her to get fit.  And she did a phenomenal job!

Lourdes health issues motivated her to get fit. And she did a phenomenal job!


Read what Lourdes wrote about her experience with the Venus Factor:


A little about me, I am a 47 year old, single mother, with two wonderful kids. I work a full time job as a Quality control engineer and try to take life one day at a time. I started working out 4 years ago, but had a scary incident occur when I passed out during one of my workouts.

Opening my eyes and having strangers standing around me, with no understanding as to what had just happened was extremely frightening. Upon visiting my doctor, I was told that I had Bradycardia, or in layman’s terms, a slow heartbeat.

To combat the Bradycardia, I had to have surgery where a doctor surgically implanted a pacemaker under my skin, on the left side of my chest, just below the collarbone.

As you can imagine, having to have a pacemaker implanted in your body, connected to your heart, makes you think about life, your future, your health, your children and my list of concerns went on and on. Not to mention, the visible scar is a constant reminder. All of this was very overwhelming and I became very cautious in everything I did.

Armed with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of wellness and their value in living a long life, I always ate high quality nutritious foods, as such I was relatively thin. But, also knowing my cardiovascular system needed attention, especially now, I tried to push my fears aside and began exercising again.

To be honest, some days, just getting in to the car was a challenge, as I was fearful that I would have a repeat of the day I passed out.

For many years I went to the gym, only going through the motions, lifting the same (way too light) amount of weight, doing the same (non-challenging) exercises, the same (boring) cardio, all in the same order, day in and day out. UGH!!!!!

Upon meeting my boyfriend James Tonda, (who introduced me to the Venus Index) he observed my angst about the many things I listed previously.

After learning of my condition, he explained to me that Bradycardia is not considered dangerous and that quite often athletes have Bradycardia just from working out as hard as they do. He explained that the heart, much like the rest of our body can adapt to exercise stress and a fit persons heart doesn’t have to work as hard as say someone who is out of shape or not as fit, thus creating a lower pulse.

To say I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me is an understatement. Finally, I was seeing a beacon of light that all of my panic was unwarranted and I could safely start living my life again!

Upon getting back to the gym, after the many years of redundant, non-challenging workouts, I expressed my frustration that my body just doesn’t seem to respond to exercise, even though I went to the gym regularly.

Well, interestingly enough, I was given the same example by James about the body’s ability to adapt to stress and since I had performed the same exercise regimen over and over with no increase or change in intensity, my body had adapted and as such, my body would not change unless my intensity did.

Enter Venus Index!!! James had been using the Adonis Index workouts and highly recommended I try out the women’s version, named Venus Index aka VI. The variety in the workouts and the level of intensity was incredible.

For the first time, I started noticing changes in my body that I liked very much. I even learned to appreciate the soreness that followed a grueling workout. (I included a picture of James and myself in my pictures)

Having the very user friendly and detailed Venus workout program, was like having a GPS to get from one destination to another, without having to worry about getting lost or taking unnecessary detours. I found myself feeling very empowered when going to the gym, versus the feeling of intimidation that I used to experience. Now I can confidently walk in to the free weight section of the gym and feel like I belong there!

I followed the VI workout exactly as it is presented. Not knowing a lot about nutrition, I leaned on James for his experience, but have paid close attention and understand much more than I ever have.

To make it easier as a couple, we both followed the same nutrition regimen with the only variation being our caloric intake. We both utilized the “Anything Goes Diet” by John Barban and fasting via “Eat Stop Eat” by Brad Pilon.

For example:

1. Monday thru Thursday, I followed the 16/8 fasting model, only eating 8 hours out of each day.

2. From Thursday at 7:00 PM to Friday at 7:00 PM I fasted for 24 hrs. eating dinner after working out Friday evening.

3. Saturday was Cheat Day, normally averaging 3000 calories, but a few of those days exceeded 4000 calories. Let me tell you that I am addicted to Gluten free Chicken Pesto Pizza followed by a slice of carrot cake? What an amazing feeling knowing that I can eat those weekly, with confidence that I will not get fat.

4. Sunday morning after breakfast at 7:00 AM, I fasted again for 24 hrs., starting the process all over Monday morning.

Supplementation wise: I use Muscle Milk “naturals” protein powder as a meal replacement when I’m at work, as my job does not always afford me the luxury of stopping to eat, BioTRUST “LeptiBurn” & “Pro-X10” and a generic Creatine – 5 grams two times/day. James used a pre-workout supplement (Extreme Rush) from Blue Star Nutraceuticals that he loved, but I did not because of my pacemaker and not knowing the effect it might have.

I purchased the Venus Index workout just as the 8th Venus Transformation contest aka VT8 was getting ready to start. Since James was entering the Adonis contest, I decided to take the plunge and go for it too!

What a blast this experience has been. From the amazing workouts, to learning about fasting, practicing posing and actually seeing muscles, shopping for and buying a Fitness posing suit, to actually posing for a professional photographer for my final pictures.

The Venus Lifestyle has given me the knowledge and confidence that I am now looking to compete in either the “physique” or “bikini” class at one of the local bodybuilding shows.

I am forever grateful and appreciative of everyone involved in the creation of the Venus & Adonis Index Lifestyles.

Lourdes “Candy” Cota


Lourdes and James; The Venus and Adonis power couple!

Lourdes and James; The Venus and Adonis power couple!


Lourdes interview with John is short and sweet, and it’s kind of nice to hear the voice of the winners in our community.  Please “like” it when you’re done:

How to Go From Obsessive Eating Back To Learning to Enjoy Food Again; Lea Ann Archer

Today we are honored to listen to Lea Ann Archer who placed Eighth in the Eighth Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Lea Ann is quite pleased with her look after using the Venus Systems.

Lea Ann is quite pleased with her look after using the Venus Systems.


Lea Ann wanted to lose that hardest last couple pounds.  She wasn't making progress with her trainer so she tried Venus and got her waist down to the Golden Ideal.

Lea Ann wanted to lose that hardest last couple pounds. She wasn’t making progress with her trainer so she tried Venus and got her waist down to the Golden Ideal, which is what she wanted.


She started the first workout 9 weeks before the contest and progressed to the final phase during the contest.

She started the first Venus workout nine weeks before the contest and progressed to the final phase during the contest.


Read what Lea Ann wrote about her experience with the Venus Factor:

The Venus Lifestyle to means freedom and a more relaxed approach toward my fitness.

I had been lifting weights, the past year and a half and for the first year with help from a trainer. With some results but not what I should have with the amount of work and effort that I was putting in. I was lifting on average 6 days a week with at least 5 days of cardio. I was also eating 5 to 6 meals a day. I had become obsessive about food. I was always thinking about what I was going to eat next and watching the clock waiting for 3 hours to pass for my next meal. I was eating when I wasn’t hungry because that’s what I was suppose to do to be able to reach my goal. But I was never getting any closer to the body that I wanted.

Now with the Anything Goes Diet I can be more relaxed when I eat. I still make healthy choices and I make sure that I get my protein in but if I want something I have it instead of depriving myself all the time. I’m more happy. I now know that if I eat a little more carbs that I will have some water gain but it will be gone in a couple of days.

Through the advice of people on the community I increased my workouts to 4 times a week and then I decided to take it to 5 times a week. I really started seeing results then.

I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m closer now than I have ever been thanks to VI and the community.


The Venus Systems and the Venus community are continuing to help Lea Ann achieve her goals.

The Venus Systems and the Venus community are continuing to help Lea Ann achieve her goals.


Listen to Lea Ann’s interview here, and please “like” it when you’re done:

Kerry Takes Venus Workouts and the Community on the Road for Success

Today we are honored to listen to Kerry Zeilinger who placed fourth in the Eighth Venus Index Transformation Contest.


I don't think Kerry realized that her true shape was an incredibly beautiful hour glass shape.

I don’t think Kerry realized that her true shape was an incredibly beautiful hour glass shape.


"I knew I was gaining weight but I didn't realize it was up to that level."

“I knew I was gaining weight but I didn’t realize it was up to that level.”
For most of us the 12 week contest is only a small window or one stop at a train station while en route to the rest of our life in our total transformation.


"I knew I had to either get a different career, or I had to find a way to take my fitness process on the road with me."

“I knew I had to either get a different career, or I had to find a way to take my fitness process on the road with me.”


Kerry got exactly to her Venus Ideal metrics at the end of the 12 week contest.

Kerry got down to her Venus Ideal metrics at the end of the 12 week contest.


Since Kerry was alone on the road with her job she relied on the Venus Community to be her family and support.

Since Kerry was alone on the road with her job she relied on the Venus Community to be her family and support.


Read what Kerry wrote about her experience with the Venus Factor:

In 2006, I took a position as a traveling consultant.  For the first year I was in the position, I  ate my meals like I was on a permanent vacation.  I gained 40 pounds in 1 year.  I was miserable at  that weight and knew I had to change how I travel.  I was still traveling so it was my attitude and  perception that had to change.

I made progress by the time I came to Venus but I was not doing the amount of strength training that  I needed to really scorch and sculpt my body.  My progress was extremely slow over the course of  years.  I was happy the weight was coming off but unhappy with the shape of my body.  I would always  say ‘Well I travel for a living’.  This is just once more excuse to add to the millions we hear every  day.

I decided that I was tired of making travel my excuse to getting to my desired body.  I really wasn’t  sure I would be able to speed up the process but I was going to give it my all.  Now that I have been  through the transformation, I realize traveling has advantages and disadvantages.

I love the Circuits and I think they actually fit my workout personality.  This meant I would stick  with strength training longer than I ever have.  I combined the Circuits with High Interval Intensity Training and Steady State cardio.  I  really think this was MY answer.  Part of it was having the deadline.  But, I also think my  perceptions have changed quite a bit since learning of Venus Index, Eat Stop Eat, and Anything Goes Diet.  The support on the  community is spectacular.  I don’t post as often as I like but I always know there will be support  and truly honest opinions when I need the truth.


Kerry's slick new shape now matches her slick car.  I am partial to this particular car myself.

Now Kerry’s slick fun new shape matches her slick fun car. I am partial to this particular model car myself.


Listen to Kerry’s interview here, and please “like” it when you’re done:

Fitness Trends 2013

Here’s the next episode of the UNCENSORED Podcasts Season 2.

Today’s topic:  Fitness Trends 2013

Regardless of what is coming for the rest of 2013 you can be sure it's all be done before

Regardless of what is coming for the rest of 2013 you can be sure it’s all been done before

Fitness Trends 2013

Everything that’s old is new again, and this is always true in diet and fitness. Every trend you’ve seen in the past 10 years has already come to a rise and fallen decades earlier.

The low carb fad that hit in the 1990’s is at least the 3rd time low carb came into vogue. The low fat push in the 1950’s and 60’s had it’s first push 60 years before that.

Even fasting has been promoted as a healthy way to eat and stave off disease and sickness as far back as the late 1800’s.

Believe it or not protein was even regarded as an evil nutrient that should be eaten in very limited quantities. And conversely you can find information promoting very high protein diets in the 1800’s as well.

When it comes to strength training we’ve seen the recent popularity of self proclaimed ‘functional’ training such as cross fit. Traditional bodybuilding has faded and might be due for a resurgence.

Regardless of what is coming for the rest of 2013 you can be sure it’s all be done before.


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Jenn Found That Working Out For Shape Matters More Then Scale Weight

Today we are honored to listen to Jenn C who placed eighth in the 7th Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Check out her beautiful transformation pictures:

Jenn was at this same weight before but she didn't have the same shape.  The Venus Index workout gave her this shape.

Jenn was at this same weight before but she didn’t have the same shape. The Venus Index workout gave her this shape.

Read what Jenn wrote about her experience with Venus Index:

Losing weight has been the story of my life and I was ready to begin a new chapter when I discovered the Venus Index in September 2012. My journey with VI has been life changing; and I can honestly say that starting was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

In the beginning of 2012 I got caught up in the “eat more to weigh to less” movement and got fat. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that with VI all you had to do was eat less and lift heavy; I was hooked!

Food has always been my downfall, to find a program where I didn’t have to be so restrictive with my choices and I could still enjoy the things I loved (in moderation) was the icing on the cake for me.

ESE and the VI workouts have played a major role in my new health and fitness lifestyle. I may not be at my VI ideal weight or metrics right now but I am confident that as long as I continue to trust the process and work towards my goals I will be at my VI ideal in no time.

Jenn's before and after metrics from the 12 week contest.

Jenn’s before and after metrics from the 12 week contest.


Jenn before the 12 week contest.

Jenn before the 12 week contest.

Jenn after the 12 week contest.

Jenn after the 12 week contest.


Jenn's total Venus transformation.

Jenn’s total Venus transformation.


Listen to Jenn’s interview here, and please “like” it when you’re done: