Leah lost the baby weight and more with Venus

Leah's stunning transformation using the Venus Factor system in only 12 weeks!

Leah’s stunning transformation using the Venus Factor system in only 12 weeks!

Leah placed in our recent VT12 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. Leah brilliantly navigated through postpartum recovery and breastfeeding during her stunning transformation.


Leah made a mental and physical tranformation

Leah made a mental and physical tranformation

Here is what Leah had to say in her own words

I am forever grateful for the Venus Factor and its community as my life has been forever changed! Little did I know how simple it was to have the body of my dreams, I only wish I found this sooner. I have always had a love for exercise and grew to find a passion in weight training. My weight started to change suddenly as I hit my thirties. I thought, maybe this is age related? Or because of a new relationship or both! It just started to go downhill from there. Many major life changes caused my weight to continue to escalate fast and seemingly out of my control. I decided I needed some help as my workouts just were not cutting it anymore. I enlisted a personal trainer at my gym and worked out hard. That was the most intense exercise ever and I hated it! But I did it faithfully trying my hardest to get the increased 40 pounds off. I ate healthy and worked out three times a week and barely lost weight. I managed a total of 15 pounds down in 5 months. Hardly satisfying after all that effort. Then I got pregnant, up another 45 pounds! It was depressing. I worked out my entire pregnancy, I ate really healthy. And I hoped the weight would fall off after my daughter was born but it stubbornly did not. Yoga, stroller fit, weight training, yet my weight seemed stuck. Many people agreed that it was just part of becoming a mom and never to expect to have my flat stomach again. I just could not accept that outcome and could not help but notice that this was not true for everyone. There HAD to be a way!

Then I came across Venus Factor “accidentally” through an ad and decided to check into it. The concepts just made sense so I decided to take a chance and try it out. I had nothing to lose except the weight. When I listened and read all the material it just clicked and I immediately gained insight to why so many of my efforts were failing to work. I started right away and immediately started to see it was working. I began to LOVE my workouts more than ever before and now I have a lifestyle that is so effective that it makes it so easy to maintain. I love that I can eat the foods I want and just pay attention to how much and when I eat it, adapting to normal life rather than living abnormally. Once you can experience for yourself and know why something works it’s hard not to do it. All the guesswork is gone and now I have a way of life that gets me the results I desire. At times going through the process there was doubt, even despite some serious weight loss and even still I have moments that I need reassuring. But I have the community of women to talk with and get their insight from and ask questions and this is truly priceless. They all understand what the process is like and had the same doubts and experiences yet are successful. They helped keep me motivated and focused during my weak points. The best part is I have reached results in my weight and physique that I didn’t even think or dare to dream of having at this stage in life. I have surpassed my “ideal” weight I thought I wanted and I fit smaller sized clothing than I can even remember. Ultimately, I feel more geared up for success in every area of my life after accomplishing this goal. If I can do this, I can do anything! Thank you Venus Factor and to all the Venus ladies, I am a changed woman!!


Leah with her brother before she found the Venus Factor system

Leah with her brother before she found the Venus Factor system

Leah with her family after her transformation

Leah with her family after her transformation

Leah loves the online Venus community

You can find Leah active in the Venus community and read her blog!


Leah is active in the Venus community!

Leah is active in the Venus community!

Leah b&a back small

Leah’s Metrics Results

Leah Metrics


Leah loves the weight lifting portion of the Venus Index program

Leah loves the weight lifting portion of the Venus Index program

You can listen to Leah’s story below where she tells exactly how she did it.

How Wendy got better results with less effort at the gym

Wendy placed in the latest Venus contest

Wendy’s before and after photo of her 12 week transformation using the Venus Factor system

Wendy placed in our recent VT12 contest

She had an amazing transformation in only 12 short weeks.


wendy b&a smaller

Here is what Wendy had to say about her experience with the Venus Factor program in her own words:

How did you find the Venus Factor?

Through a Facebook Link

What things had you tried in the past?

Many years ago at my heaviest (close to 200# after the birth of my second child in 1989) I had joined Weight Watchers and was able to get down to about 160#.


Throughout the years since then my weight has fluctuated between 135-160, once I was able to get back down to 125 taking Metabolift by Twin Lab but I was sick to my stomach and had headaches all the time so I stopped taking it and in less than a year my weight was back up to 140.


Even though I have always been active in a variety of ways including reaching a 1st degree black belt status in Tae Kwon Do I would never really consider myself actually fit, in fact my lower body tends to follow the genetics of my mothers side. She had alot of problems with her health including poor circulations and RLS which she always said her legs felt like they were filled with concrete, when I workout or use the stairs I can completely relate to that feeling.


I have tried many ‘fad’ diets/pills including the recent fad of Garcinia Cambogia, and Forskolin, but the thermogenics were always my go-to because they seemed to work, but because they made me sick I would stop taking them.


I have walked and done some running through the years but this activity aggravates an old knee injury and gets really painful when the weather is cold.


About 4 years ago I started doing yoga and some of the Beach Body video workouts like 10 Minute Trainer, P90, Insanity and the Les MIlls Combat Workout. Then in the spring of 2013 they offered a Cross Fit Boot Camp workout where I work so I was involved in that for 6 weeks. Through all of these programs I never lost more than 5 pounds and never saw a physical change except in my upper body.


Once the 6 week Boot Camp was over I continued to do cross fit type workouts either with a small group at work or on my own until I re-injured my lower back in October 2013 putting my workouts on hold for about 3 months (I tore the outer layer of the disc just above my tailbone so it wasn’t a full rupture but the Dr wanted me to hold off on everything but walking until it was healed so it didn’t tear through).


In March I came across the Venus Factor and decided to give it a try, I was into the 2nd week of the workouts when I tweaked my back again.


At this same time my dad’s health was failing and I devoted all my time outside of work to him. After he passed away at the end of July I decided it was time for me to give it another try.
What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

The workouts. They are designed to work for a women’s body, and they do!

Also the online community support.
Which workout(s) did you use during the contest?  What did you enjoy about those workouts?

The Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Workout.

It was a full body workout that was a nice variety that I was able to do on my lunch hour.
Did you use a particular style of eating?  What was your nutrition strategy?

Some ESE days mixed with deficit days during the week, maintenance on the weekend.

I find I loose weight easier if I stop eating in early afternoon with nothing until the next morning. Although this is really hard & takes A LOT of willpower, this is what seems to work for me.

Sometime I’d bank calories for a special event.

I also looked at the calorie intake by the week, not the day.

I tried to get my protein up to 80 grams per day. Although I did hit it a few times I do get closer to that goal as more often now than when I first started.


Did you use any supplements?
AM: Protein Shake (NeoCell Collagen Sport)

During workout: BCAA+ (USP Labs Modern)

Post workout: Protein Shake (NeoCell Collagen Sport)


D3 2000IU

Methyl B12 5000mcg

Glucosamine 1500mg/Chondroitin 1200mg


Did you use the online community and if so, how was your experience with it?
Yes, it takes a bit to learn to navigate but it’s worth it. Everyone is so positive and supportive, sharing tips and suggestions, and what has worked for them. It’s never like a catty competition against each other we are all out to do the best we can and help others be successful as well.


What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

Food!  I still have a lot to learn.
What kept you motivated?

At first it was the contest, knowing that I had a deadline. Also the online community.

Then towards the final few weeks I started seeing a real physical change, the reshaping had started to show, it was subtle, but when I took my weekly tracking picture and put them next to my before pictures the change was amazing! I finally found something that was really working!


How did you feel about your final pictures?

One word; AMAZED! I still can’t believe it is me! I have always had low confidence and a distorted body image, but I am actually starting to see the change in the mirror, I just have to convince myself that it is real!
Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

What advice do you have for other women going through the contest or considering the contest?

Just do it! The program really does work, you just have to give it a chance. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you do have to put in the time and effort, but you will get out what you put in.


This is a program that is designed for a woman’s body, unlike anything out there is truly is a “shaping” system. With all the workouts I had been doing this is the first one that has actually reshaped my lower body, in just a short 12 week span the change is amazing!


I believe in the Venus Factor system so much that I have become a true insider and became an immersion member, on to the next phase!

Wendy b&a clothes smaller

Another great before and after photo of Wendy’s transformation using the Venus Factor system

Wendy loves the online Venus community

You can find Wendy active in the Venus community and read her blog!


Wendy's Venus community blog

Wendy’s Venus community blog

Wendy’s Metrics Results


Wendy's metrics change

Wendy lost 9.0 lbs and 3.0 inches from her hips during the 12 week contest!


wendyb&a athletics smaller

You can listen to Wendy’s story here:

Is there room for lifting when you are training for a half marathon?

Liss and Jenny

Liss and Jenny


This past weekend, I met up in Memphis with Coach Jenny to run the St. Jude Half Marathon. The run was really an excuse to go see her, meet her family, and vacation. And by vacation, I mean eat at all the great places in Memphis!

Jenny and Liss at the Arcade Restaurant

Happy, happy, happy! Jenny and Liss at the Arcade Restaurant

It turned out to be a little experiment to see what would happen if I did the bare minimum training for  the race while continuing my Venus workouts. I did not want to:

  • run more than I had to
  • experience the hunger that comes with all that cardio
  • give up any of my normal 5 days a week of lifting


The plan

So my plan was to:

  1. Lift Monday-Friday
  2. Do one long run on the weekend
  3. Take a rest day each week
  4. Maintain metrics

I try to run most weekends whether I have a race or not. It keeps up my lung capacity and  helps my asthma.  It has its purpose but I  don’t love running; I love lifting.  The change I experience from lifting is more tangible.  I can see it, feel it.


I wrote up my own running plan to taper up a mile every few weeks before the race, topping out at 12 miles. Unfortunately, I got sick and wasn’t able to run for the 3 weeks before the race. I saved what energy I did have for  lifting.  It took priority.

Liss running in Memphis

Liss running in Memphis

The results

I did a pretty good job of maintaining my metrics.  I stayed within a half inch. I tried to make sure to save extra calories for the day of the run and the day after to help with hunger.  I kept up with my weekday lifting schedule, although some days  there just was not much gas in the tank.

I didn’t have a personal best time for the race but it was not my slowest half either! I finished the half marathon in 2:05 which was a pleasant surprise. John has always said that a strong muscle is a fast muscle. Lifting does pay off for running!

The best part of the race was the course.  It was amazing! We ran by the Mississippi River, down Beale Street, and through the St. Jude campus where millions of children have been and will continue to be cared for.   I will never forget it.

In the corral before the race started

In the corral before the race started

The memories

Though Jenny and I have hung out many times together as we have become close friends, our families had never met. Our kids and husbands became fast friends.  We hit all the sites and spent our down time learning how to finger knit along with the kids. We even went to an NBA game.  Everyone had a blast!

Liss and her husband at the Grizzlies game

Liss and her husband at the Grizzlies game

It was an amazing trip!  I am so thankful for the friends I have found through Venus and I look forward to more trips in the future.

Liss and Jenny at the Wolf River

Liss and Jenny at the Wolf River


X- Liss



Malissa Worked Night Shifts and still Achieved the Body of her Dreams


Malissa placed in our VT11 Venus Transformation Contest

She works as a nurse on the night shift and is a busy mom, despite these obstacles she still was able to transform her body and mind in spectacular fashion during the contest!

Malissa looks fabulous

Malissa looks fabulous

Malissa is strong and lean

Malissa is strong and lean

 This is what Malissa had to say about her transformation in her own words-

Wow is all I can say. I accidentally clicked on this ad on facebook six months ago and its the best mistake I’ve ever made. Went into this with no expectations just wanted to lose 20-30lbs and discovered I love weights and I’m so mad at myself for having a gym membership and using it for cardio classes. This program has helped me get to a level of fitness that I have never had in my entire life. The program has changed my life forever and helped me find a new passion.

Working the Night Shift

This what Malissa had to say about how her she fit in nutrition with her work schedule-

I am a night shifter; I work 12 hour shifts 7pm-7am 3 nights a week on a very busy medical floor. I fell into the trap of mindless eating like many people do when they work shift work. Many times you eat to stay awake or you are just hungry for no reason. And you work with other people in the same boat who believe they are overweight because of the shift they work and lack of sleep screwing up their metabolism. But there are people who work these shifts and don’t have an obvious weight problem. So as I started Venus factor I had to take into account I would be eating 1000 calories on most days and I would have to keep to that deficit even on the nights that I worked. So I planned my meals out in advance I would fast until 3 or 4pm on days when I was working. I would many nights eat my dinner and snacks by 11 or 12am and just drink coffee, tea, energy drinks, and diet soda after that (caffeine is the sidekick to a night shift nurse). I packed my lunch and avoided the hospital cafeteria like the plague. I would try and save maintenance days for when I knew co-workers were planning on bringing in food but many times I had to pass because someone is always bringing in cake for no apparent reason or quick high calorie snack items and happy to share. I have become a foodie with protein powder so I made a lot of desserts that I could have and brought them into work and let my co-workers test them out too. I am a big fan of the mind set of “Eat what you love everyday” if there is something you love research it find a lower calorie version and make it yourself. But honestly many times you just have to learn to say no and walk away because it is not part of your ultimate goal, and no food tastes as good as being able to fit into the clothing you want feels. So if you are doing this and you work these crazy hours like me know that it is possible. Logging and planning ahead were my biggest tools I had flops nobody is perfect, you just have to make sure flops are not a consistent part of your routine. As for food choices protein and low carb are better friends to night shift if you eat high carb it actually contributes to your fatigue and sluggishness. So I found that avoiding the grains and high sugar foods helped with my energy levels along with all the caffeine. Now as I am in maintenance I tend to find I have better luck with eating a little lower on days where I am home and eating at maintenance on nights when I work.

Malissa Loves the Online Community

You can read her blog here and interact with her in the community.

Malissa's blog in the Venus community

Malissa’s blog in the Venus community

Here is more about how Malissa did it

How did you find the Venus Factor?
I came across the Venus Factor on Facebook after the holidays when I was beginning to gain some weight back after a long streak of slow weight loss with calorie reduction and taking group exercise classes 4-5 days per week. I watched the brief video and thought it kind of made sense. I liked the cost of the program and decided to give it a try.
What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?
The aspects of the program I found most beneficial was that it was electronically downloadable and I didn’t have to wait for anything in the mail. I could start pretty much right away. I liked the mobile version that I could take with me to the gym so I could access any videos of exercises I was doing that day.
Did you like the Venus workout?
I love, love, love these workouts they provided a variety that keeps me from getting bored. They really helped with my core strength which I needed desperately suffering from lower back pain on/off. They make you look taller more confident and really help you achieve strength to do things that many women don’t find easy like pushups, pull ups and I think I might actually be able to climb a rope now.
Which workout(s) did you use?
I used the original Venus workouts at the beginning then moved onto Final phase and I was into Phase 3 at the end of the contest. I also used Slim in 7 pre photo prep. Now I have moved back into Final Phase with Venus Circuits and Specializations on off days.
What kept you motivated?
The thing that kept me motivated was that my weight loss was actually noticeable more to others than myself. Even my husband noticed. I was losing a clothing size about every 2-3 weeks it seemed, I started off at a size US 12 and was in a size 4 by the time the contest photos were submitted. I was also motivated by the things I was actually able to do when I got down to a smaller clothing size. I could actually support my own body weight and it was no longer difficult and awkward to do activities like running and spins and turns with ballroom dancing.
Do you have a particular style of eating?
Style of eating… hmm… I really like a variety of foods I am a big fan of cottage cheese, greek yogurt & I never seem to get bored with chicken. I will say that the intermittent fasting technique opened my palate up to try vegetables that I might have passed my nose up at before. Bottom line if you are truly hungry you will eat and these are the times when I introduced a new food to my taste buds.
Did you use the Undulating protocol? If so how did it work for you and did you make any modifications?
I used the undulating protocol for the 1st and 2nd round of Venus. The 2nd round fell during the summer so I moved my maintenance days to fit with cook outs and date nights.

Did you use any supplements?
I use whey protein powder if I am getting behind on my protein requirements. I have recently discovered the Quest bar (yum). I like to make my own food and manipulate recipes so I can increase the protein and still try and keep things low on the calorie counts. I was taking raspberry ketones and green coffee bean at the beginning but stopped and guess what the weight still came off so I don’t waste my money. I just do a women’s multi-vitamin and natural progesterone cream to correct some estrogen dominance that can interfere with my appetite.
Did you use the online community and how was that experience?
I started blogging after I had been doing Venus for 6 weeks and already started seeing results. I went on the blogs and saw all of these incredible pictures of women and the noticeable changes that were happening. The blogs are great it is like your online support group because you will truly need support. No one else around you will probably be doing this and when you give them details that is when they give you there unsolicited advice and it gets very old very soon.
Did you find support with friends and family?
My husband was on/off with the support wagon he gradually accepted that I had become someone different. He really didn’t like me going to the gym and leaving him so then he joined the gym. Once the scales tipped in our relationship he felt the need to change as well. Most everyone has been very encouraging and supportive of me. I did have a couple times when people would pig out in front of me and laugh about it. I heard a couple anorexic comments people love to throw that out.
What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?
The hardest obstacle during this process is when I reached a size 4 for me that is something I really could not believe when I ran into Old Navy grabbed a pair of pairs put them on and they fit perfect. I was never even this small in high school.
How did you feel about your final pictures?
My final pictures I had done Slim in 7 and is started to get pretty miserable by the last 2 days. But I would say it was well worth it. I love my VT11 pictures they are the best pictures I have ever had taken. I can’t believe that I am able to look at myself in a bikini none the less and not want to cringe or pick my body apart for everything that is wrong with it. I look balanced, lean, strong, and confident. Actually, I look even better than I did before I had 3 kids!
Is this a lifestyle you will continue? 

This is absolutely a lifestyle I will continue. I love weight training. I now have so many workouts to choose from because of Immersion. I may not always track but can always go back to that tool as well as many of the others. I now have an understanding of how I got to be obese and how very easy it is to do. I now also possess the knowledge of how to correct the situation and prevent it from getting to that point again.

What is your best advice for other Venuses?
Best advice for other women on Venus is: Do those workouts, Blog, don’t get discouraged by what you see and compare yourself. Try all the tools and see what works for you. It is a learning process and in the end you will have learned what you need to maintain. That is the ultimate goal to maintain. That is what I like the most about Venus the creators & coaches don’t want you to rebound they want you to find maintenance

Malissa’s Before and After Pictures & Metrics

Malissa metrics



Malissa is a total Venus!

Malissa is a total Venus!



Listen to Malissa’s podcast here-


Tabitha Transformed her Body and her Family’s Health


Tabitha Venus Contest 11 (2)

Tabitha’s stunning transformation during Venus Contest

Tabitha placed in our recent VT11 Venus Transformation Contest.

She did a phenomenal job, and persisted through some hardships. Her results are wonderful!

Tabitha before and after

Tabitha with her husband before and after

Tabitha and her daughter before and after

Tabitha and her daughter before and after

Here is what Tabitha had to say in her own words

I started my weight loss journey in Jan 2012 with my husband. I did not know about Venus at the time and just counted calories using MFP. By April of that year I gave up. I had only lost 15 pounds and my husband had lost over 30! I was so frustrated because it didn’t even seem like he tried and the weight just fell off, but I was constantly hungry and felt deprived! By 2013, I had gained all the weight back so I decided to try Weight Watchers. I could have all the fruit I wanted so I wouldn’t be hungry on this system right? By July of 2013 I had gained an additional 12 pounds! I was now the heaviest I had ever been. I knew I needed to do something, but just dreaded being hungry ALL the time. My husband had joined Adonis that year and joined one of the contests. I was very skeptical and was sure that skipping breakfast and only eating 1000 calories was very unhealthy! When I saw his after photos I was blown away! He finally convinced me to just give Venus a try. I signed up December 31st and started in January.

The most surprising thing to me was that I could skip breakfast and I was fine! By skipping breakfast I had more calories for later in the day and I wasn’t starving by lunchtime like I normally was when I would eat breakfast! The 1000 calories that I was worried about? Now I routinely only eat 800-850 and I feel just fine! I don’t go to bed hungry. I feel full and even save enough calories to have a bowl of ice cream before bed most nights!

The workouts have been the most challenging aspect of my journey. Six weeks in I started having pain in my knees. I had to completely cut out ALL leg exercises from my routine! I was so discouraged, but the ladies in the forum kept me going and gave me ideas for alternate exercises.  I still can’t do most of the exercises, but through the forum and my physical therapist I have enough alternatives to get a good leg workout! I have learned that if you truly want something you will find a way! You just have to keep a positive outlook and keep going! If one way doesn’t work then try something else. Eventually you will find what works for you!

This has been a true lifestyle change for my entire family. We no longer shop the way we used to, we find ourselves primarily shopping along the outside aisles of the store…no more boxed & processed food. We weigh & measure everything we eat. We very rarely eat fast food anymore and we don’t even miss it! Even my 11 year old daughter has started making healthier food choices (on her own) and she has started working out with me in the evenings! We have started cycling has a family and have gone several times over the summer. We have truly changed our lives thanks to Venus and Adonis!


Tabitha's family has healthy new habits

Tabitha’s family has healthy new habits


Tabitha and her daughter working out together

Tabitha and her daughter working out together

Tabitha loves the online Venus community

You can find Tabitha active in the Venus community and read her blog!

Tabitha is active in the Venus community

Tabitha is active in the Venus community



Here is more about Tabitha

How did you find the Venus Factor?

Through my husband! We started our weight loss journey together in 2012. I gave up 3 months in, but he kept going. In 2013 he found Adonis and joined a contest. He placed 10th!!! I was very skeptical of the Adonis program when he started…skipping breakfast, eating low calories…it couldn’t be healthy…right? When I saw his after pictures I started to get curious. Finally at the end of December I thought “What have I got to lose?” and signed up!

What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

The science behind how to lose weight is what I found most beneficial. As I read the weight loss manual I kept thinking “Wow! This is what I did wrong before! That is why I was always hungry, etc.” I have tried counting calories before but I failed. In 2012 I used MFP to count calories. I stayed below 1200 every day. However, I always felt hungry and after 3 months I just couldn’t maintain it anymore.

When I saw that my deficit calories with Venus was 1000 I thought there is no way I can do that! I was starving eating 1200 with MFP how could I possibly eat 1000 or less? With Venus I learned that eating breakfast was my first mistake. I skip breakfast every day now and I don’t even miss it! My second mistake was eating low every day! Having the maintenance day has really helped. If I am craving something through the week I just wait and eat it on my maintenance day! I never feel deprived and most days I only eat between 800-850 calories and I never go to bed hungry!

Did you like the Venus workout?

I love the workouts! I have never lifted weights before in my life! When I tried to lose weight in 2012 I would walk every day. After a while though that got to be really BORING! I tried workout videos, but gasping and panting for breath after 10 minutes is not my idea of fun! With the Venus workout it is different every day and while I sweat and sometimes breathe hard I never feel like I am dying! 

Which workout(s) did you use?

I have stuck with the Phase 1 workout. I have had to modify them a lot due to some knee problems though. 

What kept you motivated?

The online community has been my biggest motivator. Reading all the stories and seeing the pictures of all the successful Venus women has given me goals to work toward. Every time I have felt discouraged or would have given up someone is always there to encourage or give advice. 

Do you have a particular style of eating?

I really don’t other than that I tend to eat the same foods every day. I find that it is easier because I know the calorie counts in the foods I eat. We have 5-6 meals that we rotate out for dinners.


Did you use the Undulating protocol?  If so how did it work for you and did you make any modifications?

I did not use the undulating protocol. Through this journey I have learned a few things about myself. I am very much a type A person and will try to make things more difficult than they are and if I feel that I am not doing something perfect then I will quit…rather than risk failure! Knowing this about myself I decided to just keep things simple and only track my calories and protein. Trying to track carbs, fat, and work out percentages was just too complicated for me and I knew that I would not stick to that and would give up.

Did you use any supplements?


Did you use the online community an
d how was that experience?

Very frequently! I love the online community and find myself checking that site before Facebook even! I have several women that I follow regularly and I hope to meet a lot of them one day face to face!   

Did you find support with friends and family?

I have! I don’t know if I could have stuck with the workouts if my husband was not getting up with me at 5am to workout as well! 

What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

The hardest obstacle for me was the workouts! A few weeks in I started having pain in my knees. After several visits to the Orthopedic, x-rays, MRI’s, etc. the Dr said he had no idea what was causing the pain. However, my Physical Therapist has been working with me and I now have an arsenal of alternate exercises and the pain has gotten better. They are not completely healed and maybe never will be, but at least I can still strengthen! This lesson has taught me that there is always a way!

How did you feel about your final pictures?

I couldn’t believe it! I still look at them and say “Is that really me?” I am very proud of what I have accomplished this year!

Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

Definitely!!! This journey has been a complete lifestyle change for my entire family! We now spend our free time being active. We have started cycling and try to go every chance we get now. I have more energy and feel more alert. I never want to go back to the old me! I want to change my family tree and pass this healthy lifestyle on to my child and have her eventually pass it on to her children!

What is your best advice for other Venus’s?

Always keep a positive attitude! The thoughts you tell yourself really matter! If you are constantly telling yourself that you are weak, you can’t resist high calorie foods, you are tired and can’t workout, etc. You will believe it and set yourself up for failure!

Instead speak positive words or words of life to yourself! Even if you don’t “feel” beautiful, strong, or worth it, tell yourself that you are and eventually you will believe it! Surround yourself with positive people. You don’t need people in your life that only speak negative things into your soul! These people will tear you down not build you up. There really is power in your thoughts and words!


Tabitha’s Metrics Results

Note:  The Adonis Golden Ratio is the men’s version of our fat loss and muscle building program.  Many Venus’s husbands and boyfriends use this program. We are starting to get requests for a “couple’s contest” so if there is enough interest please let me know and we can roll that idea around.

Tabitha lost 14.0 lbs and 2.5 inches of both her waist and hips during the 12 week contest!


Note: The Adonis Golden Ratio is the men’s version of our fat loss and muscle building program. Many Venus’s husbands and boyfriends use this program. We are starting to get requests for a “couple’s contest” so if there is enough interest please let me know and we can roll that idea around.


Isn't Tabitha a beautiful Venus?

Isn’t Tabitha a beautiful Venus?


You can listen to Tabitha’s story here:


Keeping your Motivation Up


Jenny venus top small

Coach Jenny knows what it takes to win a Venus Contest.

As we start out this latest Venus Contest- VT12, expectation and motivation run high. It is so exciting to think of the possible change you can drive in 12 short weeks with consistency and hard work!

For some the newness will wear down after a few weeks; challenges will inevitably present themselves and motivation will wane. What you will be left with is a choice to continue on with the commitment you made or to throw in the towel. Many will choose the latter. Do not be one of them.  You can do this!
Here are some practical tips to keep up your motivation-

1) Refocus and reflect

I like to look over how I did the day before and plan out the day ahead for both calories and workouts. I then take my daily goals and turn them into weekly goals. Those become a weekly journal where I can reflect on what went good or bad.  It is from this weekly feedback that we learn what works.



Coach Roberta’s main motivation is her workouts. The workouts help her keep her eye on the prize and make healthy choices with food.

2) Try a new tool

There are many to choose from, and how well they work for you will change with the seasons. Being open to trying new things and to changing something that is not working for you is important on a fitness journey. Experiment with the time of day you work out, try adding a day of cardio, change up the number of meals a day, or give fasting a try.

3) Find others who have walked the same path and succeeded

I find listening to Venus Index podcasts each day both inspires and motivates me.  They keep me focused and I always come away with at least one helpful idea.


The Venus Index community is brimming full of women who are previous contest winners and those who are on their maintenance journey.   It is so easy to reach out and get more personal via PM’s, texts, or email. The accountability is often very helpful when you are struggling.


We now have Venus Premier Coaching available for those who want it. A Venus coach will tell you exactly what to do and keep you accountable with regular check points.

Coach Lita is in tip top shape and knows how to get her clients there too

Coach Lita is in tip top shape and knows how to get her clients there too.

4) Start a streak

Get yourself a calendar and reward each forward day with a sticker. Log continuously on My Fitness Pal. Creating a streak can be motivating! They also tend to develop into habits which take up less mental space.

5) Spend money

Where your money goes often reveals your priorities. It should be enough to make you feel the need to use it so make the amount appropriate to your income. Some ideas would be to purchase home gym equipment, workout clothing/shoes, or advanced programming like Immersion or Venus Premier Coaching.


Hiring a photographer is another great motivating tool for your contest photos. What better reward than professional documentation of being in the best shape of your life!

Liss teal workout outfit

On scene at my last shoot, photographers and timelines are motivating for me.

Try incorporating a few of these methods into your contest or contest shadowing. This is a choice you are making, so commit to honor that as best you can. Forgive yourself when you mess up, learn from it, and power on. We call that stumbling forward in Venus land. Best wishes for VT12!


X- Liss

Venus Meets up in Vegas

Venus members at the pool in Vegas

All of these ladies have completed the 12 week Venus Factor

This past weekend, Venus members from around the world met up in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada on the strip. We enjoy each other so much in the community, so we knew we would have a blast in real life! We put a heads up in the forum about 6 months ago, and I could hardly wait until it was time to go!


On the town

Enjoying a night out on the town

Beth Roberta Julie All born 1961 and all graduated 1979

Beth, Roberta, and Julie – Class of 1979


As crazy as it sounds, we make some pretty tight bonds in the Venus forum.  We are from all over the world and completely different walks of life, but driving change puts us on a similar path.   We all struggle and we all have to find our own way.  The forum is our life line and there is always someone there with a lending hand or a sympathetic ear. The people that help us find our way become part of our story and meeting in person only makes those bonds stronger.  Not everyone could make it of course, but we shared pictures and stories that included them and we hope to see them down the road.

20140809_224517 (280x210)
Even several husbands accompanied their Venus wives to Vegas
Kimberley and Roberta
Kimberly and Coach Roberta at sushi dinner

Personal Support

Many of us email, call, and text one another- making bonds deeper than just diet and fitness. We can lean on each other for family, relationship, work, and emotional issues. We KNOW each other so getting together in person is easy, we just click like we have always been “real life” friends.


Coach Liss, Coach Jenny, and Coach Lita
Venus ladies enjoying Vegas
Post dinner dessert spot!

Making Memories

Our time together was special.  What I enjoyed the most was getting to see everyone’s facial expressions, having eye contact, and hearing vocal tone and laughter. The hugs were pretty great too!


Venus at the Cosmo gym

Post training at the boxing ring in the Cosmo gym


Leora Mike Eri Roberta with Randy's Navy buddy wife and friend

Enjoying lunch

The Life

We shared some great conversations and enjoyed fabulous food and drinks. We fit in a few workouts and some time relaxing by the pool.  Some days we all went our own ways in smaller groups, but we always met up for dinner.  It was a whirlwind, but so worth it to get to have a little time IN PERSON with friends and co-workers.  Next year cannot come fast enough.


In a limo headed to dinner- Coach Jenny, Coach Liss, Beth, and Tammy

How to Not Blow it on Vacation


Liss and her beautiful cousins at the river

I just returned this week from a 1000 mile 5 day journey across the great state of Texas to see family.

When I left I was 8 weeks out from my next shoot, so I could not blow it!  Here is my plan and advice to anyone else traveling over the summer:


1.  Make a plan and remember that calories are king.
Most of the meals while on vacation were going to be prepared by family or eaten while travelling down the road. This is quite a change from my home life where I plan out my day of eating in advance and prepare 90% of my own food. I knew I would need to plan out calories and protein in meal chunks to fit my budget.  I saved myself one maintenance day, so all the rest were to be deficit days.

The key will be checking with my calorie counter app BEFORE eating.   Find out what the plan is for the meal, then hit the counter app to assess what foods were going to fit the budget.


2.  Workouts will be more for mindset than calorie burn or muscle building.
On the road, I had no access to heavy dumbbells or a gym. But I had some cans, body weight, and my running shoes. That is all I need because I just needed to move every day, mostly for my mindset.


3.  Where the rubber meets the road, make it work.
I nailed my calorie goals each day. It was not easy to stick to the planned amounts.  I like to eat my big volume meals, and it was not going to be possible with the food choices I had.   It was a challenge but I knew that sticking to the calorie plan would make or break my cut progress.

I got up and lifted or ran 4 out of the 5 days. On the 2 days that I lifted, I did the Venus Factor workouts using body weight and cans. It wasn’t perfect, but I planned for it to be not perfect.  The point of the trip was to visit and enjoy family; not eat. Not workout. I had to enjoy the trip for what it was, and keep my focus there. We had a wonderful time and I was grateful to spend time with my amazing family.

lissmomgrandmommy small

 3 generations showing off their gorgeous genes

Final Verdict
I came home 0.4 pounds under where I left, and my metrics were just the same. Big win!!  Vacation does not mean you have to blow your physique goals. There is certainly a time for an all-out vacation, but that does have to mean you gain fat in the process.

Moderation and consistency wins, hands down every time.

X- Liss


P.S. If you want a Venus Premier Coach <<– Sign up here


(P.S.S. You don’t have to be in a contest to get coaching)

How to Break the Weight Loss Stall or Plateau; with Coach Liss

Coach Liss and Coach Jenny are here to help you break a plateau

Coach Liss and Coach Jenny are here to help you break a fat loss stall or plateau.


What is a fat loss plateau?

A stall or fat loss plateau happens when you have been “on plan” for at least 21 days and have not seen any movement in the tape measure or the scale.

Remember that a change in metrics or inches is just as much progress as a change in the body weight scale. Celebrate that and trust what you are doing.

If the time span has been less than 21 days, then you need to be patient and keep working. Fat loss is not linear. It does not directly correlate to our calorie expenditure; instead fat loss seems to come in chunks. We call it the “whoosh” in Venus. All we can focus on is nailing our calorie and workout goals. The fat loss will come in time if we nail those two things.


Fat Loss Troubleshooting

When things flat line and stall, be honest with yourself. Have you really been “on plan”? If you have followed the plan to a T, then here are 3 things you can do:



  • Measure everything

For maintenance, eyeballing portions is just fine. But being in a caloric deficit is a different beast. Everything that you eat should be weighed or measured. There are too many other uncertainties to worry about, the amount you eat should not be uncertain. Control what you can control.


  • Compensate for Error

You need to take off 15% from your calorie goals to account for error. Basically, there are many common errors in any food that you intake outside of our measuring control. It can range from the fruit sugars varying each harvest to packaged food containing 52 grams instead of 50 grams of material. Taking off 15% off a calorie goal to account for error is a good idea.


  •  Tastes, Bites, and Licks

We all do it. Our kid does not eat their last nugget, so we do instead. Licking the peanut butter off the spoon, waste not and want not. Tastes, bites, and licks can add up fast- one to two hundred calories a day in a snap. If it goes into your mouth, you must count those calories. Be honest with yourself.

 The final caveat – below median

When all else fails, you might be that bottom 25% that fall below the average calorie recommendation in our calculator for your height. If you do M.E.T. for 21 days and you do not lose either in metrics or mass- then that is a sign you may be below average in RMR (resting metabolic rate) for your height. I happen to fall in this area, by the way. A good tip off that is that you have longer legs than other women your height. Having longer legs also means that you have a shorter torso which means smaller organs which account for most of your RMR.

Just Keep Going!

The good news is that you can get to the bottom of a plateau or fat loss stall. Just be patient and keep going. Trial and learning from errors is key.

A Venus coach is a helpful tool during frustrating times like a plateau. We have lived through them, and helped trouble shoot issues for other women just like you. If you have a tricky situation or just need accountability, a coach might be just what you need.

Remember to keep going, you can do this!


If you want a Venus Premier Coach <<– Sign up here


PS You don’t have to be in a contest to get coaching.

Have Venus, Will Run

Running and Venus


An annual family tradition

I ran my second ever half marathon this past weekend in Houston, TX. It has become an annual family tradition- which I would have thought was crazy and unattainable before I got fit with Venus. It is great to have a fit family but I have never been a fan of running. I have struggled with asthma my whole life and running tended to set it off, so I generally avoided it. I did learn to enjoy lifting weights thanks to Venus though. So when the whole family decided in 2012 to run a half marathon together, I figured I could do it too since I had made an incredible transformation during VT5. So we signed up.

The race expo is heaven for a fitness junkie

The race expo is heaven for a fitness junkie

My first attempt at running a half marathon

I trained for the 2013 Chevron Houston Half Marathon using a typical fourteen week prep schedule which involved cutting way back on lifting to make time for two shorter runs a week and one long run. I got so burned out. I started dreading my runs.


There was an added benefit to all the running. My asthma started to lessen over the next few weeks of training; then it disappeared all together. My doctor did a lung function test when I told him about the change. The results were stunning. All the running had increased my vital lung capacity to the point that it basically compensated for my asthma. We were both pleased by the outcome though surprised.


The higher levels of running did cause an unintended consequence. My hunger levels went through the roof. Although I was just maintaining my physique at that point, the hunger levels were difficult to deal with. I felt like I was constantly restraining myself just to maintain.


But the training was effective. Other than a brief spell of tendonitis that put me out for a couple of weeks, I did very well in the race much to everyone’s surprise- including me. I ran it in two hours and nine minutes.

After shocks

I was done with everything running-related after the race last January. I quit running for about six months and only lifted six days a week. No cardio whatsoever of any kind. I just could not make myself run, or do any cardio for that matter. I just wanted to lift so that is what I did. However, my asthma started to return- although it was better than before.

Best part of the race is what to wear!

Best part of the race is what to wear!

A new plan

About six months into my cardio ban, we found out in June 2013 that we were selected to run in January 2014 half marathon via the race lottery. I knew that I had to do something different this year because my burnout from the previous year was not good.  I decided that I would continue lifting as much as possible. What fit my schedule and my mood was to lift 5 days a week- Monday through Friday. Then on Saturdays, I would do one long run. I scaled my runs up slowly at a mile a week, then dropped it back right before the race.  Within a few weeks of resuming running, my asthma subsided again. My hunger was manageable. I had found my happy place.

My husband & I after the half

My husband & I after the half

I had my doubts with this new plan though. I was honestly just expecting to just finish. Maybe keep my time from the year before (2:09), or maybe slightly slower.  I just really wanted to beat my husband! I knew that lifting weights was beneficial to runners because Coach John had discussed it in both Roberta and Laura’s podcasts.

Race Weekend

On Saturday, we ran a 5K. I blew my previous 5K personal record out of the water, running it in 26:05. Almost a minute faster that my previous PR! And the funny thing was that I pushed it, but tried to hold back so that I would not be sore for the half marathon the next morning.

My running partner & I before the 5K

My running partner & I before the 5K

At that point, I knew if I set my mind to it- I could totally finish the half in under two hours. And so I made a personal goal.

The cool thing is that I beat my previous time by almost 13 minutes, and am proud to say my time was below 2 hours. One hour and fifty six minutes (1:56) to be exact. I even beat my husband and the rest of our family!

Weight lifting makes better runners

Coach John and Liss

Coach John and Liss

After the race, I was so elated and had to let Coach John know! He was happy for me and said that, “Runners don’t get that a stronger muscle has more endurance. They just run and neglect other types of conditioning.” I KNEW this in my head.  John discussed it in detail in Roberta’s podcast. It all made sense.


The best part is that I think I might actually enjoy running now. Even though there is no race looming in the future, I plan to keep my lifting and running schedule the same. My hunger is manageable. My asthma is non-existent once again. I found my “for now” happy place!