How Rhea went from Emotional Eating to Total Confidence in Mid Life

Rhea conquered emotional eating with the Venus Factor program and Dr. Nicola Bird

Rhea conquered emotional eating with the Venus Factor program, support from family and friends, and listening to Dr. Nicola Bird


Rhea placed Tenth in our VT-9 Transformation contest


Rhea has been so active and busy enjoying life with her husband, family, and new grandchildren that she never got a chance to interview with John.  But she wanted to share her story and her pictures.  We are very happy for Rhea and her new confidence and new life.  Congratulations Rhea and well done!

Rhea said a key to her success and overcoming emotional issues were the Dr. Nicola Bird podcasts.


Dr. Nicola and John talk about many of the issues that are important to start working on right away, before you reach your fitness goals:


Dr. Nicola Bird

Nicola’s Online Program


Here is what Rhea has to say in her own words:

At 54 and four kids later, I decided I wanted to actually complete one full 12-week program. The “nutritional piece” of most programs I own (30) have too many rules. Being a recovering bulimic, rules can trigger my perfectionism. It wasn’t worth giving up my recovery to lose those last few pounds. Then when I read the VF material, I decided I would give it a try. I felt the VF philosophy gave me the freedom to make my own rules within broader guidelines without guilt. So, I entered a contest to make myself accountable to finish.

My husband was a great encourager, but the blog threads gave me specific help related to the program. Another amazing help was the emails. It seemed that both John’s knew exactly what I was struggling with at certain weeks! Nicole’s conversations about body image, perfectionism and emotional eating were on target to what I personally struggle with.

Now I’m the size I was in college, pre-marriage and pre-children! I never thought I could do it without being active in my disease. Amazingly, I feel sexier than I ever have, which my husband is thrilled about. I have experience lots of “firsts” along the journey. This is my first time to finish a program, my first spray tan, first time to own 5” heels, first bikini in 35 years and most certainly my first photos in one! Thrilled with my results and the program.

The most vital thing to me was the support of others. First was my husband who ate lean meals with me and worked around my “feeding up” days to go out for meals. He never complained and often asked what he could do to help me. He frequently reminded me that he loved me just as I was, but he sure liked the end result! I have to admit I bought a dvd to learn pole dancing. Can I say that? That’s how much more confident I feel about my body.

Second was Carol my exercise partner of seven years. She went through all the routines with me enduring every reverse lung and step up combo. We had some good laughs on first attempts at T-bends and step-up/presses. People at the gym jokingly call us the two women who are training for the Olympics in “synchronized weight lifting” because we do everything at the same time with the same counts.

Third would be my faith and hope in Christ. I know,  that may sound odd, unrelated and counter cultural. However, my struggle with perfectionism and shame resulted in the slow death of an eating disorder. Learning that my worth is not defined by my weight or body shape was a hard journey. I am learning that my worth comes only from how God created me and the freedom I have in Christ. Knowing these truths is the only way I could set out on this journey and not let the scale determine who I was or let it steal my joy.

Forth was the podcasts and articles which were so timely. They only reinforced so much of the truths I am trying to live out in my life. The Venus Factor is the best whole package I have run across, and it works.

My husband and I have always longed to go to Australia and New Zealand and this January we were able to go. We enjoyed the beauty and uniqueness of the land, flora and animals. I have enclosed three pictures. One is of us with a Koala Bear (which sleep 18-22 hours a day), us at Hobbiton (the Shire) where they filmed the Hobbit and us climbing the Sydney Bridge. It was wonderful to feel great and have the energy to hike up mountains and chase a few wallabies 🙂

Age 54

Height 69”

Start Weight 139 pounds, End Weight 131 pounds

Start Shoulders 46”, End Shoulders 43”

Start Waist 29”, End Waist 27”


Rhea has total confidence and renewed passion even in Mid Life.  It's something most of us women in mid life dream of.

Like most of us women in mid life dream of;
Rhea has total confidence and renewed passion in her relationship with her husband.


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