Ask Nicola; What is Self Sabotage?

We all step out of the gate strong. What happens when you encounter all the emotional challenges of life?

We all step out of the gate strong. What happens when you encounter all the emotional challenges of life?

Do you have a self-sabotage point?

When it comes to dieting and fitness, you likely find that it is easy to get out the gate but then you lose momentum and drive fizzles. Before you know it, despite the best intentions, self-sabotage kicks in. You have difficulty sustaining your goals. Willpower only gets you so far. You need to deal with the real reasons that you are sabotaging to sustain change and keep momentum alive.

In todays podcat we will dive into what the underlying reasons are for self sabotage and why it seems to happen at the same time over and over again.


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  1. Someone struggling says:

    Your podcast made me cry :'( What you brought up is so, sooo true. I’ve been facing a lot of stress during the time I’ve been trying to get to week 12 of the basic VI workouts; the 3rd time I got to week 8 and then, poof…all my accomplishments gone. I’ve been trying to psych myself up about exercising and gaining more fat (I think I’m underweight) but just thinking about how far I have to go and my repeated failures just make me not want to try anymore. And I just do what I’ve always done: reach for chocolate or some sort of dessert. You’re right: it’s much easier to be a ‘food druggie’ than it is to change, and willpower just won’t cut it.

    • Hi there sweetheart,

      I agree that most of the podcasts at some point make me want to cry too, because they speak so much about the struggles we all have. Even though we are all so different we are all so much alike too.

      But you are so right about the workouts. They make us feel good when we are done but it’s not enough. I find they help keep with the positive momentum. All the positive energy and victories feed on itself, as does anything negative and defeat.

      I struggled a lot with food. It’s the hardest part. When I was in my weight loss phase for two years I weighed myself every morning. My weight slowly and steadily went down if I was consistent. But whenever I ate almond Rocha or treats like that the scale would go up the next day. Every.Single.Time. And then it would take 2-3 weeks to gain back my ground. Sometimes I’d just get tired and say “I’ve been good, I deserve this”. Then bam the scale is up again the next time and I’d work my way back down. I did that only a few times but after awhile I KNEW I couldn’t splurge like that.. I had the clear picture in my mind of door #1 and door #2. What I wanted was fitness and shape behind door #1. Staying the same was #2. Comfort eating and splurging on candy was door #2.

      I learned to get all that comfort food stuff out of the house. I set up my environment for success. I got my husband on board and finally just did it. But it is no easy task. Not for anyone.

      I wasn’t perfect. None of us are. Now I know it’s good to budget in the candy or cookie treats. Figure out the calories and log them. Have them once a week or so but keep them in calorie budget. You always want more, but you can walk away and tell yourself you can have more next time.

      We always want more food. Always. I tell myself I can have more next time. I still have to tell myself that.

      You just have to have a bigger string of forward days compared to not. None of us are perfect.

      I hope this helps.

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