Fitness Model Tries Venus Index (And Gets Results!)

Today we have an interview with Katia Rice who placed fifth in the Open category in the latest Venus Index Contest.

Check out her pictures:

Venus Index - Katia

Katia is a competitive fitness model. What about you? Do you want to step on a live stage?

Katia started doing fashion modeling photoshoots and shows a while back. It was entertainment for her. She was working out, had a trainer and was quite happy with the results. She was both healthy and in shape, so everything was going great for her.

Then she went to a fitness competition and was absolutely stunned and inspired by this different world. Everybody was in phenomenal shape.

She wanted to be more like those girls. She was very motivated and excited.

Excited might not be a strong enough word considering that in a few weeks she did her first live fitness competition.

She took advantage of what she learn and continued preparing for another show which she won.

She also met a fitness model Allen Elliot and he explained to her what he was doing with the Adonis Index, Katia loved that system and the theory behind it. And like she said, Allen has great presence and looks amazing, so that made her even more interested in the system.

And then he told her about the Venus Index and how it works.

Allen explained to Katia that this system would help her prepare for her next bikini competition, because it’s all about proportions and that’s what matters in those contests the most.

So Katia decided to use her time in the “off season” and give the Venus Index system a try. She followed only this system, because she wanted to see how it would transform her body.

She didn’t over complicate things by following several programs at once, just this one. And this worked out quite well.

The main challenge for her was actually training alone.

She never trained alone in her life and wasn’t very confident on her own in the gym, even though she knew her way around the weight room pretty well.

It was really hard for her to just pick up the weights and work out alone, because it was relatively new for her without a trainer or someone else around.

However, the Venus Index systems were pretty easy to follow, she was familiar with the exercises since she had a trainer before, so once she got comfortable with working out alone the game was on.

Venus Index was a big confidence booster for her, for the first time she followed a program all by herself, and following it as written, no modifications or tinkering.

And the results are amazing, she was very happy with the after pictures.

Adonis Index - Allen Elliott and Katia Rice

Allen Elliott (Adonis Index Open category Winner) and Katia Rice together.

From a diet stand point, she stuck to her old proven approach and followed a high protein diet with lots of veggies, fish and oatmeal.

She doesn’t like counting calories, but since she was already lean and knows how to maintain her shape, this wasn’t necessary for her, so this diet structure alone was enough.

Katia thrives with structure in her diet routine.

The goal that Katia went for was built around proportions, because that’s what she gets judged on. The bikini competitions aren’t about weight, it’s all about shape and proportions.

So even if you stand next to a girl that is two inches taller and ten pounds heavier, you will still get judged by the same criteria – proportions.

It’s all about what your shape is like on your frame, which is exactly what the Venus is all about.

And Katia is not only competing in bikini, but she still does fashion modeling as well. You will also see her in the future Venus Index Contests.

Now, let’s say you want to get into fitness or fashion modeling, what do you need to do and know to get there?

Are you considering getting into fitness modeling? Here are some tips:

  • The first thing you have to do is link up with people that are in this particular industry
  • If you want to do a fitness competition then finding a personal trainer is not enough. It has to be someone who is familiar and has some experience with fitness contests, those are two totally different things
  • Learn posing, it’s equally as important as your physique, you need to show your body, if you don’t know how to show your body correctly you won’t succeed
  • Get a competition suit with the colors that flatter your look
  • It’s really hard to succeed in this industry and it takes a lot of discipline
  • Getting in fitness model shape is something you have to do for yourself, not other people
  • No matter how hard this challenge may be, your body is your trophy, so keep your mind focused on that goal
  • It’s not about winning as much as its about having the confidence to get up there and show your body on stage and know you’ve done the work to be there
  • You will probably not win your first show, but it will teach you valuable lessons that will help you win a future show
  • Every show gives you growth and strength
  • It’s about competing with yourself, not with other girls
  • Remember that there is politics involved in fitness modeling and competing
  • Every judge is looking for a slightly different thing and if you don’t place as you expected it doesn’t mean you don’t look great, it’s just that the judges were looking for a different physique
  • If you get in shape and get on stage you are a winner just by being there and having done the work that got you on that stage
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