Total Package: Working Out for Shape

The look and shape of your body as a total package is what the Venus Index is all about. It’s about creating an illusion starting at your shoulders and working all the way down to your legs.

Venus Index Legs

Developing each part of your body in a specific way adds to the overall illusion, and it’s important to view your progress and a whole and not individual parts.

There are hundreds of muscles in your body and they all function as groups.  The look and shape of your body can be manipulated by selectively working on different muscles groups with different volume and different intensity.

Having lower bodyfat levels will allow you to see your muscle shape in it’s true form and give you an objective look at where you are right now and assess what you need to focus on to improve your overall shape.

Working a specific group of muscles can change the overall shape of a particular area of your body. For example your legs have three major compartments:

1) Hamstrings

2) Quads

3) Adductors

The way you choose to train your legs will allow you to selectively develop certain areas more or less than others. The effect and look that your legs will have on your overall shape is still dependent on how they fit with the rest of your muscle structure. The effect and illusion of your upper leg is influenced by your calves and your butt as well, and finally by the overall development of your upper body.

The key unsurprisingly is balance. The human eye can spot when things are out of balance from front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. Developing your body in balance using the specific metrics of the Venus Index should always be your  primary goal.

In todays podcast we talk about developing each muscle group with the sole purpose of enhancing your overall shape.

The bottom line is that working out influences your shape, so you better know what each workout is really doing and if you’re getting closer or father away from your best shape.



About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

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  1. Hey John great post..but I have a question..if i were to lift weights just for my upper body and just do Hitt and cardio for my lower body like how rusty moore reccomends would that be good to have a lean body? or if i were to do the venus index and do the leg workouts would that make my legs to big?I just dont know what to do??thank you

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