Venus Index: The Shape of an Athlete

Fat loss is relatively straight forward. The fat comes off of your body in a systemic way and you can’t choose what parts of your body will burn the fat. It simply comes off all over and at it’s own pace so to speak. There are of course areas on your body where more fat will tend to accumulate (hips and thighs is the typical area for women).

This area seems to accumulate fat faster and at a higher proportion to the rest of the body. When you start losing fat this area seems to lose it slower when in reality there is simply more of it in this area so it takes longer for these areas to come down.

This is cover of FHM featuring Olympic athletes...A Venus Index body can also be a high performance body.

Losing fat and attaining a bodyfat level that is approximately between 18-22% is likely what it will take to be at the ideal Venus Index. But it’s not just about fat loss, the next step is building muscle to create the Venus Index shape. And this is where targeted muscle building comes in. Being ‘skinny fat’ isn’t going to cut it as a Venus. The body we’re talking about it a lean but muscular body, a body that has shape and power.

In today’s podcast, we’ll go over research that indicates many top level athletes in various sports all have the ideal Venus Index waist, muscle mass and are within our projected weight ranges. In short, we’ll show how the Venus Index body is also a high performance body.


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