A Reexamination of “What is Healthy?”

The lines between weight loss, muscle building, fitness and health can get blurry. Having a clear understanding of each aspect and how it relates to your life is the first step to getting what you want out of your body.

Will You be "Healthy" if you eat these foods?

Weight loss and muscle building are a bit more straight forward than the others.

Fitness becomes trickier to define because its dependent on the kind of fitness and the level you want to achieve. Is the goal to be an olympic level endurance athlete, or a recreational level strength athlete?

Defining health is the most difficult of all, and this is the topic of todays uncensored podcast.

When you think of the word ‘health’ you probably have both a body image and a lifestyle idea that includes exercise and diet that matches your minds image of what ‘health’ means.

Health however is not a universal definition that can be applied to all people. In fact, it is a personal definition that can only ever be applied by one person to themselves.

In todays podcast we discuss what the variables are that can go into your definition of health and how each person has to decide for themselves what they want from their body and their life.


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About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

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  1. wow….all of a sudden we gots to log….in???? say what?????!!! 🙁

  2. Brenna Boucher says:

    I love the podcasts! It would be great to have them listed all in one place, so I can be sure not to miss any. Like in the sidebar or on their own page..?

    If you guys want a sense of what this new UNCENSORED Venus podcast is like, check out the “Your Definition of Healthy” episode of the free Adonis Index Systems podcast. The first UNCENSORED Venus podcast episode covers a lot of the same material. Enjoy!

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