Denise Rocked VT14 and Her Goal Jeans!!

Denise had such great success with Venus that it was no surprise to see her place in the last contest.   She lost an amazing 33 pounds and 7.5 inches from her waist!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.19.41 PM

Can you believe she did this in 12 weeks??


What Worked for Her

She attributes that success to three simple things:

1. Delaying her first meal of the day

2. Saving her favorite foods for her maintenance days

3. Taking part in the Venus community

She used the contest to drive her, made working out a priority and now it is part of her routine.  She has such a huge heart and made time to encourage others while going through her own changes.  Here she is in her goal jeans MUCH sooner than she planned.



Rocking the goal jeans!!

Listen in on our interview here:

About Jenny

Jenny is a past Venus contest winner and is currently available for personal coaching. Though she had always been active and a lover of all things fitness, it was the knowledge she gained here, about calories and fasting that finally ended her weight loss struggles.

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