There are NO SHORTCUTS for FAT LOSS; says contest winner Michal

Michal lives in the Philippines with her family.

Michal lives in the Philippines with her family.


Michal Gansad came in fifth place in our Venus Transformation contest VT10


Michal’s own words regarding the Venus Factor:

I had a baby last June 2013, ten months ago which caused me to gain lots of weight. I weighed around 183 lbs. after delivery and from then I struggled to put off those unwanted weights.

I am really huge from my youth. And as expected, I also have a lot of health issues because of that. But in 2010 I started to use a product that helps me become skinny but not lean enough having more or less 32% of body fat using the Tanita Scale. So, I am always positive that I can make it lose weight again. But then, I became disappointed because the magic diet seemed to lost its power. It does not work for me anymore. So, I searched for a solution and this time I wanted it to be a lasting solution. Fortunately I found Venus Index from searching in the internet. After being convinced from their presentation, I joined the community last October 2013. From then on, everything has changed for the best. I learned a lot and have to learn a lot more. There is no such thing as magic pill, or magic diet no shortcuts the first thing I learned from joining VI. Everything I went through VI are just wonderful, it is worth the pain. The sacrifices of eating deficits and doing all the work outs laid in the program improves my mood in day to day basis. It also improved my looks than before when I am lighter by using the product I mentioned earlier. Now I feel I am being freed from all those myths that I believed before. I am not dependent to any slimming products anymore.

Even if I will not win in this VT10 contest, even if I get pregnant again and gain weight, I already consider myself a winner for life, as long as I stick to VI practices. Golden ratio is within my reach, and I am a winner.

I also want to share that I do all my work outs at home. Having a baby and still breastfeeding, it is a challenge for me to drive 35 km. just to hit the gym.


Questions and Answers with our Venus winner Michal


How did you find the Venus Factor?

I found Venus through the Internet. At that time, my previous solution of losing weight did not work any longer. FYI, I am using Herbalife shake at that time if you are familiar with it. They always emphasize about the importance of taking breakfast using their product, of course. But then after delivery, while using the same routine, nothing works, if there is just a little change, that is why I did not stop searching solution and I found Venus. I found the best way so far.


What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

The truth about calorie intake, importance of fasting, fasting techniques, undulating protocol, the community, the girls supports sharing insights, podcast, workouts, almost everything in Venus benefits me.


Did you like the Venus workout?

Yeah, so much, the only work out I tried that works for me.


Which workout(s) did you use?

I completed the first 12 week program then, from VT10 to finished completed only up to 10 weeks Final Phase. Because my husband came home for vacation from work, it interferes my routines, lol. I actually asked John Barban what should I do after having few weeks of rest, he said I can repeat Final Phase. But I did not make it due to my busy schedule. So, I decided to go back to the basic and I will never give myself permission to jump forward without completing it.


What kept you motivated?

Honestly I am not motivated all the time, but then, I think about my health, my family’s health, about getting older, I am now 38 years old, I always wanted to get old healthy and fit, along with my family. I want to be like you, like Liss, like Alisha and all other good example Venuses. So, I keep telling myself to move ahead.


Do you have a particular style of eating?

I am not that strict these days unlike last time when I am in the VT10 contest. I just do the usual, eating breakfast late, sometimes I eat once, sometimes I indulge, I am only mindful about the principles of calorie deficit and calorie maintenance.


Did you use the undulating  diet protocol?  If so how did it work for you and did you make any modifications?

Yes. I just follow the advice I read. For example the post from VI Facebook page about the concept of the Reverse Taper Diets, it talks about fasting duration depends on our waist in inches. I apply it to myself.


Did you use any supplements?

Sometimes I take local probiotics. I stopped taking my Herbalife supplements for a long time ago after finding Venus. Then, recently I found out about GMO’s. Soybeans and corns from U.S, they are GMO (genetically modified organism) that causes leaky gut syndrome. I find that so scary, everything in the supermarket even supplements, we not that sure whether it is contaminated or not. So, I decided to go natural.


Did you use the online community and how was that experience?

Yes, I did. I am in HOLO/GOLO2 group. We have spreadsheets where we can put our stats, our goals and our actual accomplishments. Being in that group increased my knowledge on dealing with my weight loss goals.


Did you find support with friends and family?

Just few people knew I joined VT10. They don’t even know what was it all about. So, I don’t depend on them for support. I get most support from the Venus community and from the group.


What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

My being imperfect, that’s the hardest. When you start to astray from what you are doing, it is difficult to get back on the track.


How did you feel about your final pictures?

Not so sure if I did well. I even doubted to submit it or not, but I learned from the podcast that we are the worst critics against ourselves, so I submitted it anyway to let other people judge.


Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

100 percent yes. What else can I do, is there any better way? I guess nothing.


What is your best advice for other Venuses?

Just keep learning and apply. Make time to do what is needed.

You can find Michal in the online Venus community.

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Dear Michal,

Congratulations the beautiful job you did transforming your life and your body from the inside out!

I love your perspective as being a young mom in the Philippines and your sweet countenance in the Venus online forum.  Thank you for being there with us and thank you for sharing your story!

All my best,

Coach Roberta

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