Venus mom Erin says “Just do it!” regarding the Venus lifestyle for fat loss

Erin says "Do it.  Just put your mind to it, and do it.  You will surprise yourself at what you are capable of; you are stronger than you think."

Erin says “Do it. Just put your mind to it, and do it. You will surprise yourself at what you are capable of; you are stronger than you think.


Erin Martin came in seventh place in our Venus Transformation contest VT10



Erin’s own words regarding the Venus Factor:

What Venus means to me:

I was postpartum with my second child and struggling to lose the weight on traditional diets. I was able to lose the pregnancy weight but eventually stalled. I was still overweight and really unhappy with how I looked, I was self conscious and uncomfortable in my new maternal body. Same story, different girl.

My husband found Venus by chance, he watched the video and told me he thought I should take a look. I was reluctant, I didn’t want a gimmick, or fad, or pill, after all I’d come this far on my own, “doing it right, with diet and exercise.” I just needed to keep going and add more cardio. With two small children, adding even more cardio, and possibly a new stroller, wasn’t all that appealing. After a day or two I sat down and watched the Venus Index video, and was intrigued. The theories made so much since to me, I finally felt like I understood what was going on with my body. I really appreciated all the science and research John and partners put into the system, and shared so openly.  It’s actually what “sold” me.

I joined Venus in November 2013, and started the contest in Jan 2014 to keep me focused. As of today I’ve lost a total of 74 pounds on my journey, the last 20 pounds of which, are thanks to VI. I have learned so much about my body, how I respond to food and what I actually need. I’ve learned how to control things through eat stop eat, intermittent fasting, weekly caloric control, when to eat low, when to eat up, and book-ending special events.  I’ve learned how my body responds to exercise, and it’s OK that I hate cardio. I do three to four Venus workouts a week, in 30-45 minutes depending on the day, and that fits into my life. That’s what makes Venus my lifestyle, it is adaptable, it is flexible, and I am in control.  I can now balance food, exercise, work, children, and social events; navigate emotions, motivations, relationships, and negativity with confidence. I have confidence and comfort, not only in my appearance, but in myself and my abilities. I am Venus.


Questions and Answers with our Venus winner Erin


How did you find the Venus Factor?

My husband actually found Venus for me.  He knew how much I’d been struggling with hitting plateaus despite doing “everything right.” He watched the video and encouraged me to as well. I was very hesitant because I didn’t want some gimmick, pill, or fad.  I’d been working at a healthy weight loss for over a year, after the delivery of my second child.  Well, I obviously watched the video.


What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

Being in health care, I felt I had a pretty good understanding of nutrition and how the body works.  The science behind why women get stuck, and how to fix it with “eating up” and keeping leptin at optimal levels was the most beneficial.  I’m the type that “needs to know why”, and because the program made since to me, I was able to stick to it and be successful.


Did you like the Venus workout?

Yes.  I am unable to do massive amounts of cardio, so finding a way to exercise that I actually enjoyed was great.  I like that I can do the program at home while my children nap.


Which workout(s) did you use?

I started with the 12 week program, then progressed to the final phase work out series.  I am now doing the advanced strength series.


What kept you motivated?

Keeping motivated to reach the “goal” was easy.  I looked and felt better, so I just continued to push myself to be the best me I could be.  I entered the contest to keep on track.  Now, while figuring out maintenance, I’m having a harder time figuring out my motivation.


Do you have a particular style of eating?

No.  I don’t think the way I approached the program fits into any one particular style of eating. I use concepts and values from each style and made them fit with what is important to me.  The biggest key for me, is being aware of calories.  When I first started counting calories, in October 2012, I was shocked at what I was blindly putting into my mouth.  I was easily eating 3000 calories.  I’ve always felt that I had a pretty healthy diet, but I lacked portion control.

I was actually very surprised that eating “clean” and “whole foods” were a thing.  It’s the way I was brought up.  We eat very little processed foods.  We did however, fall into the trap of eating out too often while I was pregnant and undoing some of those habits became difficult.  Now, I cook 5-6 nights a week, and eating out is for special occasions.  I typically do a daily 18 hour fast, eat “low” during the week and eat up on the weekends.  If I know we have a function or “big” weekend, I will incorporate 24-hour fasts to maintain my weekly caloric budget.  The most important meal in my household is dinner, we eat as a family and I budget my daily calories around that meal, and always eat dinner.


Did you use the undulating  diet protocol?  If so how did it work for you and did you make any modifications?

The first 12 weeks I followed the protocol.  Well I guess only the first 10 weeks, exactly as written.  The contest started in what would’ve been my 10th week, so I started over, week one, day one on the first day of the contest. I was amazed at the differences I was seeing in my body, not only composition, but in how I felt.  At first, eating 1000 calories was very hard, but I got used to it quickly. I stuck with the undulating protocol, extra fat, extra protein, through out the contest.  I did not “eat up” carbs because of the photo shoot, and my body bloats in reaction to extra carbs.  At that point I was eating as low as I could with one eat up day every 5 or 6 days.  I’d never go more than 6 days without a maintenance day.  I usually followed a maintenance day with a fast.


Did you use any supplements?

Yes.  The last three weeks of the contest I used leptiburn, prior to that, nothing other than protein powder/shakes to help me meet my daily protein number.


Did you use the online community and how was that experience?

In the beginning I did use the community.  I was able to get help answering questions, get support, and I even tried blogging a few times.  You need to offer support to get support and I just wasn’t that involved.  I really “lost interest” after the first of the year when so many women joined and after the 400th “is this real” question, I stopped utilizing it.  I still listen to podcasts and read the Venus blog however.


Did you find support with friends and family?

Yes, for the most part.  My husband was my biggest cheerleader.  He knew how uncomfortable I was in my body and enjoyed watching me take control. He encouraged me and loved that I was becoming excited about the changes I was experiencing and comfortable in my own skin again.


What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

Negative attitudes and comments. They were hurtful and two fold, sabotaging and made me think was I really THAT bad before! Second was figuring out how to fit lifting into my life when I started working again.  Making ME a priority.


How did you feel about your final pictures?

I was a little disappointed. I didn’t come out quite as I’d hoped.  I practiced my poses in the mirror, and even brought a mirror with me to the shoot, but dang, posing is HARD!! It’s really difficult to get that strong, yet relaxed look.  My neck tendons are apparently connected to my abdomen. I am much happier with the pictures I took for the cover.  I was able to look fit, but relaxed.  It was very exciting to “see” what others saw. I was proud of myself and felt “Hot” for the first time in a very, very long time.


Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

ABSOLUTELY! I really enjoy lifting, truly enjoy it.  I like feeling strong.  I like looking strong.  The eating portion will always challenge me, but I know that if I falter, it’s not the end of the world.  I have tools to prepare for big events or make up for a goof, if I need.  I can participate in social eating without feeling bad.  The tertiary style of eating, as John calls it, perplexes me, and will for a while.  If I am not cognizant of what I’m eating, I easily overeat.  I’ve actually over eaten to the point of true discomfort.  I’m slowly learning my lesson.  I’m slowly learning to feed my body, not my taste buds!


What is your best advice for other Venuses?

Do it.  Just put your mind to it, and do it.  You will surprise yourself at what you are capable of; you are stronger than you think.  The  12 weeks are going to go by either way, you might as well focus those 12 weeks on doing something beneficial for yourself.  If you are doing the contest, my advice is practice posing.  No matter how silly you feel, practice.  Get the muscle memory, so that your pictures will turn out how you hoped they will, and how you envisioned them.


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Dear Erin,

Congratulations on your amazing transformation.  It takes hard work and it’s obvious that you worked hard with both exercise and nutrition.  Your effort shows and you look beautiful and strong!

It is amazing and shocking to learn how much our food intake was before we started taking a look.  It is kind of a shock at first isn’t it?  But you took on the challenge and you earned the prize, and you did it with beauty and grace.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Erin!

All my best,


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