Takin’ it to the House: VI Contest Winner Alisha McGinn

The first ever Venus Index Transformation contest was a huge success and Alisha McGinn took it to the house, her transformation was amazing.

Venus Index Transformation Winner Alisha

Dramatic change


Venus Index Transformation 1st Place

Venus Index Transformation 1st Place Alisha McGinn

Venus Index Contest Winner Alisha Back

Alisha has great definition in her back

In todays podcast I talk with Alisha and how she made one of the best transformations I’ve ever seen. She shares her story about how she used to be a fitness info junkie and how she made the decision to enter the contest.

We talk about her experience through the contest, what she did for diet and how she followed the program.

We also talk about motivation and support and how everyone has to find what works for them.

Finally Alisha shares how she researched and learned to take great photographs with  just a few cheap lights and items you can find around your house.

This transformation is what the Venus Index is all about, Alisha joined the contest with the mentality to win, and win is exactly what she did. She did everything right and the results speak for themselves.



About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

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  1. Good for you. WOW. You are such a great example for anyone who will listen. I never get tired of hearing these success stories.
    I could totally relate when you said people were shocked at how you looked out of your clothes before and that they never would have guessed.
    Even though I don’t really have before and after pics, and my story is a little more staggered, people always tell me I look great and don’t have any fat to lose – and at my biggest I was much smaller than your before pics. But they were wrong – they couldn’t see what was lurking under those jeans. It takes the right eye to discern a lean body through clothes. I was a hobby-ist as well, before Pilon. Most people didn’t question my fitness, but I always knew I was not at my goal.
    But now I have a new opportunity ahead of me for a photo transformation! I am pregnant and have been gaining a couple pounds more than necessary 8P (even though I am still a tiny girl – I weigh 105 and have gained 5 pounds, it just shows up as nasty cellulite between the but and thigh line). I am inspired to take before pics postpartum and after pics however many months later.
    Thank you for all your encouragement!

  2. GymPixie says:

    Hey Alisha!

    Great pod cast. You are truly an inspiration on the forum and now we have your pod cast to keep us motivated. A job well done!

  3. LOVE your podcast Alisha! Can’t BELIEVE that your photos were taken at home! They look very professional. Brilliant and I will try harder with my next lot of photos 🙂 Thank you so much. XXXX

  4. Thanks girls….I’m so glad you liked it.
    Yep, we duct-taped a sheet up and went to work….Chelsea Kumbera took my photos – she’s actually a senior at Iowa State University (not freshman – correction needed). She is taking Graphic Design and a heck of a little hobbist photographer. I really wanted to thank her for the wonderful job she did.

  5. Hoy cow! LOL I thought I was the only fitness info junky and gathering workout and diet examples here and there an kinda mix and match it all up!!!
    Right I actually do follow and sticking to just 1 program and I must say it is working! Like a whole lot of stuff that i heard in this podcast and also recognize a whole lot! I’v seen the MTVshow ‘I used to be Fat’ and what I always like to see and also heard Alisha here talking about it is the Big Kalender thing to count the days aka weightnumber of in pursuing of one goal! Awsome and inspiring job miss Alisha!!

  6. Oh almost forgot to the guys Brad an John..
    Could you guys considering putting back transcriptions on of your podcasts because as a NOT native english speaker is not always easy to exactly understand what you guys are saying? Thanks and keep the good stuff comming!! 🙂

  7. Karen McGinn says:

    You did a very terrific job. Exercise and working to get into shape, I understand. I’m not nearly as loyal; but, am proud of what you have accomplished through hard work. Lv Karen

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