Takin’ it to the House: VI Contest Winner Alisha McGinn

The first ever Venus Index Transformation contest was a huge success and Alisha McGinn took it to the house, her transformation was amazing.

Venus Index Transformation Winner Alisha

Dramatic change


Venus Index Transformation 1st Place

Venus Index Transformation 1st Place Alisha McGinn

Venus Index Contest Winner Alisha Back

Alisha has great definition in her back

In todays podcast I talk with Alisha and how she made one of the best transformations I’ve ever seen. She shares her story about how she used to be a fitness info junkie and how she made the decision to enter the contest.

We talk about her experience through the contest, what she did for diet and how she followed the program.

We also talk about motivation and support and how everyone has to find what works for them.

Finally Alisha shares how she researched and learned to take great photographs with  just a few cheap lights and items you can find around your house.

This transformation is what the Venus Index is all about, Alisha joined the contest with the mentality to win, and win is exactly what she did. She did everything right and the results speak for themselves.