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VT5 20-Week Results are In!

The 20-week VT5 competition ended a few weeks ago and we’ve got the results for you here today. Some people continued changing their shape getting even close to their VI numbers, while others proved that once you get there you can indeed maintain your 12-week change and turn it into a lifestyle for the long term.

The judging for this round was taken as an overall change for the entire 20-weeks (separate of the 12 week change). So you might see some familiar faces but some different placings for those same people. With that said, everyone who stuck it out for 20 weeks is a winner regardless!

Here are the 20-week transformation winners!

Liss Graham – 1st Place VT5 20-Week Transformation contest


Liss Graham starting 20 weeks ago on the right, 12 week transformation middle, 20 week on the right.


Suzy Johnston – 2nd Place VT5 20-Week Transformation contest

Suzy Johnston 20 weeks ago on the left, 12 week transformation middle, 20 week transformation on right


Teresa Shaner – 3rd Place VT5 20-Week Transformation contest

Teresa Shaner 20 weeks ago on the left, 12 week transformation middle, 20 week transformation right

April Harkness – 4th Place VT5 20-Week Transformation contest


April Harkness 20 weeks ago on left, 12 week transformation middle, 20 week transformation right

Jannette Joly – 5th Place VT5 20-Week Transformation contest


Jannette Joly 20 weeks ago left, 20 week transformation right. She actually made a 12 week transformation that we missed getting, but she’s stayed in Venus shape since then!


Each of these women took on the challenge of transforming their body at the 12 week point and continued on to the 20 week mark. As you can see the Venus look is attainable in as little as 12 weeks and even more important it’s possible to maintain that look after you transform.

You’re all BEAUTIFUL!



VT6 Transformation Contest Starts Today

The 6th Venus Index Transformation contest starts today. You can enter your before pictures and stats starting today up until midnight this friday Aug 31st.

There is prize money for the top 10 spots and of course there is always a chance of making it on the Venus Index Calendar and the cover of one of our programs.

Got to this link to see how to enter:

>>>Watch how to enter the Venus Index Transformation Contest<<<

This is your last chance to make a change in 2012.

Are you going to be the next Venus Index cover model?

It’s time to Venus Up!



VT5 12-Week Contest Midterm Results

We added a new twist to the VT5 Contest with the 20-week option and it appears that many people are taking the 20-week option over the 12-week. But with that said we’ve got some mid-term results to share with you. These beautiful Venus’ are eligible to submit at the 20 week point if they choose to as well.


April Harkness – Venus Index Calendar Model

April Earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar…one look at her pictures will tell you why!

 Liss Graham – Venus Index Calendar Model

Liss Graham also earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar…no need to explain why, just look!

Suzy Johnston

Suzy lost over 22lbs and 6 inches off her waist! Amazing changes in 12 weeks!

Teresa Shaner

Teresa lost 13lbs and 2 inches off her waist!

Terry Clauss

At 53 years young Terry is still transforming in her second Venus Index contest.


VT5 – 20-Week contest

Everyone who has submitted ‘before’ pictures in May are still eligible for the 20 week competition portion of VT5. You can submit pictures 8 weeks from now on Oct 6th and your total transformation from May until Oct will be judged. Your final pics in Oct will also be eligible for a the Venus Calendar as well.

VT6 – 12-Week contest

The final 12-week contest of 2012 starts next week on Aug 27th. If you want to compete in VT6 you must submit pictures within the first week starting Aug 27th.

If you choose to compete in VT6 you cannot compete in the 20-week portion of VT5, therefore you must choose which one you want to do by next week.

If you’re riding a wave of momentum and you’re still making good progress since the beginning of VT5 then I suggest you stay the course and submit at the end of the 20-week portion in Oct, this will give you the best chance at the biggest transformation.

If on the other hand you need to re-boot and re-dedicate yourself for a final push in 2012 then I suggest you get your before pictures in for VT6 starting Aug 27th and get a fresh start.

If you’re new to the Venus Index or you didn’t submit before pictures in VT5 then now is your chance to submit for VT6. You’ve got one week to decide and then go for it!

This is it Venus’s. Look at the women here who pushed hard for the 12-week midterm VT5 contest as inspiration. Two of them earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar and I know there are more of you who can do it too!

It’s time to make a decision on where you want to take your body by the end of 2012.

…it’s time to “Venus Up!”


All About Supplements Part 1

Getting in shape and staying in shape can be viewed as having a two pronged approach.

What should you take?

1. Diet

2. Workouts

However if you’ve got the budget it can also have a third prong – Supplements

In the order of importance I would say diet and exercise are 1 and 1A. You can certainly get in great shape without every using a supplement, but if budget allows there are some interesting supplements that can likely help you along the way.

To be clear, they are called ‘supplements’ for a reason…and that is because they’re not meant to replace diet, or replace exercise, but only to supplement the work you are already doing in the kitchen and the gym.

So what is a supplement anyway? Do you even know? The definition of a supplement changes from country to country as does the requirement for scientific proof of the efficacy and safety. The concept of ‘supplement’ is a legal definition based on the governing bodies of your given region. A supplement can be legal for sale in one country and illegal in the very next country over (United States vs Canada for example).

The legal definition and status of a supplement can change throughout it’s lifecycle as well. In some cases a supplement can be in a grey area where it does not have government approval for sale, but it’s not quite illegal yet either. In these cases the supplement in question is being sold while it’s legal definition is ‘pending approval’. In some cases a product can be determined a drug and thus illegal for sale as a supplement.

If you’ve been a regular consumer of sports/bodybuilding supplements over the past decade then it’s likely you have taken a product that has been re-categorized as a drug and thus illegal. In some sense you could even say that you’ve been taking a ‘banned’ substance that would definitely have you failing a drug test in any organized sport!

Supplement manufacturers move fast getting new products onto the market. So fast that in some cases regulatory bodies cannot keep up with the pre-market regulatory review process to determine if a product is safe and effective for sale. Some products can gain a significant market share while regulators scramble to figure out what is being sold and if it should be classified as a supplement or drug.

This is a dynamic struggle between supplement manufacturers and regulators, and it’s been going on since supplements hit the market. As long as supplement manufacturers can find new ingredients and new derivatives if existing ingredients there will always be this grey area between what is known and studied, and what is new and not fully understood yet.

In this first part we discuss the definition of what a supplement is, how the industry got started, and what it has evolved into.


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3 Weeks to go in VT5 12-Week Transformation Contest

There is only 3 weeks to go in the VT5 12 week contest. The past 9 weeks have probably felt like they flew by, and the next 3 are probably going to feel like a grind, and thats normal.

The finish line is in sight.


The finish line is now in sight, and at this point some people feel like they need to try harder to make more happen. Don’t fall for this sort of thinking. Consistency from one day to the next is the key for the contest and that doesn’t change now.

It doesn’t matter how smooth or not so smooth your path to this point has been, all you have to do is stay on plan and make these last 3 weeks your best 3 weeks.

Take some pictures right now and try to recognize things you can address in the next 3 weeks. This would include posing, posture, tanning, lighting (if you’re not booking a full on photoshoot). This can help you decide where to put some attention over the next few weeks to present your best look.

Final contest submission pictures, measurements, and essay are due by Sunday Aug 12 at midnight EST. You can submit at any time durning the week leading up to Sunday Aug 12th. Submission is through the contest dashboard where you uploaded your ‘before’ pictures and measurements.

Special not for the 20 week competition.

Those people interested in competing in the 20 week competition can submit pictures for the 12 week competition and continue on for the remaining 8 weeks. You will be eligible for placing in both competitions.

Those of you interested in submitting pictures to be on the VI calendar – we will be accepting pictures throughout the year whenever you’re ready. Transformation pictures are also eligible to get on the calendar.

Next monday we will be back to our regularly scheduled interviews.



Miscellaneous Ramblings with Naomi and Allen

I was recently in Atlanta Georgia at Rachel and Steven Paynes awesome gym “House of Payne”

We’ were doing an Adonis/Venus video/photoshoot for the new Adonis Index workout and the Venus Phase 3 workout.

We took lots of video and at one point just starts chatting in a ’round table’ style about various items that come up with workout terminology, where you should ‘feel’ an exercise, things to consider when eating after your workout all many other confusing points.

The following link is about 10 minutes of this round table discussion between Allen Elliot, Naomi Sandoval and myself.


You’ll likely find some useful tips if you get a chance to watch this sometime in the next few days.


It’s Transformation Time: VT5 Starts TODAY!

Ladies, lovelies, VENUSES!

It’s time for the 5th Venus Index Transformation contest…Can you believe it!?

We’re already at #5!

We’ve got a new contest registration application that can be found when you log into

the Venus Index Community

Watch this video for a guided tour on how to enter the contest:



You can go to this link for more information about the new categories:

>>>>>>>>>VT5 Contest Information<<<<<<<<<<<

You can submit your ‘before’ pictures any time this week using the entry form.

Each week you are in the contest you can upload pictures, measurements and notes.


Calendar model pictures can be submitted ANY TIME over the next 20 weeks. The only

stipulation for Calendar Model pictures is a mandatory newspaper shot to prove the

date of the pictures. This doesn’t have to be the same date you submit the pictures,

but it’s gotta be consistent with the day of the actual photoshoot. In other words, bring

a newspaper to the photoshoot!

Make sure you watch the video tutorial

Good luck to all and lets make this the best one yet!



VT5 Announced


The 5th Venus Index transformation contest is upon us and it’s time to lay out the ground rules.

This time around the categories have changed.

Category # 1 — 12 Week Transformation —

Start Date: May 21st

End Date: Aug 12th

Contest entry submissions will now be through an interactive web form that will be live in your membership cockpit as of May 21st. You can submit your ‘before’ picture and numbers anytime during the first week.

The contest tracking form will provide you with a way to track your measurements and uplooad pictures every week during the contest if you choose. You must at least upload pictuures and stats during the first week and week 12.

The data in the webform is stored in a secure folder and nobody else can see it other than sitte administrators (Brad Howard, myself)

The mandatory poses will be laid out in the web form along with sample poses. You may nottice some previous contest winners featured in teh sample poses.

Prize money is as follows:

1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $350

3rd Place – $250

4th-10th – $200

Category #2 — 20 Week Transformation —

Start Date: May 21st

End Date: Oct 7th

Entry submissions are through the same web form as indicated in the 12 week contest, everyything is the same except for the duration of the contest. “Before” information must bee entered the week of May 21st and final data must be entered by Oct 7th.


Prize money is as follows:

1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $350

3rd Place – $250

4th-10th – $200

Contestants intending to do the 20 week transformation may also enter a set of ‘after’ pictures the 12 week point and could potentiall place in both the 12 week and 20 week contest.

Category #3 — Calendar Model —

The ‘calendar model’ category replaces the former ‘open’ contests. The Calendar Model contest starts the same day as the transformation contest and we will be accepting final pictures and stats at both the end date of the 12 week contest and the 20 week contest. Before and after photos are still required however there is no judging on total change.

This category is a non monetary competition and has no placing. It’s for women who are close to VI and want incentive to push a little more. If you are simply intersted in maintaing your condition this is also the category for you. We will select 12 girls over the year to be the models for the first ever Venus Index Pin Up Calendar, and of course an interview. This will be produced in both digital and hard copy form. This is your chance to be a pin up calendar model!

I’ve already had people asking if they can get their birth month on the calendar! I love that kind of thinking! So lets have it, lets see 12 women make this first Venus Index calendar a home run!

One major key to this category is taking pictures that are high enough quality to put on the calendar. You don’t have to book a pro photoshoot, you can definitely take good pictures at home but you should follow many of our previous winners lead on how to take a good pic at home. Of course a professional photoshoot is a no brainer and will display you the best. It’s your choice.

All contestants in both transformation categories can be selected to be on the Calendar as well if their final look qualifies.


All categories require a contest essay to be submitted at the end of the competition.

Good luck


Numbers Don’t Lie…Or Do They?

When I was a strength and conditioning coach for a girls hockey team one of the girls called me very concerned because her blood work came back saying she had high cholesterol. This didn’t make any sense to me as she was a fit 21 year old athletic girl. Her first questions for me were about diet and exercise and what she needed to do to get her cholesterol back into a healthy range. My first question back to her was to ask how long she had fasted before she went for her blood test.

How do you know if your 'numbers' are right or wrong?

As it turned out she simply had her blood taken too soon after eating and as a result her cholesterol seemed high. She went back for another test after the proper fasting length (minimum of 12 hours) and her cholesterol was fine…problem solved.

The moral of the story is that a number or a measurement is only as useful as the accuracy and precision of the device or method of measurement.

In other words a crappy scale isn’t going to give you an accurate bodyweight. Getting blood work done without fasting beforehand is going to give you all kinds of wonky numbers and make fit young athletes think they have high cholesterol. Metabolic rate estimators will make you think you can eat more food than you really can, and cardio machine calorie counters will make you think you’ve burned more calories than you really did.

When your reality doesn’t add up to what these numbers are saying most people will assume they’ve done something wrong, instead of assuming the machine or measurement is wrong (just like our athlete in the above example).

If you want accurate information about your body then you have to use the best and most accurate measurement tools, and use them correctly.

Anything less will likely give you the wrong numbers and start you down a path of anxiety and worry over nothing.



VT4 Contest Winners Announced

The forth Venus Index contest is complete and it’s time to announce the winners.

This time we have three divisions – the transformation,Open Level 1, and for the first time Open Level 2. Anyone who placed in our previous open contests was eligible for the level 2 contest.

As always, you must use the Venus Index Workout or any of the next phases of VI Systems.

Now on to the VT4 Winners. we’ll start with the Transformation Category.

VT4 Venus Index Transformation Contest Category

Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 1st Place Winner: Shannon

 Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 2nd Place Winner: Iona

 Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 3rd Place Winner: Terry

Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 4th Place Winner: Jannette

Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 5th Place Winner: Kori

Venus Index Transformation Contest VT4 6th Place Winner:Judy

VT4 Venus Index Open Level 1 Contest Category

 Venus Index Open Level 1 Contest VT4 1st Place Winner: Rhonda

Venus Index Open Contest Level 1 VT4 2nd Place Winner: Alicia

Venus Index Open Contest Level 1 VT4 3rd Place Winner: Olya

Venus Index Open Contest Level 1 VT4 4th Place Winner: Elisa

Venus Index Open Contest Level 1 VT4 5th Place Winner: Heidi

Venus Index Open Contest Level 1 VT4 6th Place Winner: Carla

VT4 Venus Index Open Level 2 Contest Category

 Venus Index Open Contest Level 2 VT4 1st Place Winner: Roberta Saum

 Venus Index Open Contest Level 2 VT4 2nd Place Winner: Kris West

 Venus Index Open Contest Level 2 VT4 3rd Place Winner: Naomi Sandoval

Congratulations to all the winners. These contests are getting harder and harder to judge as everyone is making such great progress and getting into great shape.

I also want to say congratulations to all that entered. Making it to the end of a transformation is a big deal and regardless if you placed in the contest or not, you all should be proud of the changes you’ve made.

Don’t forget that interviews with the winners will start up soon, so you’ll be able to discover the lifestyle tips, tricks, and tweaks that each person used to get in fabulous shape.

In the following weeks you’ll get updates with information about the upcoming contest.


p.s. Not a VI client? No problem, just go here and get access.