How to Avoid Gaining Weight Over the Holidays

Wouldn’t we all like to just cruise through the holiday season without gaining an ounce but still indulging in all of the holiday feasting!?

NOTICE: This is an oldie but goodie from last year that we’re bringing back up for the holiday season

It’s entirely possible and in today’s podcast we’ll explain how, and believe it or not it has nothing to do with how you eat at these big events. It has to do with how you eat when you’re alone.

The point of eating for weight loss (or even just to avoid weight gain) isn’t to avoid social events and all of the celebrations of the holidays but rather to go for it on those days, but do the real work during the ‘off’ times when nobody is around.

The key is to not let anyone see how much work it really is. The more it looks like magic to everyone else the better you’re doing.

In other words, you should be able to show up to thanksgiving or any other holiday dinner and eat whatever you like and have people come up and wonder how you manage to lose weight, or maintain your figure while eating like that.

You don’t want to be the person avoiding the potatoes, and stuffing, and pasta, and bread, who just sits at the end of the table eating a salad and calculating how much protein you need to maintain your muscle mass. This isn’t and never was the goal.


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How To Avoid Gaining Weight over the Holidays


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  1. Another great podcast, thank you Gentlemen!
    I appreciate that you keep mentioning that we don’t have to avoid life/social functions/activities to lose weight and inches but just that we need to mindful of those things and plan for them. I definitely find it easier to keep the fasting to myself, people just don’t understand it. I have been asked many times what I do to ‘stay in shape’ and my reply of ‘eat less’ (like you mentioned) always gets tons on questions. People just can’t except that I choose to eat less, doesn’t matter what, just less. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi guys,
    I am really excited about the Venus Index program. I am ready for a new challenge and for a new workout plan. I am a fairly experienced weight lifter and I think that I am in decent shape. My Venus ratios seem to be quite ideal as well, yet I would still like to get leaner and shed some pounds of fat. My problem is that you have revealed very little about the workout plan and it is really hard for me to tell whether it is something that will suit my lifestyle. There is no preview, no “money back guarantee”. I am a graduate student and do not want to spend a lot of money on something that might not benefit me at all.
    Thanks a lot for reply.

  3. So I just read an article from a FB feed about how to control your eating over the holidays and they actually suggested eating BEFORE a party so you don’t binge because you are so hungry. It totally made me laugh. To eat less calories start by eating more??!? Yeah, as if I want to waste my calories on a PB and J sandwich when there is party food ahead. No thanks…I’ll just stick with your suggestions and eat light before hand. Smart.

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