VT5 12-Week Contest Midterm Results

We added a new twist to the VT5 Contest with the 20-week option and it appears that many people are taking the 20-week option over the 12-week. But with that said we’ve got some mid-term results to share with you. These beautiful Venus’ are eligible to submit at the 20 week point if they choose to as well.


April Harkness – Venus Index Calendar Model

April Earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar…one look at her pictures will tell you why!

 Liss Graham – Venus Index Calendar Model

Liss Graham also earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar…no need to explain why, just look!

Suzy Johnston

Suzy lost over 22lbs and 6 inches off her waist! Amazing changes in 12 weeks!

Teresa Shaner

Teresa lost 13lbs and 2 inches off her waist!

Terry Clauss

At 53 years young Terry is still transforming in her second Venus Index contest.


VT5 – 20-Week contest

Everyone who has submitted ‘before’ pictures in May are still eligible for the 20 week competition portion of VT5. You can submit pictures 8 weeks from now on Oct 6th and your total transformation from May until Oct will be judged. Your final pics in Oct will also be eligible for a the Venus Calendar as well.

VT6 – 12-Week contest

The final 12-week contest of 2012 starts next week on Aug 27th. If you want to compete in VT6 you must submit pictures within the first week starting Aug 27th.

If you choose to compete in VT6 you cannot compete in the 20-week portion of VT5, therefore you must choose which one you want to do by next week.

If you’re riding a wave of momentum and you’re still making good progress since the beginning of VT5 then I suggest you stay the course and submit at the end of the 20-week portion in Oct, this will give you the best chance at the biggest transformation.

If on the other hand you need to re-boot and re-dedicate yourself for a final push in 2012 then I suggest you get your before pictures in for VT6 starting Aug 27th and get a fresh start.

If you’re new to the Venus Index or you didn’t submit before pictures in VT5 then now is your chance to submit for VT6. You’ve got one week to decide and then go for it!

This is it Venus’s. Look at the women here who pushed hard for the 12-week midterm VT5 contest as inspiration. Two of them earned a spot on the Venus Index Calendar and I know there are more of you who can do it too!

It’s time to make a decision on where you want to take your body by the end of 2012.

…it’s time to “Venus Up!”


About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

Check out his personal blog at JohnBarban.com

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  1. The bar has been set high! Congratulations to the winners so far! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pix.

  2. Amazing transformations by these ladies. This is what can be done when you set your mind to it. The basic principles of Venus Index, Anything Goes Diet, and Eat Stop Eat. Absolutely amazing.

  3. DeniseDeGrazia says:

    Congrats to all! You ladies are proof that this really works.

  4. forevergreen says:

    love seeing all the awesome winners:) you ladies are so inspiring!

  5. Kimberley says:

    Congrats everyone. You are all just gorgeous!!!!

  6. Well done ladies! Awesome results and some HOT calendar pics! 🙂

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