Venus Index Transformation Week 2

The second week of the Venus Index transformation contest is almost in the books and it’s time for a few reminders for staying consistent and on track with your goals.

Venus Index Contest

It's time to find your rhythm

First is to remember that each day and each week builds on the next. Some people experience big changes in the first two weeks and other may not. At this point your focus should be building momentum and a routine.

The contest isn’t won or lost in two weeks, but this is the time to find your rhythm that you can carry through to the final week.

Twelve weeks isn’t a long time and it’ll be over faster than you think.

Most people allow their bodies to get ‘out of shape’ over the course of years, but they almost always get back in shape within just a few months. Think about it for a second…have you ever seen someone take 5 years to get ‘in shape’? Not likely…but it’s totally normal to see someone get progressively out of shape over the span of 5 years.

This is due to a lack of direction and a lack of a goal, we get caught up with life, and then we look back and say ‘how the hell did this happen?!’

Setting a goal like getting an ideal VI (or as close as you can), and putting a date next to that goal (like the contest) is the only real way to make a change.

As long as each week is in a positive direction you’ll see a dramatic change by the end of the twelve weeks. And that is the thing to keep in mind.

Having more positive days than negative or neutral days make the week an overall success, and that is your goal.


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