Venus Index Contest #1 Winners Announced!

Today we’re announcing the winners of the first ever Venus Index Transformation contest and Open Contest.

(click here for the system they used to get there)

Congratulations to all that entered, you all did a great job. So lets get to it!

Venus Index Transformation Contest Results

1st Place: Alisha M

Alisha McGinn Venus Index Transformation Winner

Alisha M Venus Index Transformation Winner

Alisha McGinn First Venus Index Transformation Before

Alisha Before


2nd Place: Caroline S.

Caroline 2nd Place

Caroline Before


3rd Place: Maro K

Venus Index Transformation Maro K

Venus Index Transformation 3rd Place Maro K

Venus Index Transformation 3rd Place Before Maro

Maro Before


4th Place: Karen C

Venus Index Transformation Contest 4th Place Karen Check

Venus Index Transformation Contest 4th Place Karen C

Venus Index Contest Before Karen

Karen Before


5th Place: Laura



6th Place: Leann H

Venus Index Transformation Leann

Venus Index Transformation 6th Place Leann H

Venus Index Transformation Before Leann

Leann Before


Venus Index Open Contest

1st Place: Naomi S

Venus Index Open Contest Winner Naomi Sandoval

Venus Index Open Contest Winner Naomi S

Venus Index Contest Winner Naomi Sandoval

More of Naomi


2nd Place: Kimberley D

Venus Index Open 2nd Place Kimberley Dransfield

Venus Index Open 2nd Place Kimberley D

Venus Index Contest Open 2nd Place Kimberley

More of Kimberley


3rd Place: Kris W

Venus Index Open 3rd Place Kris

Venus Index Open 3rd Place Kris W

Venus Index Open Contest 3rd Place Kris

More of Kris


Everyone did an amazing job and I hope that everyone will be available for interviews!

This was a huge success, you all showed up and kicked some serious butt!

Congratulations and I’ll be contacting each of you personally in the next few days.

We did a short podcast about the contest selections as well.


PS- If you want to be one of winners in the next transformation contest, the first step is getting the workout –> VENUS INDEX WORKOUT


About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

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  1. Amazing transformations. Some of these girls look like they’d be on their way to competing in figure/bikini contests.

  2. Beautiful ladies! You all did an amazing job!! 🙂

  3. Richard Lane says:

    Congratulations! You all worked so hard and look amazing!

    Alisha!!! You did it! I would love to have witnessed you finding this out!

    Caroline!!! You are amazing! I’m so happy for you!

    Can’t wait for the next unsummit!

    Congratulations everybody!


  4. Ben (nebomb) says:

    Wow, great job ladies…you all look amazing!

    x2 on Jason’s comment, definitely caliber for a health magazine covers

  5. Jason G. says:

    Ladies: you’ve all done an amazing job and have made us proud over on the men’s side. You should all be proud of yourselves; we know it was hard work but look at how amazing you all look now! Wow!!

  6. Katherine says:

    Announce the next contest! 🙂

  7. Unbelievable job ladies. You all look amazing and the results are quite incredible. Definitely showing the us guys how to get the job done! Awesome job and congrats to everyone who placed and all those that took the challenge of improving themselves!

  8. Great job ladies!

    Really stunning X-formations! The dedication and effort really shows up!

  9. Mark-taxman says:

    You really showed up the guys. The pix are fantastic, to sum it up in one word AWESOME!

  10. Diederik Masure says:

    Just wanted to send a huge congratulations to all participants and winners from us Adonis guys!
    Looking fabulous!

  11. Marylin Sanchez says:

    Congratulations ladies! All of you look spectacular! I am soo excited for all of you! Keep up the great work!! Now it’s time to go out and turn some heads!!

  12. Wow! Those are some insane transformations and the open contest ladies look amazing! That’s some hard work and dedication right there. Be proud!

  13. LarryAppleton says:


  14. GotSerious says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to the beautiful Goddesses of Venus Index Contest! Wishing you all nothing but the best!!

  15. Is there going to be another contest I just bought the venus index and I’d love to do it

  16. Although all the winners deserve kudos, I gotta admit that being one who would be starting out on the thicker side, I am motivated most by Maro, Laura, and Karen. I’ve had my Venus manual for several months without doing much. I’ve just in the last few days gotten more consistent with any activity. Maybe May 11….

  17. Congrats to All winners and Participants of Venus Index Contests!

    You’ve motivated my Mom to Enter the next Contest May 11th.

    A Special Shout out to Leo “The Lion” Bell 2nd Place Finish in AT4 Trained under Adonis Index Systems.

    Coached/Mentored by Allen Elliott aka ‘Captain Healthy’

    Adonis Index Open Contest Facebook Album Coming soon!

    Team Adrenaline
    Operation: Swoll Nuff!

  18. My Mom Is preparing to enter May 11th
    Thanks to all the ladies for finishing strong!

    Adonis Index Open Contest Winner:
    Middle Division -Allen Elliott aka “Captain Healthy”

    Facebook Photo Album:

  19. Congratulations to all the winners!
    As for people who are looking to get started on this program, there are some common-sense observations we all can make.
    Obviously, the closer you are to a manageable weight when you start, the more impressive your transformation will look. This is for 2 reasons. First, muscle definition on a very overweight person is obscured by fat and second, make no mistake, this program is far from easy, and a seriously overweight person will have much trouble completing it beyond first couple of weeks, hence not getting the desired extent of workout, and hence not getting optimal results.
    And then there is the calorie intake. The calorie intake book that comes with the program is sensible, but unless you already have a reasonable understanding of how many and in what composition calories you personally should consume to lose or maintain weight, you will not find much useful guidance of that topic in the book. And that too is more relevant to overweight people than to the ones who are close to their intended weight.
    So while inspiration is a great and powerful thing, common sense still rules, and we’ve got to respectfully disagree with the statement that ‘it doesn’t matter at which weight you start, this is a shape-changing program’.
    It does matter at which weight (relative to your personal optimum) you start, and if you are substantially overweight, a good old walking program is still the first step to take. This is so that your hard work on Venus Index pays off to the max.
    Apologies for perhaps unwanted dose of realism.
    And once again, congratulations to the disciplined and focused women who achieved the impressive results above.


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