The Venus Effect: The Spotlight Will be on YOU

So you want to get in shape, and not just average shape, but your best possible shape, your ideal VI numbers even. Well what does that really mean? Is it just some will power to diet and some determination in the gym (and possibly some energy drinks or caffeine infusion to power you through those workouts?)

Becoming a Venus brings new attention.

It’s actually much more than this. In fact, you may discover that the dieting and the workout will turn out to be the easiest part of the entire journey.

The self discovery, identity crisis, learning to be a Venus, and learning how to deal with people around you is what will likely prove to be the bigger challenge and the bigger steps towards your growth and ultimate transformation.

Your body is the first thing people judge you on before you ever have a chance to utter a word or explain who you think you really are on the inside.

The minute someone lays eyes on you they will have made a subconscious judgment about you. Fair or not, this is the world we live in and this is how human nature works, and this is why the Venus Effect is something you need to be aware of.

In todays podcast Brad Howard and I will discuss the Venus Effect and the attention “U” shaped curve that many women will go through as they transform into their Venus body.

On the one hand you can get a negative style of attention from being visibly overweight, or out of shape to a degree where you are not ‘average’ and do not fade into the crowd.

The next level of attention (or better stated lack thereof) is when your body is simply average looking. At this stage you’re safely anonymous. You won’t get negative or positive attention, you’ll just blend into the crowd. This is a safe and comfortable place to be.

The third level of attention is when you approach your Venus body. This is when the spotlight is once again turned directly on you. In this position you may be looked to as a leader, and you may feel a sense of being an imposter in your own skin.

Some people will support you that you never expected, and some people will turn their back on you that you never expected. You may have to shed some skin, you may need to re-evaluate some of your relationships.

Your body and your identity are inextricably tied to each other. You cannot change one without having to change the other. And once you make this fundamental realization you will be well on your way to understanding what the Venus Effect.



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