VI Contest: Three Weeks to go!

We’re into the home stretch for the first ever Venus Index transformation and open contests, and it’s gut check time.

Three weeks is still plenty of time to make significant changes from wherever you are right now so don’t take your foot off the gas.

Venus Index Contest

It's Gut Check Time!

At this stage your focus should be overall system stress management. This means balancing your work, family and social life with your dieting and workout life. For these last few weeks the balance might shift a bit towards your diet and workout and you’ll need whatever support you can get for that.

The VI community is obviously going to support you, but at this stage you also need the support of your family and friends.

It’s only 3 more weeks so it shouldn’t be a big deal to ask some people to really be on your side for this final run at it.

In today’s podcast we’ll talk about system stress management and getting through to the end of the contest. We also discuss posing, and the concept of overreaching during your workouts and why the VI workouts are different from the AI workouts.