Getting Over Your Sabotage Point


Venus Index Sabotage Point

You’ll do it to yourself more than anyone else will do it to you. For some reason many of us have built in barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals. It could be something we learned as a child, or a social construct that keeps us from going outside of our comfort zone.

Whatever the reason we all seem to have a point that feels comfortable and then beyond that point is uncharted territory.

Moving past that comfort point and into that unknown is the sabotage point. In the case of your Venus Index transformation it’s a matter of taking your body to a level that you might not have believed is possible or to a level that you have never been before.

Some people might think there is something that is actually physically wrong with their body, but I assure you your body is working just fine.

The sabotage point is almost entirely a psychosocial phenomenon where social feedback and even the progress you see in the mirror and on the scale start to change.

Venus Index Reports Getting Over Your Sabotage Point

It can be tempting to just stop at your sabotage point because it feels ‘good enough’…but this is the time to rally more support and momentum to push past it and don’t stop until you’ve gone as far as you truly can go.

There is nothing stopping you from getting the body you want…except you. In today’s podcast we’ll talk about some of the reasons the sabotage point comes up and how to get past it once and for all.



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