Calculating Metabolic Rate

Metabolic Rate…Metabolism, BMR, RMR…these are buzz words that the diet and fitness media throw around all the time, however it’s greatly misunderstood.

There are many ‘metabolic rate’ calculators online that you can use to supposedly find out what your specific metabolic rate is by typing in your height, age, gender and weight. Some even have an ‘activity factor’ built into the calculator that is supposed to incorporate the amount of calories you are burning when you partake in various daily activities.

Do you think a simple calculator can guess your metabolic rate exactly?

Metabolic rate calculators are meant to be estimators, not fact. If you type your information into a calculator and it says your metabolic rate is 2500 calories per day, but when you eat 2500 calories per day you gain weight, then you have proof that your metabolic rate is actually lower than this number. You also have proof that the calculator is wrong.

This however is not how many people view this sort of situation. I get countless emails from people who say they’ve used a calculator and the calculator says their metabolic rate is X or Y, and when they try to eat that much they gain weight. Instead of believing that the calculator is broken or wrong they instead believe there is something wrong with themselves because they don’t fit into what the calculator said.

The tragedy is the fact that most people have the automatic assumption that they are broken instead of the calculator. This has to change if people are going to start having a healthier attitude and clearer picture of what it takes to get in shape and stay in shape.

In today’s podcast, we’re going to get to the bottom of what is behind metabolic rate calculators and what we know about metabolic rate in general.

We’ll explain how you  should view the numbers these calculators give you and how to use it as a general starting point to explore where you  might need to start if you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape.

Once you start viewing these calculators for what they really are, you can let go of any potential roadblocks or fears you might have about your ‘metabolism being broken’.


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