Life isn’t fair…deal with it!

The concept of fairness and equality of human rights seems to get blurred when we think of diet and fitness.

All humans deserve the same treatment, the same freedom, and the same opportunity in life…however not all human actually experience equality in human rights. It’s unfortunate but it’s true, we live in an unfair world.

As human beings I believe that we have an equal right to our lives and freedom.

Life Isn’t Fair…Deal with it!


As biological organisms we’re just not built the same and thus our opportunities and physical challenges will be different based on our biology.

For example, someone who is 7 feet tall has a much better chance of playing professional basketball than someone who is 5’5. This doesn’t mean they’re not equally human, it just means they’re packaged in different bodies.

You may think it is ‘unfair’ that the taller person has a chance to earn millions of dollars playing a sport that the other person has virtually zero chance at…and you would be right…it is unfair…and so is the rest of life…deal with it.

We’re all different from one another and we should never expect our specific path to body transformation to be exactly the same as someone else.

Your specific genetic make up, lifestyle factors, social constraints, geographical location, and even financial situation will shape the path you take to changing and maintaining your body.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else and assume you will have exactly the same experience as them.

In some situations you will have an advantage over others, and in some situations you will be at a disadvantage.

It may not be fair, but it’s reality…once again…deal with it.

You and I can always look to someone else who seems to have it better than we do. If we focus on our specific shortcomings and on the apparent advantages that others may have we can always find an excuse why it won’t work for us and find a reason to give up.

This is why you should train yourself to focus only on you and forget about everyone else.

When it comes time to change your body it’s ok to be a total narcissist…in fact it’s the only way to make it work and to make it stick. It MUST be about you and nobody else, otherwise you will drown yourself in doubt and excuses.

Your specific set of circumstances set up your unique challenges to achieving and maintaining a body you will be satisfied with over the long term.

It might be harder for some people than you, and it might be easier for some people than you…so what.

It doesn’t matter if it seems like ‘everyone else’ can do it easier than you, or has less distance to travel, or has less issues to overcome than you…when it comes to your body transformation, ‘they’ don’t matter…only ‘you’ matters. This doesn’t mean we’re not all equal as people…it just means we’re different physically and that is perfectly normal to be different but equal.


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