Calorie Guessing Part 1: Estimating Calories Burned

Losing weight requires you to consume less calories than you burn, but the big problem is you can never know for sure how many calories you’ve burned. The best you can ever do is guess.

In today’s podcast we’ll discuss some of the major errors in guessing the amount of calories you’ve burned and we’ll show you how to account for each of these errors.

Some of the major errors include:

Overestimation of calories burned by cardio and exercise machines

Overestimation of BMR calculators

Overestimation of the ‘activity factor’ of BMR calculators

the “NET” effect of exercise vs the GROSS effect.

All of these errors contribute to over estimating the amount of calories burned on a daily and weekly basis. It doesn’t take much of an error to add up over time, and if you keep making the same error in your calculations it could be the difference between seeing a big change in your body or just spinning your wheels.

You can listen to the podcast or download the transcript.


You can download the transcript here:

Calorie Guessing Part 1 Estimating Calories Burned