Orthorexia and Food Cults

***As requested by many of you in the forums and over email, here is the Orthorexia and Food Cults podcast that was previous posted on the Adonis Index site earlier this year***

Orthorexia is a term coined by a physician Dr. Steven Bratman. It’s defined as an unhealthy obsession with health food…ironic to say the least.

Some people end up worshiping at the alter of a new food cult without even realizing it

Many people can fall victim to some degree of orthorexia as they search for the one ‘right’ way to eat, but each of these diets is nothing more than an unscientific fad that is more marketing and fear mongering than it is science.

Diet fads come and go and each one has it’s villian food and it’s hero’s all the way from it’s champion founder to the champion foods.

Low carb diets, blood type diets, raw foodies, macrobiotic, paleo and so on, each one will profess the merits of eating specific foods while removing many other foods from your diet for good. But is there really any proof that these diets can help you live healthier or longer or improve performance or the way you feel…or do anything at all?

In most cases these diets quickly become like a cult with all of the ugly consequences like becoming socially isolated from other people who are not part of the cult, the development of an elitist attitude about the given way of eating above any other form of eating and a general smugness of it’s followers as they assume they have become ‘enlightened’ to the one and only way to eat.

The reality is there is little if any scientific evidence to support any of these restrictive styles of eating. They are usually focused on minor and insignificant points about mixing and matching their ‘correct’ foods and miss the point of getting total calories under control and developing consistent exercise habits.

In todays uncensored podcast we’ll discuss orthorexia and food cults and how many of the diets that people read about and follow start to take over other parts of their lives.

We’ll also discuss how the champions of many of these cults don’t even follow their own recommendations.


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