Venus Index Contest Winners Announced

The second Venus Index contest is in the books and today it’s time to announce the winners. This contest was even harder to judge than the last contest. I really do agonize over this process as everyone did so well.

I want to say congratulations to everyone who followed through and completed the contest. It really is a special thing to get through the 12 weeks, stick to the commitment and see it through to the end. Many people will never, in their whole life, get through a 12 week transformation. Think about that for a moment, just 12 weeks of your entire life and it still is very difficult for people to stick to it.

So to repeat, give yourself a pat on the back if you made through the 12 weeks, this accomplishment already puts you in rare territory and you deserve a celebration.

Also, if you’re not familiar with the Venus Index or our philosophies, just go here and check out this video for more information.

Now, on to the matter at hand, here are the winners of the second Venus Index Transformation contest.

Venus Index Transformation Contest 1st Place: Felicity M

Felicity M Venus Index Transformation Winner

Felicity M VT2 Winner

What a difference 12 weeks makes!


Venus Index Transformation Contest 2nd Place: Kimberley A

Venus Index Transformation 2nd Place Kimberley A


VT2 Second Place Kimberley

Venus Index Transformation 2nd Place Kimberley. Fantastic!


Venus Index Transformation Contest 3rd Place: Heather Baker

Venus Index Transformation 3rd Place Heather B

Venus Index Transformation 3rd Place Heather B

A Venus at 48. Looks more like 28 to me!


Venus Index Transformation Contest 4th Place: Molly P

Venus Index Transformation 4th Place Molly P

Venus Index 4th Place Molly P

Molly P Venus Index 4th Place


Venus Index Transformation Contest 5th Place: Leora H

Venus Index Transformation Contest 5th Place Leora H

Venus Index 5th Place Leora H

Leora H Venus Index 5th Place


Venus Index Transformation Contest 6th Place: Kassandra B

Venus Index Transformation 6th Place Kassandra B

Venus Index 6th Place Kassandra B

Kassandra B truly becoming a Venus


Congrats to all who placed and to all who finished the contest. You are all amazing women!

Now on to the second portion of the contest. The “open” category is where we placed those competitors who have a great final shape regardless of how far they had to come to get there. Some made changes comparable to the transformation competitors. Others were maintaining a venus figure, while others still were making the change and pushing through those ‘last 10lbs’ to get to their VI body…so here they are.

Venus Index Open Contest 1st Place: Katherine J

Venus Index open 1st Place Katherine J

Venus Index 1st Place Katherine

Katherine looks fantastic!



Venus Index Open Contest 3rd Place: Stephanie S

Venus Index Open 3rd Place Stephanie S

Venus Index 3rd Place Stephanie S

Stephaine Venus Index Open


Venus Index Open Contest 4th Place: Denise D

Venus Index Open 4th Place Denise D

Venus Index 4th Place Denise

At 58 years young Denise is proof you can be a Venus at any age


Venus Index Open Contest 5th Place: Suzanne M

Venus Idnex Open Contest 5th Place Suzanne M


Venus Index 5th Place Suze M

Venus Index Open Suze M


Venus Index Open Contest 6th Place: Caroline S

Venus Index Open 6th Place Caroline S

Venus Index 6th Place Caroline S

Caroline S Venus Index Open


A final congratulations to all who competed. If you see your picture on this post, expect to be getting an email from me to schedule an interview!


p.s. If you want to get your hands on the systems that helped these ladies made their fabulous transformations, just go here to see if the Venus Index Systems are for you!