Sweet Caroline! Interview With VI 2nd Place Finisher

In todays podcast we talk to the 2nd place finisher in our first ever Venus Index transformation contest Caroline.

Caroline 2nd Place Venus Index Transformation

Caroline 2nd Place Venus Index Transformation

Before VI

Caroline S (full name requested not to be disclosed for professional reasons) got in great shape and transformed her figure into what being a Venus is all about.

She shares with us how she kept track of her positive days and how you have to view a transformation as an experiment that requires fine tuning,  observation, and adjustments along the way. The first time you try it you’ll find some things that work for you and some things not so much, so you keep the good stuff and discard what didn’t work and move on.

One of the big keys to making a change is committing to yourself and finally recognizing that you’re ready for it. In many cases women can talk themselves into the belief that they are ‘stuck’ with a body they are unhappy with and their inner voice is telling them that they’ll never change. They might even try and fail and start to create a self fulfilling prophecy that they really can’t change.

But this isn’t the case. Everyone can make a change, but it only happens when you’re finally ready mentally and emotionally.

Caroline shares her experiences throughout her transformation and how looking back she realizes that this time she wants ready to make the change, and wow did she ever!



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  1. Yup, spot on!

  2. GymPixie says:

    Caroline! Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. Funny about AI except I actually did the program. Guess I couldn’t wait for Venus to launch. Looking forward to following your progress in the next contest.

  3. Loved the podcast Caroline! I loved the idea that this is an experiment on our bodies and we are the scientists! Will keep experimenting here… XXX

  4. Congratulations, Caroline, you look fantastic! For me you are the winner because you aren’t incredibly lean – you still look 100% female with a bust and curves and yes a cute butt : ) If you lose another 15lbs it won’t just be from your legs and that would be a shame. Go carefully!
    I really enjoyed this – thank you. Definitely some points I will take forward.

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