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The first ever Venus Index transformation contest has started and there is some words of wisdom we can learn from past winners of the Adonis Index transformation contests. Yes I know they’re men and you’re women, but the fundamental principles of successfully completing a transformation are the same so listen up.

Venus Index Transformation

It's time to make a commitment to yourself.

1) Don’t try to to do too much – If 3-4 workouts per week is good that doesn’t mean 7-8 are better. You will have to find an amount of work that you can handle without breaking down and going into over training. We have had guys do this in the past and set themselves back weeks. Don’t do this. Start with either the Venus Index main program or the Circuit program and work up form there if you feel like you can do more. But only if it feels good and you can handle it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

2) Stick to the system – All of the guys that won the Adonis Index contests stuck to the system and only made minor additions and adjustments. If you want our help then you gotta stick to the system so we know exactly what you’re dong and where we can help you. If you start adding workouts and ideas from other systems we can’t help you tweak that because those other things aren’t designed to get you to your ideal VI.

3) Trust the numbers – As you move along you will have some ups and downs, but as long as you’re following your system you should always be progressing forward over time. Your body weight, strength and measurements will fluctuate within each day. Dont’ focus on day to day fluctuations but rather week to week progress.

Finally, twelve weeks is not a very long time in the grand scheme of things. This is a commitment to yourself for twelve weeks, that’s all. This isn’t for the rest of your life. The change you can make in this short of time frame will likely be beyond what you expect as long as you stick to it. And that is where the Venus Index Community comes in.

You’re going to need support along the way and the best place to find it is in our community.

Find your rhythm and stick with it for the next 3 months, it’ll go by much faster than you think…and we hope to see you in vegas!



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John is the co-founder of Venus Index, chief developer of the Venus Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Venus Index approach.

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  1. I 100% love the part of getting one concept down and then the other.
    For this contest I have been focusing on the calories for the first week and then going to add the VI back in next week. That seems easier for me to transition. It was hard not beating myself up about the weight training, but I knew that my problem was with the food, and if I can get that, then the other stuff would be easier. It has been. That’s great advice, and it’s working out for me great right now.

  2. yes i need a butt booster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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