Never Let Them See You Sweat

I was recently speaking with a fitness competitor who had just won a show and she said something that was very revealing about the process of getting in shape. She said that she was shocked at how much ‘her body’ rebounded from the diet and getting in shape.

She said it almost as if she had nothing to do with the overeating that took place after the show. And this is partly true. If you diet incorrectly and push it too hard to get into extreme condition you can set yourself up for a big rebound characterized by an uncontrollable urge to overeat.

Is the point to show them how hard you work, or the body you built?


It doesn’t have to be this way. Unfortunately many people get coached to cut calories harder and harder as they get leaner and leaner and this is the exact opposite of what we propose you should do. Instead of cutting calories lower as you get leaner, we suggest you cut calories hard when you have the most bodyfat to lose, and as you get leaner bring your calories up closer to maintenance until you finish with your leanest look and eating all the way up to energy expenditure.

This pattern should teach you how to not only diet without a crash, but also maintain the body once you get there. This pattern of ‘reverse tapering’ will take care of the physiological rebound that accompanies most hard diets, and that is a good thing because there are multiple other factors that can also sabotage your body transformation success.

Enter the “Imposter phenomenon”

Many people who go through a transformation report that they still cannot believe they did it and that they cannot believe what they’re seeing in the mirror. They’ve been living so long with their old body image that they have a hard time accepting that they’ve now changed and look different and well, look better. The point is that your body can and will change much faster than your mind. The time immediately after your transformation is when you have to re-train your mind to accept and believe that you deserve the new body and that it’s here to stay. This is partly why diets fail, and another reason why avoiding any rebound eating is so critical. This is why reverse taper dieting works so well, it helps you  avoid big time hunger cravings during this fragile psychological state when your mind is still getting used to seeing and accepting your new body. The next big challenge is the social effect of being in shape.

Once you’re in great shape you can no longer identify with the process of ‘getting in shape’ because at some point you will finally be in shape. At this point the goal is to maintain that shape with the least amount of work possible. This is the concept of never letting them see you sweat.

Being the guy or girl in the gym who is sweating buckets, and grunting and screaming, and ‘working harder’ than everyone else isn’t the goal. Instead, being the person who works just as hard as everyone else BUT looks better than everyone else should be the goal.

This isn’t to say that you don’t take your workouts seriously, but rather to do what is necessary to maintain your look without overdoing it.

The workout and the effort isn’t the goal, the body is the goal. This is achieved with just the right amount of targeted effort, and not a buckshot approach of doing as much as possible.

Once you’ve achieved a new body, the challenge is to keep it while making the least amount of sacrifices as possible…in other words: Never Let Them See You Sweat.


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