Muscle Building is a Lifestyle: Interview with Kris West

Building muscle is a lifestyle. It takes time, dedication, persistence, and patience. You can start your muscle building life at any age and continue it for as long as you like (and you should). It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself to stay young and health for as long as possible…and that is exactly what Kris West has done since she was in high school.


Venus Index Open 3rd Place Kris West

Venus Index Open 3rd Place Kris West

In todays podcast we talk to Kris about how she got into muscle building at a very young age. She’ll share her insights on a lifetime of muscle building.

We talk about taking time off of the gym to recharge for another ‘season’ of weight training. We also discuss her unique style of dieting that she has kept covert for the better part of 30 years!



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