Lift Heavy for Longevity: Interview With Denise DeGrazia

The diet and fitness industry/media has grown exponentially since the internet has become a regular part of our daily lives. You have almost limitless information outlets to consume and confuse yourself with. Unfortunately most of them are providing less information and more entertainment.

With the increase in information channels there is a disproportionate increase in incorrect and basically useless information. In many cases it’s not only useless but detrimental.

Denise Venus Index Open

Denise 4th Place Venus Index

Denise DeGrazia Venus Index Open 4th Place

It is sometimes hard to know what is true and what is false at first glance. One of the only ways to truly understand is through experience and trial and error.

In todays interview Denise DeGrazia will take us to school through her experiences with fitness and lifting weights over the course of the last 3 decades. She relates stories of what it’s been like going through many fitness fads, and learning what really works for women and how to build and maintain a strong muscular lean body well into her 50’s.

Wisdom from Experience

Over the years Denise has seen diet and fitness fads come and go, and experimented with many different forms of exercise and dieting. She has the authority of many years of experience on her side and relates it to all of us in this podcast. She has a unique perspective going all the way back to what diet and fitness meant to women of her mothers generation, and then her own generation, and now to the generations below her. The story transcends decades but the final answers for getting lean, strong and muscular will always remain the same. Lift heavy and often, and keep an eye on your calories.

When you start strength training it will help build, shape and strengthen your muscle and body for your best shape. Over time the long term benefit becomes that of longevity, quality of life and the ability to live an independent and fulfilling life well into advanced age.



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  1. wonderful podcast!
    Being a little older myself I found comfort in that I can get this done too!
    I was wondering if you would not mind sharing what compression seamless sportswear you were using..I would like to try to use them myself to minimize the skin sagging with weight loss.


  2. Denise DeGrazia says:

    Hi Tuulski. I like the Zensah high compression shorts and capris for legs and hips. Good for recovery mainly but I think they help with the skin as well. For upper body that’s trickier. I like some of the Control It shape wear camisoles from Maidenform. You could try some of those Spanx shape wear too. What you need is something that is comfortable to wear and sleep in. Skin does eventually shrink but when you lose fat quickly at first it can take the skin a while to catch up when you are older. I’ve tried some long sleeved “recovery” shirts from UnderArmour and Skins but I find them annoying- particularly the seams. Most of my loose skin problems are around the navel area and a bit in the inner thigh area but it’s getting better slowly.

    • THANKS Denise!
      I am going to try those out right away!. I too have the naval area and the thighs that I am paying attention to and trying to shape up. I does not help that one of my three pregnancies were with twins and I was maxed out carrying them. I regained a lot of my figure over the past five years and hope that I can reclaim the last of it. I used compression wear after each pregnancy and that helped with shrining back – particularly after gaining ~76 lbs with the twins (I am 5’4″) and it was a lot to work off, but I did it. I find that getting closer to the 50 mark is slowing things down.

      Super thanks for your help! Loved your interview and I am thrilled that you took the time to respond to my question.

      All the best!

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