How I lost 47lbs: Interview With Lisa Etwell

Millions of people say they want to lose weight, but only a few of them ever will. So what determines if you can successfully lose weight? The first step is accepting where you are, and the second is setting a goal, and finally taking action to achieve that goal.

My sister Lisa did just that and lost 47lbs in 2010.

Venus Index Lisa

In todays podcast Lisa will explain the mindset shifts that finally got her to take action and get in the best shape of her life. Her story is real and so are her results.

She reveals key insights including:

Accepting where you are to set a positive mindset to make a real change

Taking responsibility for her actions and her body

Realizing that changing your body has to be for YOU and nobody else

Putting food in its rightful place in her life

Learning what it means to be a good example to her kids

Lisa explains her fears and barriers about losing weight and her fears of even attempting to lose weight. She also talks about her sabotage point and getting past normal and going towards her new goal of achieving her ideal Venus Index ratio.


How I lost 47lbs: Interview with Lisa Etwell


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  1. Awesome podcast!Thankyou.

  2. Loved this podcast!! So much great info. I’d love to hear more from your sister. Maybe touch more on how she handled emotional eating etc. I’d also like to hear more detail about how she went about setting up her fasting days and daily meal plan. Thanks!

  3. Lisa Etwell says:

    Hi Tracey – I’m glad you found the podcast helpful. Emotional eating for me was most significant around my monthly cycle. I found my PMS week to be more difficult than other weeks to control the ‘urges’ around my hot button foods (for me they are pasta, bread, chips, potatoes, rice) so instead of making myself miserable about not having them… I picked one meal and had it. Over the course of the week I’d have pasta at least once and potatoes with a meal at least once. And on these weeks (not always but maybe 50% of the time, if not more) I would not fast. If it felt like it was going to anger me or put me off for the whole day, I just didn’t do it. I have a simple rule that I “try” to live by – if it doesn’t feel right – then don’t do it. Kind of like dialling into your own intuition. My intuition or “spidy sense” was telling me “don’t do this right now – its not going to end well”. And usually when I didn’t listen to ‘it’ I found myself binging or scrounging for food at bizarre hours of the evening and night. So – what works for me is to let go of my fasting and other ‘rules’ (well – not let go entirely but slacken the ropes a bit) for those days that I felt a little overwhelmed emotionally. And, as for setting up my fasts – that seemed to work into my fairly naturally based on my family’s routine. Tues & Thu are work out days – so therefore they became fasting days. It was that simple (for me). I found that I could use the energy and “happiness high” I had from working out to get me through the rest of the day. Around 330 it got difficult, so I would indulge in a diet root beer or a coffee. I would plan our meal fairly early and we would eat by 5:00 (which is not a stretch for our family since we have small children who are into activities in the evening).
    Now a daily meal plan… well that is an entirely different beast all together… I love to cook and I live with three of the pickiest eaters on the planet so meal planning is more like an art around here rather than a science. Let’s just say, there’s a lot of “modification” that goes on. I tend to eat many of my meals (or at least the protein part) on a bed of spinach salad. I love it and it is a staple product in our home. You can email me off life if you’d like to talk more about meal plans – I have a few tips and tricks that work for me.
    Hope this helps… Lisa.

  4. I have to admit I was inspired by the story and had to take a hard look at myself. Not a good picture. However, it has pushed me to acknowledge the weakness and learn to move forward and out of my comfort zone. Still trying to digest the truths revealed, especially that I am also a mother of 2 and in a similar situation. Hope you reach your next level. Congrats on opening up and reaching your goals.

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