Hot State Management – Getting Through Tough Times

We are getting into the thick of the transformation contest run, there is about 50 days to go and now is the time to remind yourself what your goals are and why you want to achieve them.

But with that said I want to make it clear that being in the contest isn’t about beating anyone else, it’s about doing the best you can do.

The point is to make a change that you want for yourself…it’s not about anyone else.

The contest is here to help give you some structure, some support, a defined deadline, and some people to work towards that deadline with.

Winning isn’t really about finishing in the money and claiming first prize, winning is proving to yourself that you can make it through to the end and see a real change in your body.

Your big win might be getting past your sabotage points and into new uncharted territory. Or maybe it’s just sticking to something for 12 weeks no matter what your measurements turn out to be.

The point is to build momentum and confidence that you can indeed change your body if you put your mind to it and prove to yourself that you can do it if you want to.

Winning or placing in the money in our contest is just the icing on the cake, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you’re making this change.

In today’s podcast we talk about “hot state management” and how controlling and getting through your hot states is going to be a major factor (and likely the biggest factor) to your success.

“Hot States” are moments or situations when you know you will likely not have enough control or ‘will power’ to stop from eating something or drinking something that isn’t inline with your goals. Some forward thinking and short term planning can help manage these states so you’re not at the mercy of your cravings and impulses.

Just remember that the real work happens when nobody is looking.



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