Getting into Contest Shape: Interview with Tori Barker

We’re about 5 weeks from the the end of the first Venus Index transformation contest. It’s been an interesting ride for many of the people who are doing this for the first time and to help you stay focused I’ve recruited the help of a friend who has recently competed in her first three figure competitions, Tori Barker.

Venus Index Interview Tori Barker

Tori is in Awesome Shape!

Set Your Goal and Stick To It

Setting a goal and sticking to it is the only way to make it happen. People around you will only take you as seriously as you take yourself and it’s very easy to fall off the wagon if you lose commitment to your goal.

If you blow off your workouts or give up on your diet you’re only letting yourself down, not anybody else.

Choosing to change your body is 100% for you. You can’t let anybody else get in the way of achieving this goal. You’re not competing against anyone else, your not doing this for anyone else, and when you reach your goal it is all about you.

In the end this has been and always will be about you and your ability to do something for yourself.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, what matters is that you stick to the plan and see it through to it’s completion.

In todays podcast Tori will talk about what it took to get into the shape for her contests and how you have to keep your mind focused on your goal to get there.

She also explains how she got into weight training in the first place and what drove her to competing.

Finally we will also discuss the myth of weight training causing women to become ‘bulky’.



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  1. No girls look at other girls.. And seeing too much muscle on a female scares me, it just does not look feminine, looking like victoria secret models is what feminine is!

    • yes victoria secrets are mode are quite feminine but soft as well. Women with muscle ROCK! and for the record, you can have muscle and still look very feminine! (see tori above) She looks amazing! I think she looks better then the VS models! (thats my opinion)

  2. It’s up to you! If you feel most comfortable with a little bit more bodyfat just in the right places then leave it that way. ImO, if you loose the last 5lb within your healthy weight rangeor not is a matter of personal flavor. But “contest shape” is out of the ordinary and for some of us “VI-contestants”, it might be a chance to see how far one could get and what it feels like.

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