Getting in Shape is Worth it!

The process of getting in shape is a journey more than a destination. Understanding this is the first step to putting a sensible approach in place to getting the body and lifestyle you want.

Leann Helle 6th Place Venus Index Transformation

Lean Dropped 12lbs

Leann made big improvements in her overall shape

The process requires effort, consistency, patience, and the right tools. It also requires setting realistic goals that can keep you motivated and moving forward as you reach them.

We all can easily slip into a pattern of wanting too much to change too soon, such is human nature. We want it all, and we want it now. The fitness media largely does us a disservice by promising such things. And when these too good to be true results don’t materialize you can end up feeling worse about yourself and searching for the next best workout or diet program. This is how the information overload problem starts…it is rooted in unrealistic expectations.

Setting a realistic goal and in a realistic time frame is a way to stay on track, feel good about yourself along the way and keep your stress levels low.

Once you accept all of this, and start on your path you’ll likely even surprise yourself at the progress you can really make.

In todays podcast I talk with Leann Helle 6th place finisher in the first Venus Index contest.

We talk about getting rid of the information overload of the diet and fitness industry. Getting the right tools for getting in shape, and finally we talk about setting realistic goals and embracing the journey of getting in shape…because in the end it really is worth it.



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