DEXA Results Part 2…Season 1 Finale

About 5 weeks ago Brad and I did a DEXA scan to see what our body composition was. We reviewed the results on a previous podcast. After that measurement we decided to use the reverse taper diet protocol to accomplish two things:

1. Reduce fat mass

2. Maintain or gain lean body mass

I managed to reduce my body fat by a full albs and drop me body fat % from 10.6 to 9.6 over that 5 week period. My lean body mass stayed exactly the same so I essentially dropped into single digit body fat without losing any lean mass.

Brad managed to drop about 1 lbs of fat and went from 12.3% body fat to 11.6% body fat and even more impressively he gained 3lbs of lean body mass and 2lbs of overall bodyweight…BUT even more impressively Brad set a goal of gaining that lean body mass specifically in his back muscles and the DEXA scan confirms this is exactly what happened. In fact every single pound of lean mass gain was shown to be from back muscle development.

Brads Comparions Pix

Brad’s 5 week comparison going from 12.3% to 11.6% Bodyfat and gaining 3lbs of lean mass

Johns Comparison Pix

I went from 10.6% to 9.6% body fat, lost 2lbs of fat, lean mass stayed the same

This podcast marks the end of season 1 of the uncensored podcasts. We are taking a month break between season 1 and season 2.

Season 2 will follow a new format that will see the podcasts change to a bi-weekly format (2 per month) that follow a monthly theme. Each month will be a different theme (ie: fat burning, muscle building, supplements etc). Podcast 1 will start the discussion and there will be interactive material for you to follow along and implement what you’ve heard in the podcast. Podcast 2 will continue the theme and build from the material. The goal is for you to learn and master a new skill each month. By the end of season two if you choose to go through each month you will have learned and mastered 12 new techniques to add to your diet/fitness/exercise tool belt. Stay tuned for more information.


Special thanks to Salima and Sarah and the Bone Wellness Centre for helping us with our scans and interpreting our data. If you’re in the southern Ontario area and want to get a DEXA scan done they are the only gig in town. They’re top notch service providers, super nice, and will give any of our customers a discount on their DEXA scan if you just mention our names when you make your appointment.

Sitting on the DEXA chatting with the girls at the Bone Wellness Centre

A special note about getting a scan done with Salima and Sarah. If you go to the Bone Wellness Centre for a DEXA scan they will give you a discount and we ask that you share your data with Brad and I for our ongoing development of diet and workout programs. I’m going to the clinic tomorrow to teach Salima and Sarah how to collect the Adonis Index measurements. This way we can correlate a picture, with AI measurements as well as the DEXA results to get a true indication of what makes up the AI shape. This is a win win as you get a discount on your DEXA and your information will help us make better programs for you.

If you’re interested in getting a scan go to their website at: Bone Wellness Centre


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