Kiya Learned The 1200 Calorie Myth Does Not Work For Small Females; She Lost 110 Pounds

Today we are honored to listen to Kiya who placed fourth in the 7th Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Check out her beautiful transformation from the 12 Week Contest:

kiya cover collage

Kiya did a lot of research and found there was nothing to substantiate the 1200 calorie myth. The myth hinders weight loss for small females who simply need less food. Once she figured this out her success took off.  She also learned that calorie needs go up as you go from weight loss to maintenance.

Read what Kiya wrote about her experience with Venus Index:

My Venus story starts in April 2012. I lost 90lbs before the start of VT7 and witnessed a huge transformation in how I saw food and myself. My focus was losing fat as fast as possible, and I worked out occasionally when I had the energy. I restarted Phase 1 and tightened up my diet in December 2012 in preparation for a cruise, so I sailed into the first 2 weeks of VT7 doing exactly what I had been doing for the previous seven. I was on vacation Week 3 & 4 of VT7 and when I returned, I started Phase 2 and kept my eyes on what I could control – my calories, my workouts, and my form. By then, I was at the point where my weight loss was slowing down, so there was a lot of managing my expectations around the scale and the measuring tape, and adjusting to the new requirements and demands of my leaner body. All of VT7 has been a dance – figuring out how low I could keep calories and still be able to push myself hard in the gym, adjusting the timing of meals so I could get good sleep, and slowly shifting from the mad rush of weight loss into the steadier, slower pace of re-composition. I still have about 10-15 pounds to lose, and I know with the skills I’ve developed over the last 12 weeks and over the last 14 months – I will have the Venus body of my dreams.


Kiya at the beginning of the 12 week contest

Kiya at the beginning of the 12 week contest

Kiya contest chart

Kiya’s before and after metrics for the 12 week contest



Kiya has lost a total of 110 lbs and 73 inches

Kiya has lost a total of 110 lbs.  She looks beautiful and she is enjoying many health benefits.


Listen to Kiya’s interview here, and please “like” it when you’re done:

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    AWESOME work Kiya…. you are so pretty!! Enjoy maintenance!!

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