Accepting Venus as her new Identity: Interview with Stephanie S

Getting in shape, losing weight, building and shaping your muscles is a process not a destination. It requires effort, determination, and consistency. You’ve got to trust yourself and trust the process. When you try to push yourself too hard is when you can crash and turn yourself off of the whole process.

Stephanie S Venus Index Open 3rd Place

Stephanie made a great change

Stephanie looks fabulous

Weight loss specifically isn’t a linear process, it comes in stages, and the process has it’s ups and downs. You’ve got to learn to ride through the downs and make it to the next up. The downs never last and you’ve got to trust that they’ll only happen for a short while.

Accepting where you are is the start to making a change, BUT it doesn’t mean you have to be comfortable with where you are. In fact, being ‘comfortable’ with a body that you’re simply unhappy with is going to cause a tension that will never go away until you finally decide to make a change. This brings up a new challenge in your life, and that is the identity crisis of becoming a Venus (in my opinion this is an identity crisis worth going through and worth looking forward to!)

Once you get into great shape there is another challenge you may not have anticipated…it’s called the imposter phenomenon. Once you hit (or come close) to your Venus Index numbers you may have to learn to accept that this is your new body.

You have to learn to detach yourself from your old identity and immerse yourself into your new identity as a Venus. This is all part of the process of changing your body and making it permanent.

In todays podcast Stephanie and I talk about all of this and much more as she explains what it was like to go through her transformation, becoming a Venus and learning to accept that this is her new identity.


P.S. The audio has a bit of feedback from time to time, I edited out as many as I could find but a few slipped through, my apologies.

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  1. Kimberley says:

    Yay Steph, what a transformation. Loved the podcast too!!!!

    Don’t blame it on good times…..blame it on the LIMBO. LOL. Yowza my friend.

  2. I have a question – looking over this website – congratulations Stephanie! Could you let us know the address of your blog please?

    But the question I have is this – as someone who is already pretty small but wants to lose the last 15 pounds – to go from regular to spectacular – I could do just what Stephanie did.

    Lower my calories super super low – to about 600 – 700 a day for a couple of months – and lose all the weight.

    The problem is maintenance. Losing the weight isn’t as hard as the maintenance! So once I had lost it, if I raised my calories up to say, my BMR – whatever it would be at that smaller weight, say 1000 – I would gain all the lost weight back and more. My metabolism would have slowed down, and now I would have to keep eating 600 – 700 a day FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

    Sure, I’d have a nice body – but who wants to live like that? Ruin my metabolisim forever?

    • Stephanie Silvan says:

      Hi A,
      this question of yours is a couple of months back, 6 months and I am hapy to announce that I am eating ~1800 calories now and have maintained the same shape, still fit in all of my new “skinny” clothes and have the same waist circumference.

      So yes, maintenance is a completely different matter than cutting down, but it is NOT true that you can never eat normally again, these are legends and often used as an excuse.

      Who wants to live like that? I do! 😀

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