What To Do About Injuries

Here’s the next episode of the UNCENSORED Podcasts Season 2.

Today’s topic:  What to do about injuries.

The key to staying active long term is to not get injured.

The key to staying active long term is to not get injured.


Today John and Brad will talk about the main philosophy of the Venus Factor Workout being to remain physically active most of your life.  It is to be able to weight train all your life without injury if possible.  On your menu of goals should be “Am I able to do this injury free?  Or at least with minimal injury?”

Some people are genetically more durable, more athletic, and have a special kind of connection between mind and body.  Most of us are not gifted the way pro athletes are.  The key to being able to stay physically active long term is to 1) not get injured, and 2) learn to manage injuries properly.

Be careful not to let your goals get hijacked by younger or genetically gifted trainers.  Your age and your “training age” come into play for what is right for you.  Just because a young or gifted trainer knows something well and is (or was) good at something does not mean it’s good for you.   You have to consider whether or not it’s right for you given your age,”training age”, and genetic abilities.

John will tell you about what to do to work around an injury and how to avoid over use injuries.  A big part of the Venus Factor design is to avoid over use injuries by constantly changing up the routines.  John said that working out and making progress for even one year injury free is a pretty big win.  This makes me feel pretty good because I’m 52 and have done Venus Workouts for almost 3 years now injury free.  I’ve never had to stop due to injury even though I workout nearly every day.  I’d say that says a lot for the design of the Venus program.

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