What Is Maintenance?

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Today’s topic:  Maintenance

What is maintenance?

What is maintenance?

What is maintenance?

The real answer is that you’re never actually just sitting in one spot at the exact same weight, and body fat %. You’re always fluctuating a little bit throughout the day, and throughout the year.

Maintenance is more of a transient state that you can dip in and out of when you you’re not necessarily trying to gain more muscle or burn more fat.

You can ‘hold’ and maintain a certain level of body fat and muscle for a given length of time and then get ready to push it hard again.

The step-wise progression

In all the body transformations I’ve ever seen it’s always a step-wise pattern. This means you will improve for a given amount of time. Then you’ll need to take a break. Once you feel ready you can push forward again. The amount you move forward is dependent on your goals and how hard you expect to push things.

Thinking about maintenance is also about managing expectations and where you expect to go based on the energy you’re putting forward.

Moments of maintenance happen for many reasons including lifestyle factors, seasonal changes, periodic moments of being sick, generalized stress.

For example over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season you may simply set a goal to just make it from November to January without gaining fat mass.

In this case you’re actually working to just maintain, and you’d probably have to consider it a win just to make through the holidays without gaining fat.

Maintenance is a mode you go into throughout the year, and it’s normal to go through phases of muscle growth vs muscle maintenance and fat loss vs maintenance.

In this podcast we discuss what maintenance is, how to define what it is and how often you should expect to be in maintenance mode.


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  1. I particularly loved this podcast because it’s confirmed what I have learned. You don’t reach one weight and stay there.

    I found it interesting that both Brad and John use the scale to help with upper and lower limits, and that you can have a different look at various times even at VI depending on your body composition.

    For me at 52 years old it’s different… my lean body mass and muscle will not get bigger and I believe I have reached my genetic potential. Since I’m unusually high in LBM (thus overall body weight), thick in the torso, so above VI on both of those metrics the scale is hard on me emotionally so I think I will still use how my pants fit as my guide.

    Also as the guys mentioned there are things you notice in your look in the mirror. Also interesting is the irony of not comparing yourself to but others but also not comparing your every day look with your “photo shoot look” which I am highly guilty of doing. I need to just learn to be happy that when my newest clothes still fit, I look good at the gym, and I’m more lean and fit than anyone I know my age by far, that IT IS GOOD ENOUGH.

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