VT6 12-Week Transformation Winners Announced

The VT6 results are in and the transformations our girls made are simply amazing!

Congratulations to everyone who entered and finished!

Here are the winners:

Deanna H – 1st Place

Deanna – 1st Place – Before Photos

Deanna – 1st Place – After Photos

Sheila K – 2nd Place

Sheila – 2nd Place – Before Photos

Sheila – 2nd Place – After Photos

Ioana T – 3rd Place

Ioana – 3rd Place – Before Photos

Ioana – 3rd Place – After Photos

Jessie T – 4th Place

Jessie – 4th Place – Before Photos

Jessie – 4th Place – After Photos

Aima K – 5th Place

Aima – 5th Place – Before Photos

Aima – 5th Place – After Photos

Tina R – 6th Place

Tina – 6th Place – Before Photos

Tina – 6th Place – After Photos

Terry C – 7th Place

Terry  – 7th Place – Before Photos

Terry  – 7th Place – After Photos

Lori A – 8th Place


*winner requested pictures removed.


Jenna W – 9th Place

Jenna – 9th Place – Before Photos

Jenna  – 9th Place – After Photos


Lisa S – 10th Place

Lisa – 10th Place – Before Photos

Lisa – 10th Place – After Photos

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  1. This takes a lot of work and dedication. Especially in today’s society and our over abundance of food. I hope that each and every lady here is proud of their accomplishment, because it is a big deal. Congratulations to all of you! I really can not wait to listen to the interviews. We can all learn something from each one of these girls.

  2. Wow, some great transformations. Well gone ladies.

  3. Wow, some amazing transformations. Well done ladies.

  4. A belated CONGRATULATIONS to all Venuses!!! Amazing job everyone! 😀

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