Targets, Goals, and Missions

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When you are reaching your goal you may have a role model.  Once you get to your goal you become your own role model.  It's your new target proximity.

When you are reaching your goal you may have a role model. Once you get to your goal you become your own role model. It helps you learn your new range or proximity to the target.

Today’s Topic:  Targets, Goals, and Missions

Maintenance is hard.  At some point you arrive at a point of diminishing returns.

You have arrived at your goal.  You reach a point where you look in the mirror and say “That’s my body and that’s me, and that’s pretty good.”

Before you got to your goal you may have had a picture of someone else, a role model or a fitness model.

But once you have arrived there, you have photographic evidence.  You have pictures.  Without that you don’t really know.  It gives you your reference.

You can’t have goals, targets, and missions for maintenance without having gotten “there” first.

You don’t you want to compare yourself to others, but it’s okay to have a model to help get you to your goal.

Once you get to your goal, your new model is you.  It is your proximity to the target.  You have a range you like to stay in.

There will be times when you are not as tight, muscular, or sharp, and you can reel yourself in.  You are just getting back to YOU.

Your measurements help; it is your target.  It helps keeps you on track.

You got the body you want, then to keep it you want to do the least amount of work to keep within range.

Once you decide on your target, goals, and missions you need to set up your “inner circle” support group.  You need to include people who are going to help you stay on track and exclude those who hinder you.

Set a goal date to help keep your team or inner circle on your side.  It can be an special event, a vacation, another photo shoot, whatever you want to keep you motivated.


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