Social Support: Gotta Give it to Get it

Accountability and support are two of the biggest factors in making a change in your body, but they’re rarely talked about. Diet and fitness marketers will talk about macronutrient ratios, meal timing, special kinds of interval training etc. But none of this matters if you don’t have a way to hold yourself accountable to your plan and social support to get you through the rough times.


Maro 3rd Place Venus Index Transformation Contest


Great Transformation


Maro took 5.5 inches off her waist and dropped 19lbs

Social support and accountability is a two way street. Providing support and accountability for others is also a great way to get support in return and some accountability in return. You don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to, and the community at Venus Index is a way to find other people to get in shape with.

Sharing each others successes and failures is a major key to feeling like you’re not alone along the way. Getting support from your network and providing support to your network is going to start an upward spiral of confidence that builds on itself.

Simplifying your diet, and workout routine will put you in control of your body. The process isn’t always easy, but the results are worth the effort.



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